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Chapter 676: Devil like husbands

Chapter 676: Devil like husbands

Gu Li was locked in a cowshed after she was beaten up by the villagers, she wanted to run from the shed and go somewhere else but she could not do so because her sister actually tied her in the abandoned cowshed like she was an animal! At this moment, Gu Li was simply enraged by her sister, she could not believe that her sister will dare to do something like this to her. She should have protected her like a good elder sister if she treated her like a younger sister but no instead she tied her to this metal pole like an animal and then announced to the villagers that she will take her to the Yamen tomorrow morning!          


How can she do something like this? She sacrificed all her life for the sake of her elder sister. She was supposed to protect her but she left her to die, how can she do that?      

Gu Li did not think that she was in the wrong even now, in fact, she only blamed Village head Gu for not protecting her. In her head, whatever she was now was all because of her daddy and her sister, the two of them made her like this, if they have protected her and loved her like she was supposed to be loved then nothing like this would have happened!      

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They were the ones who sent her to the army, her daddy even said that her sister will take care of her in the future but this was how her sister was taking care of her, she wasted all her life in the army and grew old from a young woman her sister left her to die like this! She was so simply shameless to the point of no return!      

Just as Gu Li was cursing her sister in her head, the door to the cowshed was pushed open. She raised her head and looked at the door thinking it was her sister but as soon as she raised her head, the one who walked inside the shed was actually Xiao Hua, despite having a bandage covering his nose, he still looked really beautiful in fact the bandage that was covering his tiny button nose only made him look even more pitiful.      

When Gu Li saw Xiao Hua, her smile widened and she looked at Xiao Hua with shiny eyes as she said, ” Xiao Hua, I knew that you will come to help me… I knew that you will be here to save me! Come hurry and untie me, we will run away after you untie me. Come here baby, help your wife.”     

Xiao Hua gagged when he heard Gu Li call him baby even Yu Dong did not dare to act so cheekily with him even when he asked her to do so—— she was respectful towards him till the end saying that she will not call him such names lest anyone heard her and made fun of him.      

And yet Gu Li was calling him baby so shamelessly even more so after what happened? She was not only shameless, she was beyond saving.      

” Save you?” Xiao Hua scoffed as he looked at the old woman who was asking him to save her. ” Do you really think I came here to save you?”      

As he spoke Chen Mi who was following after him with two clothes-beating bats stepped inside the cowshed and looked down at Gu Li.      

Gu Li who seemed to have realised that Xiao Hua was not here to save her, stiffened and then turned to look at the latter and said with a stutter, ” W…What are you doing?”      

” Oh nothing,” Xiao Hua calmly took the bat from Chen Mi and raised a shoulder as he took a threatening step closer to Gu Li and said, ” You know because of you, Yu Dong broke three ribs…according to the doctor, she will have a hard time healing… should you not repay for what you have done to her?”      

Chen Mi too smiled as he lifted the bat in his hands. ” I know that we might not be able to break three ribs of yours, after all, we are not as strong as you but I think the two of us will be able to break at least two of your ribs.”      

Gu Li stared at the two mers who were looking down at her with a devil-like smile and scrambled back and then said with a shake of her head, ” Stay away! A good mer should not raise their hands on a woman!”      

“That’s right, a good mer of course will never raise his hands on a woman but…” Xiao Hua raised the bat in his hands and sneered, ” You are not even a human, so I think you do not count! You dare hit my lover? You have to see if you are worthy of it.”      

With that, he swung the bat at Gu Li with all his strength.      

Even though Xiao Hua was small and his strength was not as great as Ye Liu’s the bat that he was holding was made of really sturdy wood, with just a little swing, Gu Li’s head was smacked to the side causing her to spit out a mouthful of blood as she dropped on her side.      

As soon as she fell, Chen Mi who was waiting for his turn narrowed his eyes and then smacked her on the waist.  ” You really think we are dead huh, you dare kidnap my brother Liu and my wife? You even broke her ribs? I will show you…I will make an example out of you such that anyone will think twice before attacking my wife again!”      

Gu Li screamed like a pig being butchered and the villagers who were living next to the cowshed came to see what was going on but what they saw was Shen Li standing outside the cowshed smiling gently at them as he said, ” There is nothing to see, sisters …please go to sleep.”      

The next morning a rumour started to flow around the village that said, if you dare to hurt Yu Dong…her devil-like husbands will come in the middle of the night and beat you up with smiles on their faces!      

Yu Dong who was looked at with sympathetic and pitiful looks from the next day onwards: “…” ???? What?     



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