Hidden Marriage

Chapter 2162 - Finally, Wedding Night

Chapter 2162: Finally, Wedding Night

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“Mmm… darling…” Ning Xi rubbed her eyes on the bed when she heard the door open.

Lu Tingxiao frowned and helped her back on the bed as he saw the girl looking sleepy. “Didn’t I ask you to sleep first? Why aren’t you sleeping?”

Ning Xi laughed and dangled her arms around the man’s neck. She rubbed her forehead against his. “You were fighting a bloody war outside. How could I be sleeping!? Of course, I’m going to wait for your triumphant return!”

Lu Tingxiao’s heart melted and he laughed as well. “Thank you for your hard work!”

“Mmm, I really did wait long!” Ning Xi accepted the praise shamelessly, then she asked curiously, “Based on my understanding of Third Senior Sister, she surely used Annie for the last level, didn’t she? And Han Xiao would never help you guys! How did you guys pass the last level? I thought I’d have to wait until midnight!”

“We have Little Treasure,” replied Lu Tingxiao.

“Little Treasure?” Ning Xi was dumbfounded for a moment, then she grinned. “Little Treasure sure is amazing! Annie can never resist his cute little face! Good job!”

Lu Tingxiao gently touched the girl’s hair, then he took his coat off. “Go to sleep earlier.”

Ning Xi suddenly grabbed the man’s shoulder. “Darling!”

Lu Tingxiao turned over. “Hmm?”

Ning Xi stared at him. “What? Tonight is our wedding night! It’s time for a priceless memory!”

The man’s expression darkened when he saw the girl’s flirtatious expression. Glancing at her in her bright red pajamas, he took a deep breath and averted his eyes away. “Don’t you remember we’ve set three rules?”

Ning Xi looked unhappy. “First rule, don’t do anything dangerous. Second rule, don’t eat anything I shouldn’t…”

As she reached the last one, Ning Xi’s expression was sour. “Third rule, I can’t flirt with you! Hey! Not even on our wedding night?”

Lu Tingxiao’s expression did not waver. “No.”

Ning Xi crossed her arms across her chest. “God, how could you place such a vision beside me when I can’t do anything? How cruel!”

Lu Tingxiao smiled and he looked very tempting at the moment.

Ning Xi was enraged. “What’s so funny?! Why can’t I flirt with you but you can flirt with me?”

“Did I?” The man laughed.

“You did and you’re doing it again!”

Lu Tingxiao looked at his wife’s cute little face. “It’s my fault.”

Ning Xi snuggled into Lu Tingxiao’s arms. “Darling, would you like a boy or girl?”

The man kissed her forehead. “I’ll like it as long as it’s yours.”

Ning Xi smiled. “I love to make babies for you!”

Lu Tingxiao pinched between his eyebrows. “Rule number three!”

“What did I do now?!” Ning Xi felt so wronged.

Lu Tingxiao, of course, knew what was she thinking about. “Be good, at least after these few days. You’re too tired today and need a lot of rest, and…”

Lu Tingxiao took a pause, then he looked at the girl passionately. “I’m afraid that I might lose control tonight.”

The man’s words were the biggest praise to her.

Ning Xi was delighted. “Alright, alright!”

A certain someone was getting better and better at flirting. He even dealt perfectly with a pregnant lady like Ning Xi, so she stopped making a fuss and went to sleep peacefully.

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