Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3260 - 3260 Madam Ru

3260 Madam Ru

“Ahem…” Feng Wu didn’t know how to answer her.

Auntie Qing went back to the topic. “Anyway, when Master Wang came back to visit his junior sister, he saw her on her last breath. She used to be such a fair and tender girl who had never done any housework. When they met again, she had been tortured into an old woman with rough fingers and a withered face. She wasn’t even 30 years old…”

As Auntie Qing spoke, her eyes filled with tears. “Madam Ru was the same age as the junior sister, but she was still bright, beautiful and delicate, looking as fresh as a sixteen-year-old girl. Why do good people die in vain, but evil lives for a thousand years?”

Feng Wu nodded. “That’s how the world works. The good guys get bullied, and the bad guys get to enjoy themselves.”

Auntie Qing looked at the girl in astonishment. She didn’t expect Feng Wu to be so understanding.

Feng Wu smiled. “But good and evil will always be paid back. It’s only a matter of time.”

Auntie Qing exhaled. “I hope you’re right.”

Feng Wu was confident of her verdict. For example, Master Duanmu had already annoyed her, and his life would become quite unpleasant.

Feng Wu then asked, “Where’s Madam Ru? Is she still alive?”

Auntie Qing sneered. “Of course she’s still alive. She even wants to compete with me for the position of logistics officer. My husband is the minister! She must be dreaming!!”

Feng Wu chuckled.

Auntie Qing continued, “By the way, she’s Lady Duanmu now. If you call her Madam Ru again, she’ll be furious.”

Feng Wu chuckled again.

Auntie Qing thought of something else. “Guess what? That junior sister brought Lady Duanmu back when she found the latter on the ground, covered in blood. In the end, it became the story of the farmer and the snake.”

The more Auntie Qing spoke, the more indignant she became. “Why should we be good? The bad guys are so happy now.”

Feng Wu comforted Auntie Qing. “Not necessarily. I don’t think things will end well for Madam Ru. However, there must be something special about her that Master Duanmu likes.”

Auntie Qing said “What can possibly be unique about her? She’s delicate, shy and gentle, and can coax men. Guess what? My husband actually told me to learn from her! Bah! Does he want me to be as vicious as her?!”

Feng Wu asked, “Doesn’t Mr. Qing know what Madam Ru has done?”

Auntie Qing said, “How can men see all that? They only see superficial things. Other than that, they’ll say women are all jealous. They say we’re all jealous of other women’s good looks and good personalities… Isn’t that infuriating?”

The more Auntie Qing spoke, the angrier she got, but Feng Wu burst out laughing.

Auntie Qing stared at her. “What are you laughing at?”

Feng Wu said, “I thought Mr. Qing was a henpecked husband. How dare he say that? Wasn’t he afraid of the consequences?”

Auntie Qing said, “Of course there were consequences. I chased him with a frying pan until he was almost crippled!”

Feng Wu pursed her lips and smiled. She could tell from Auntie Qing’s tone that she still had feelings for her husband.

Feng Wu changed the subject. “What about Ji Ying? What did he do?”

Aunt Qing said, “Ji Ying was brought back by Madam Ru herself. He’s both a disciple and a godson. By then, Master Duanmu had already been deceived by that woman. Naturally, he would do whatever she said.”

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