God Rank Upgrade System

Chapter 414 - Reaching Rank 6!

Chapter 414: Reaching Rank 6!

The 31st floor?

Lin Xiu couldn’t help but be stunned when he heard the voices of the others around him.

One should know that when he got to the 22nd floor a while ago, it was already difficult for him to fight Yu Yi. He didn’t think that there would be anyone who could reach the 31st floor!

Plus, he even heard from their conversation that they were newcomers!

Amongst the newcomers, other than Zhuo Qixing from the Southern Campus and Ouyang Hang from the Northern Campus, there has never been any newcomers that have such extraordinary abilities…

He had defeated both of them but he could only reach the 20th level.

As he thought about it, Lin Xiu couldn’t help but feel curious.

He shook his head and was ready to head home.

As he head back towards the mansion, Lin Xiu didn’t find Luo Yue anyone in the mansion.

Lin Xiu sat on the wide training ground and after thinking about it, he immediately opened one of the bottles and finished the entire bottle without any hesitation.

Blurb Blurb – –

As Lin Xiu finishes the Focus Spirit, he could clearly feel the chilliness that was coming from the drink, spreading all over his body.

It was comfortable, extremely comfortable.

Lin Xiu couldn’t help but narrow his eyes, looking very relaxed.

Plus, Lin Xiu also noticed it felt as if all the pores around his body had been opened and the ‘Cultivation Technique’ had turned on automatically, madly absorbing the energy around him through the pores.

“The effects are strong…” Lin Xiu was surprised when he felt the changes in his body.

But, Lin Xiu was aware that the effect from the Focus Spirit wouldn’t last very long. This small bottle would only last for a short period of time; only for 30 minutes at most.

He was losing 10 thousand points within 30 minutes. As he thought of it this way, he felt a minor heartache.

He took a deep breath and decided not to think about it as he quickly entered his cultivation mode.

Huuuuu – –

Soon, as his ‘Cultivation Technique’ started, Lin Xiu could feel the energy from the air around him slowly being absorbed by his body. The cells in his body were replicating nonstop and they were getting faster and faster.

Great! This feels extremely soothing!

“Chirp?” As Lin Xiu continued cultivating, Xiao Bai, the little Little Ice Crystal White Bird suddenly appeared and stood on top of Lin Xiu’s shoulder. It was staring at Lin Xiu, who was cultivating, in interest.

Lin Xiu was extremely focused on his cultivation. This half an hour was the most precious time.

Plus, Lin Xiu didn’t notice that the EXP on his system started moving.


The 30 minutes soon passed by with a blink of an eye. When Lin Xiu opened his eyes, he was feeling extremely comfortable.

“Why are you here?” As soon as he opened his eyes, he noticed the Little Ice Crystal White Bird that was on his shoulder.

The Little Ice Crystal White Bird instantly chirped in happiness when it saw Lin Xiu opening his eyes. It was rubbing his head on Lin Xiu’s neck.

“Hahahaha, it’s itchy…” Lin Xiu felt the itch on his neck and laughed out loud. Then, he placed the little bird on his palm.

“You shall play by your own over here. I still have to continue cultivating, do you understand?” Lin Xiu said to the creature that was already looking like the giant Ice Crystal White Bird.

There was a faint chill coming from the little Ice Crystal White Bird’s body and Lin Xiu felt as if he was holding onto a piece of ice.

“Chirp, chirp.” The little Ice Crystal White Bird looked at Lin Xiu as he looked a little confused.

Lin Xiu shook his head helplessly thinking that the little bird must have not understood what he just said.

He looked at the 4 remaining bottles. Lin Xiu hesitated and opened another bottle while continuing his cultivation.

Time passed by until Lin Xiu heard a loud ‘ring’ where he instantly opened his eyes.

“Congratulations owner on upgrading to another level! You are now at level 29!”

“What!” When he heard the notification from the system, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes in surprise.

He upgraded?!

He actually leveled up?!

This was miraculous! He had just gone to level 28 a while ago and is now headed to level 29?!

Lin Xiu didn’t think too much about it previously. All he could feel was that upon finishing the drink, the pores all around his body felt as if they had opened up. The speed at which his ‘Cultivation Technique’ was turning was already at the extreme!

As he tried to suppress the excitement in him, Lin Xiu quickly clicked onto his system’s interface;

Host: Lin Xiu

Level: 29

EXP: 0/5 billion

Strength: 560

Physique: 286

Speed: 120

Skills: ‘Analytic Eyes’ ‘Fury’ ‘Disguise’ ‘Engulf’ ‘Mirror Image’

Rage Build Up: 0/100

Potential Points: 29

Title: Rank 5 warrior

(unused title: Rank 1 warrior, Rank 3 warrior, Rank 4 warrior, Rank 5 warrior)

“It’s really level 29!!!” Lin Xiu jumped up in excitement.

He was only another level away till he became a rank 6 warrior. By that time, his strength would be greatly elevated.

He would now be able to cultivate those warrior skills cards that he couldn’t use before this!

As he thought about it, Lin Xiu got extremely excited.

He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. Lin Xiu took the additional 29 potential points and added them to his strength attribute.

His strength attribute instantly elevated from 560 to 589!

Plus, Lin Xiu could clearly feel that the strength in his arms had become stronger.

Rank 6! He has to train harder so that he can get to rank 6!!

“You’re back?” At that moment, Lin Xiu looked outside the courtyard and saw Luo Yue who was walking back to the mansion.

Luo Yue nodded his head and went into the living hall. He immediately opened the switch and then rotated the other switch. Then, a huge projector screen appeared on the wall in front of them.

“Look at this.” Luo Yue said to Lin Xiu.

Liu Xiu paused for a moment as his eyes shifted towards the projector screen.

It was an extremely clear image, much clearer than those of the blue light.

As he took a closer look, the video that was playing on the projector screen was the video of a tournament. It looks like….. a match at the Tower of Tournament!

Xiu Xiu Xiu – –

One of the men was holding onto a red halberd and was fighting another man at the tournament.

“Using a halberd as a weapon?!” Lin Xiu was shocked when he saw the scene in front of him.

The halberd was a weapon that was rarer than a spear. There weren’t many people who would train with such weapons which was why the warrior skills regarding this weapon were extremely rare.

However, the man inside the video was using it smoothly without any trouble. It was as if the halberd had been fused into his body and was part of his body.

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