Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband

Chapter 778 - I've always liked you 2

Chapter 778: I’ve always liked you 2

‘Because you’re as stupid as she is,’ Gu nianshen replied.

He didn’t find anything.

“You’ve already targeted youngest uncle’s woman at such an old age. You’re such a scary person.” Gu nianjia chimed in.

“You must have been overjoyed when Grandpa wrote his will, right?”

‘If you continue to talk nonsense, don’t even think about getting your bag and car.’

“Buy me a sports car. I haven’t thought of a model yet. I’ll ask Zhang Jingyu which one is good. I’ll continue playing my game now.” Gu nianjia replied.

She had never expected that she would one day have to rely on Lin Yiqian, the person she had hated since she was young.

However, she did not expect her brother to have fallen for Lin Yiqian so early on.

The brother and sister had successfully negotiated and returned to the game. They were still the same five people.

When they entered the game to pick their champion, Lin Yiqian beat Gu nianjia to the middle lane and picked Diao Chan.

As soon as Gu nianshen saw that she had chosen Diao Chan, he immediately snatched it from Lu Bu.

After snatching it, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Lin Yiqian chuckled as she looked on.

Gu nianjia had chosen little Luban as her support while Zhang Jingyu played as the jungler.

After entering the game, Gu nianjia began to chat with Lin Yiqian.”Sister-in-law, don’t worry. I’ll definitely stand by your side. Xi Xia is too hypocritical. I’ve always thought that she’s not a good person. Otherwise, why would she be so close to song Feifei?”

Lin Yiqian thought,’as expected of a coward. I didn’t hurt you for nothing.’

Throughout the entire game, Gu nianjia had been criticizing Xi Xia and Lin Yiqian.

She was praising Lin Yiqian to the skies.

Lin Yiqian remained silent throughout the conversation. There was only one question in her mind. How much money had Gu nianshen given cheese?

After two more rounds, Lin Yiqian used her phone to check her face. By then, the swelling had completely disappeared. It was already very late. It was almost midnight.

She had just died in the game, and her teammates were tearing down the crystal. She said,””I’m going to sleep after this game. ”

“Sister-in-law, you’re asleep already?” Gu nianjia asked.

By the time Gu nianjia had finished asking her question, the game had already ended. Lin Yiqian did not want to say anything more and immediately exited the game. “It’s not convenient for you to stay at that little jerk’s house. Why don’t you come back? my brother won’t be home for the next few days, so you won’t be able to see him.”

Lin Yiqian was dumbfounded!

This useless coward who can’t do anything right!

When Gu nianshen heard Gu nianjia’s words, he immediately sat up in bed.

Did she go to Xiaoyu’s house?

Gu nianshen was stunned for a moment before he quickly sent Gu nianjia a WeChat message.””You said that your sister-in-law is at Xiaoyu’s house?”

“Yes. I called you this morning. A child answered the call. She said that the child was a little jerk.” Gu nianjia replied.

When Gu nianshen saw Gu nianjia calling Xiaoyu ‘little jerk’, he warned her sternly,””Don’t call me a bastard. ”

“Brother, why are you protecting that child?” Gu nianjia was confused.

The little jerk was the one who took the lead in shouting.

Gu nianshen was in no mood to care about Gu nianjia’s confusion. He was nervous and confused.

He was confused as to why Lin Yiqian was still in contact with Xiaoyu’s family and had even gone to his house.

Did she not already know Xiaoyu’s identity?

Gu nianshen squinted his eyes suspiciously. He felt as if there was a cloud of fog in his heart that he could see clearly if he tried to clear it. However, he could not seem to clear it.

No, he had to contact that idiot.

As he thought about it, he sent a friend request to Lin Yiqian. However, there was still no response after a minute.

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