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How I Became the Strongest Sovereign

How I Became the Strongest Sovereign







How I Became the Strongest Sovereign

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In a world governed by physical power, strength and Magical Ability, James finds himself at the top of the hierarchy with everything a man could ask for: Money, Prestige, Political Power and Freedom.

Unfortunately, his perfect reign doesn’t last long and an unexpected event causes him to be transmigrated into a new world through a pitiful death.

James is reborn into a realm of supremacy and struggle, where each world is its own pillar, lifting up the central station of magic… The upper realm. 7 Monarchs, 7 Seats and a Tournament of Power - a competition worth everything.

Does he have what it takes to occupy all the seats and have all the worlds at the palm of his hands? Or will he be held back by revenge, lust and death?

Follow James on his new journey, to once again reach the top of the food chain and become the Strongest Sovereign...