I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 1192 - 1192 Wolf Boyfriend Suit

Chapter 1192 – 1192 Wolf Boyfriend Suit

1192 Wolf Boyfriend Suit

Seeing a certain desire in his eyes, Su Jiu blushed. “No, I’ll wear this kind of clothes only once! Only today! Don’t even think about it in the future!”

Still smiling, Rong Si pinched one of her cat ears again. “It’s okay. You can wear something else after the wedding.”


“It’s my birthday today. Are you going to refuse me?”


“…” Su Jiu choked. Lowering her head, she then mumbled, “That’s true, but you can’t ask for too much.”

Rong Si raised his eyebrows. “That’s too much?”

“What else?” Su Jiu immediately looked up at him. “What else do you want?”‘

Rong Si hugged her tighter and leaned close to her ear. “There are so many things I want to do with you. For example…”

Su Jiu quickly retreated two steps, afraid that he would say something that would make her blush and her heart beat faster. “Um… wash up first. I’ll bake you a cake.”

She turned to change, but Rong Si grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. His deep voice was bewitching. “Wait for me. I’ll go with you.”

Today, he just wanted to be with her.

When he entered the bathroom, Su Jiu quickly changed out of the so-called catgirl outfit. Then, she received a message from Song Xinyan: “How was it? Did you wear it? Was your fiancé especially excited?”

Su Jiu was speechless.

Her ears were still burning as she replied: “Yes, yes. It really came in handy.”

“I knew it! Did he touch your ear? Did he touch your tail?”

“Yes. Do boys like such weird clothes?”

Song Xinyan: “Umm… that’s not necessarily true. But most people should like it, right?”

Su Jiu felt ashamed. No, she couldn’t wear such things alone. She didn’t know if any version of such clothes for men were available or not, but she wanted Rong Si to wear them for her to touch!

Thinking of this, she suddenly became excited. She eagerly opened the shopping app and searched for catboy outfits.

Unexpectedly, the app really had some!

Apart from that, the app also had the so-called wolf-type outfits and dog-type outfits for boys… It was eye-opening.

Su Jiu placed all of them in the shopping cart and clicked “Buy.”

After she had bought them, Rong Si happened to come out of the bathroom. When he saw her staring at her phone, a smug smile appeared on her lips, as if he knew she was up to something. Walking over to her, he hugged her from behind. “What are you looking at?”

Shocked, Su Jiu felt guilty. “N-nothing!”

Fortunately, she had already exited the purchasing interface of the app. Otherwise, it would be awkward if he saw her.

Rong Si raised his eyebrows. His instincts told him that the girl was hiding something from him. But it didn’t matter. Since she didn’t want to talk about it now, he wouldn’t force her. Anyway, she wouldn’t harm him.

Then, the two of them went to a nearby dessert shop and started to make a DIY cake.

Su Jiu made a round cake base. After she had covered it in frosting, it was time to make a design on the top. She turned to ask for Rong Si’s opinion. “What kind of design do you like? I’ll give it to you. You can draw it!”

She was about to hand him the strawberry jam, but he didn’t take it. Instead, he walked behind her and wrapped one arm around her waist, holding her hand with the other. “We made the cake together. Of course, we have to draw it together.”

His handsome chin was on her shoulder. When he spoke, his warm breath brushed against her ear. Su Jiu’s heart raced, and she tensed up. She kept telling herself that she had nothing to be nervous about. This was her fiancé!

So she let Rong Si hold her hand and drew a man and a woman holding hands on the cake with a big heart in the middle.

It was a very simple line drawing. Su Jiu could not help but laugh.

It has to be said that this cake… is so old-fashioned…

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