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Chapter 697: Yu Dong punched Qiu Bai —-2

Chapter 697: Yu Dong punched Qiu Bai —-2

” That…” Yu Tong wanted to say that it was only because her father was a bit crazy when it came to her late aunt. He has been the eye of the village where he lived, he was treated as the most beautiful mer in the village and many women were lining up to marry him which was why he was prideful of his beauty but then his eyes fell on Yu Dong’s mother. He did wish to marry Yu Dong’s mother but then their engagement fell off because Yu Dong’s mother married another mer —— it has been a thorn in her daddy’s heart but there was no way her daddy will this cruel as to kill someone’s unborn child and even harm mers like him, right?         


Yu Dong hummed and then dropped her hand that was cupping Chen Mi’s cheek when she saw how scared and nervous he was, she might be angry beyond her understanding but that does not mean that she was completely insane at this point. ” I see, then I think that we need to have some serious talk with my ex-uncle in law.”     

Chen Mi raised his head and looked at Yu Dong who was smiling while looking at him but the dark glint in her eyes told him that she was anything but calm at the moment. Chen Mi started quaking thinking that he might have made a mistake if Yu Dong attacked Qiu Bai and the latter turned out to be innocent then wouldn’t they be criticised?     

” No, wife…I think we should still …wife! Wife!” Chen Mi shouted after Yu Dong who was already walking out of the house, he turned to look at Shen Li who was standing next to him looking stumped. He looked like he had no idea what he needed to do which made Chen Mi a bit flustered as he shook Shen Li awake and said, ” What are you looking at the horizon in a daze for brother Li? You should be stopping our wife!”      

If he knew that this was going to happen then he wouldn’t have told Yu Dong the truth! Instead, he would have kept it with him but now that the cat was out of the bag, who knows what will his wife do? Was she going to kill Qiu Bai? If so, then it was going to be a big problem!      

“I know that you are afraid but I think Dong Dong will not do something rash, she will definitely think everything through …I mean have you seen Yu Dong ever acting on an instinct?” Shen Li said to Chen Mi who looked like a nervous chick.      

“Tha…That’s right,” Chen Mi nodded as he thought about it carefully Yu Dong has never been impulsive and she has always been calm and decisive when she handled something surely she will not do anything wrong.      

Shen Li patted Chen Mi on the shoulder with a smile that was assuring and then said,  ” That’s right, Dong Dong will not——-”     

“OH, MY GOD! YU DONG PUNCHED QIU BAI!” A scream came from outside tearing the peace that was inside the house causing Shen Li to grip Chen Mi’s shoulder as his head swooned and he almost fainted on the spot.     

Qiu Bai might be a pain in their bottoms but he was still an elder now that Yu Dong punched him, who knows what was going to happen to their family now? Surely that old man Tong will make use of this opportunity to make a huge sum of money from their family right?     

Chen Mi who was being held by Shen Li did not get a chance to sweep down on the floor since he needed to support his elder brother but he raised his head and then turned to look at Shen Li and then asked, ” Brother Li, did you not say that wife will not do anything impulsive?  Now, what are we going to do?”     

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Shen Li rubbed his head and then said with a rueful expression that was filled with helplessness and then said, ” There are some times when things go completely off course, during such times we need to stay calm, Mi——”     

” ARGH! YU DONG STOP PUNCHING QIU BAI, HE IS GOING TO DIE! LIU COME AND STOP YU DONG” another scream tore from outside and Shen Li who was thinking about how to solve this matter calmly felt his nerve snap.      

He turned to look at Chen Mi who was shaking with tears in his eyes and said with a dangerous smile, ” Change of plans, Mi… we have to stop Dong Dong with everything that we have!”     

Yu Tong has already run out of the house when she heard that Yu Dong has punched her daddy Shen Li and Chen Mi ran out of the house as well, they all turned to rush towards the fields that were covered with the crowd.      

” Excuse me, let me in..” Shen Li pushed the people who were standing in the crowd with Chen Mi as they reached the front of the crowd and the second they came to stop in front of the crowd they saw Ye Liu pulling Yu Dong who was sitting on top of Qiu Bai punching him on the face.      

On the side, Old man Tong was screeching like a banshee, as he pointed to Yu Dong and said, ” This is why …This is why I kicked her out look at that she has no respect for the elders of her family! How can I keep her, she has no manners just like her mother——”     

” Shut up old man if you don’t want to take the place of your son-in-law!” Yu Dong who was beating the crap out of Qiu Bai raised her head and glared at Old Man Tong who was screaming. ” If you don’t then I will be coming after you, once I am done with him!”     

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