Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 945: Settles a Lawsuit Carelessly

Chapter 945: Settles a Lawsuit Carelessly

After visiting Mack, Johnny and Roxanne followed Captain Dolan and Special Agent Edward to the local police station to cooperate with the investigation. However, what puzzled Johnny and Roxanne was that Captain Dolan didn’t treat them like suspects who had killed three victims. 

Roxanne remembered that when Captain Dolan asked about Johnny’s missing clues, his attitude was very tough.

“Please sit down, both of you. Here’s some coffee and ice water,” Captain Dolan said as he invited Johnny and Roxanne into the interrogation room, extending his hand for them to sit down and greeting them with a smile.

Confused, Johnny and Roxanne sat in the chairs in the interrogation room. However, they didn’t touch the coffee or iced water on the table. Maybe Captain Dolan was just pretending to be nice to them in order to catch them off guard and get them to reveal something.

“There’s no real reason for me to invite the two of you here. It’s just a simple follow-up investigation. Mr. Johnny, we did find a bike with your license plate during the previous investigation, but we’ve ruled out your involvement as a suspect,” Captain Dolan said as he looked at Johnny and Roxanne’s alert expressions with a smile on his face.

After the video call between Falcon and Rogers ended, Captain Dolan had already re-discussed the situation with Rogers. No matter what the situation with Johnny is now, Captain Dolan just needs to suppress the matter and let Johnny and the others return to their normal lives. That’s why Captain Dolan’s attitude has changed so much.

However, the sudden change in Captain Dolan’s attitude made Johnny and Roxanne, who had already made all kinds of preparations, even more suspicious. 

Moreover, the clues discovered by the police had already clearly identified Johnny as the suspect, but now they suddenly changed their tune and said that he was no longer a suspect. Both of them were even more puzzled by this sudden change in attitude.

“Captain Dolan, are you sure Johnny is no longer a suspect?” Roxanne, a reporter, immediately asked questions after hearing Captain Dolan’s statement.

“Yes, he is no longer a suspect,” Captain Dolan replied seriously upon hearing Roxanne’s question.

“Do you have any other suspects then? What about the angry guy from that night? Are you not going to continue the investigation?” Roxanne’s eyes flickered as she asked Captain Dolan, not satisfied with his answer.

As a reporter, Roxanne keenly sensed that something was off about Captain Dolan’s attitude and words. If the police have ruled out Johnny as a suspect, then something special must have happened.

“Uh…well…” Captain Dolan was momentarily at a loss for words under Roxanne’s aggressive attitude.

“Miss Roxanne, the follow-up information on this matter is classified by the police and will not be announced to the public for the time being. If our follow-up investigation produces results that can be released to the public, we will inform you as soon as possible,” Special Agent Edward said, trying to smooth things over as Captain Dolan stumbled over his words.

As a foreign affairs officer of SHIELD, Edward obviously has more experience in dealing with this situation than Captain Dolan. Moreover, the investigation team regarding Johnny has indeed been classified as an A-level incident of SHIELD, and Edward and the others really have no way to disclose anything since they don’t know anything.

“I see…” Roxanne murmured after hearing Agent Edward’s answer and stopped asking questions.

If the police really had a suspect other than Johnny, no matter what happened or if the police had gotten something wrong, it would be in Johnny’s best interest. Therefore, Roxanne didn’t intend to continue asking questions. 

In fact, after the questioning, Roxanne realized that she slightly regretted it. Fortunately, the police didn’t pursue the matter further.

“Well, if you have no other questions, you can sign these documents and leave,” Captain Dolan said, placing some documents on the table after Roxanne quieted down.


Johnny, who had been silent throughout this ordeal, looked at the document and picked it up to examine it. After a brief look, he saw that it was indeed a very common confession document stating their cooperation with the investigation. After confirming that there were no issues, he signed it.

Johnny signed his name first, and then Roxanne signed hers. “Alright, if you’re all set, you can leave now. I won’t see you off,” Captain Dolan said with a smile as he took the document back.

“Well, then we’ll be going,” Johnny said and nodded to Captain Dolan and Agent Edward as he stood up.

Then, Johnny and Roxanne walked towards the door of the interrogation room. However, just as they were about to leave, Johnny suddenly stopped and turned slightly, saying “Thank that guy for us.”


After saying this, Johnny pulled Roxanne to open the door and left, leaving behind Captain Dolan and Agent Edward, who were looking at each other in the interrogation room.

“What did he mean by that sentence just now? Does he know that SHIELD is protecting him?” Captain Dolan said with some doubt as he looked at the closed door after Johnny left.

“I don’t know. Johnny probably doesn’t know anything about SHIELD,” Agent Edward said and he was also puzzled by Johnny’s last words before leaving.

Captain Dolan and Agent Edward also left the interrogation room with an unnecessary document in his hand. In another room with one-way visible glass in the interrogation room, Falcon was sitting on a chair and staring at the room in front and one would wonder what he was thinking. 

Just now, Falcon had gotten a closer look at Johnny, but he still couldn’t connect Johnny to the flaming skeleton he had fought with the previous night.

“Since it’s been classified as an A-level incident, then the flaming skeleton must be this Johnny. I just don’t know if he has any other abilities that could pose a threat at the A-level. That level of threat can destroy at least one city!” Falcon sighed to himself as he thought about it.

Falcon stood up from his chair before Captain Dolan and Agent Edward arrived. Now that the higher-ups have already determined the nature of this incident, there must be other arrangements for the follow-up. 

There’s no point in Falcon staying here any longer, so it’s time for him to return. This time, Falcon had come to fight a flaming skeleton and lost.

If Falcon is still interested in Johnny or the flaming skeleton, he can ask Captain Rogers for more information when he returns. Maybe he can continue to follow up on this A-level event.

In this way, thanks to SHIELD’s intervention, the strange incident involving Ghost Rider and Blackheart was quietly suppressed. Johnny and Roxanne returned home safely, and they had more time to plan their future lives.

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