Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~

Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – Krebskulm Liberation Front

(Nia’s Point of View (new character))

“… Sis, I’m hungry.”

Clinging to the hem of my big sister’s clothes, I was complaining while lying down.

Two weeks had passed since we were brought to this unknown city. It was nice that we could immediately escape from that scary person, but we had to scrounge the garbage for food every day. Some days we went without food at all.

We walked around all day today and only managed to pick up a coin that was not even enough to afford half a loaf of bread… Since it was getting dark, we decided to stop searching and took shelter.

“… I’m sorry, but it’s bedtime already.”

“No, I’m sorry to say something so selfish.”

My big sister was suffering too. She did not eat anything since she shared the little vegetable scraps with me.

I would do my best tomorrow… Sis…

“… I’m sorry, please wait for a little bit.”

… Huh?! I fell asleep! It was supposed to be my turn to be on the lookout because our arms would be cut off if I didn’t…

“… Eh? Sis?”

Where did my big sister go? Could she have left me? No, she was too kind of a person to do something like that. So where could she have gone? Did she get caught?! I had to go find her!

“Big sis! Where are you?”

I was searching and goggling at every dark alley to find her. Unexpectedly, I found her right away.

“Big sis…?”

Who was that? She was with an unknown old man. What were they talking about? Was that the person who was trying to cut off our arms?

“Oh, they’re leaving!”

The two of them went into the next alley. I had to hurry and go after them.

“What are they doing?”

They went into a secluded part of the alley and laid something like a cloth on the ground… My sister laid there, and the old man on top of her…

“A-aaaaaaaah!!! F-fire —!!!!!”

I figured out what she was trying to do. It was explained to me when we were caught the first time; because I said something so selfish! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!

“Hey, there’s a fire! We have to run!”

Upon hearing my scream, the old man was surprised at first. But he did not budge from on top of my sister and started to pull off clothes instead.

“Eh? Why?!”

“Huh? Shut up, brat! I don’t think there’s a fire in a place that overflows with water like this! Even if there is, it will be extinguished soon!”

I even lied with all my might to save my big sister, but it fell on deaf ears. My sister gazed at me with a startled look.


“Heh? Taking a closer look, you’re a girl though still a brat. So just let me know if you want to sell, too.”

I could not understand what this old man was saying. Sell? Sell what?

“Huh! Wait! Don’t touch her! I’ll be your partner!”

“Hah! You don’t suppose I’d be satisfied with only one brat like you, do you?”

“Uh, S-sis, let’s run away ….”

While my sister was desperately trying to protect me, I was desperately urging her to escape.

“Shut up! You want money, don’t you?!”


He hit my sister… Why? Why? We didn’t do anything wrong. Someone… even if it’s not god, anyone…

“H-help! Please help!!”

“Ah! Shut up you brat!”

The old man raised his hand ready to strike me, while I was crying and screaming. I guarded my head, while my sister was desperately trying to stop him, and then I saw—.

“— Okay, I’ll help you.”

— Somehow the old man’s head fell to the ground.


Shocked, my big sister seemed unable to wrap her head around what just happened. I stopped crying and stared up at that person without realizing it.

It was a very beautiful lady. Part of her beautiful black hair was white where the moonlight bounced off. Her crimson eyes were striking in the darkness… If this person was not god…

“A demon?”

“Well, in a sense, you’re not wrong…”

“Did you say something, Yuu?”

“Huh? N-no! I didn’t say anything!”

There seemed to be another person responding to my comment earlier. The lady who saved us had her knife to his throat.

“… Well, whatever. By the way, what are your names? If you have nowhere to go, let me take care of you.”

“Huh?! Really?! I-I’m Nia!”


With this, we would not be hungry anymore, and my big sister would not have to suffer anymore! But she seemed to be extremely cautious…

“Don’t worry. I’m not your enemy. Would you please tell me your name?”

“… I’m Mea.”

She understood that the current situation would not change even if she was being extremely cautious. She decided to cling to our savior for just a little.

“Mea and Nia. All right. Let’s leave this place for the time being —.”

“— What are you doing to those children? Depending on the situation, you might not get away without consequences ….”

A big man appeared and stared at the lady while calling out to her. I did not know what was going on anymore.

“What is it, so suddenly? What an impudent person. I was just helping these children.”


After glancing at the old man’s lifeless body, the man looked toward us and nodded.

“So it seems.”

“Oh, so you believe me? In that case, I’m going to take these children with me.”

“No, we will take custody of those children.”

“… Custody? These children? A slave like you? Please don’t joke around.”

It was too dark to see well at first glance, but looking more closely the big man’s left cheek bore the slave seal just like ours.

“What will do with fleeing slaves anyway?”

Somehow the aura of that lady and the boy changed into something threatening. Scary. Seeing the rapid development, my dependable big sister was as baffled as I did.

“Eh…? Wait a minute, Rena. Why are you being belligerent —?”

The boy standing behind the lady seemed to be even more unreliable…

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