Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~

Chapter 264

Chapter 264

264 Five Miles Fog

—I dashed through the road with poor visibility.

To dodge the incoming electric shock, I bent my upper body backwards, and made a hissing sound to cut through the air. At the same time, I spewed poisonous gas into the deep mist.

In the corner of my vision, I saw arrows flying towards me, and rolled to the side to avoid them. Then, pushing the ground with my hands, I leaped up, missing the electric shock with my high jump.

In the short time it took for my feet to land on the ground, I flung poisonous needles and gunpowder balls in the direction of the mist and the electric shock. The direction itself had changed from where they were supposed to be.


The moment I landed, I lowered my head and started running away. A swift attack, full of penetrating power, grazed me.

The culprit intended to strike me before I could even think of escaping. The attack itself seemed to anticipate the existence of a shield.

I myself countered it with poison needles; aiming to inflict status ailments—and gunpowder balls to cause further disturbance. Perhaps, we had similar thought patterns.

“…Not like it matters—I only want to kill them.”

I couldn’t trace their whereabouts. The moment I felt like I did, they had moved elsewhere. In the midst of this constant loop…

What’s my strong point?

My initial thought was the lightness of my armor and the agility that came with it.

While the Perverted Gentleman was also dressed lightly, he wasn’t as fast due to his swollen muscles.

Above all, AGI was my highest status, for I was a fleet-footed warrior, focusing entirely on assassination and surprise attacks.

…Hence why, I had a chance to win.

“<Self Alteration: Mad Medicine>!”

In addition to forcibly increasing my own reaction speed and perceptual ability using forbidden drug, Mita also received support magic that enhanced speed.

Furthermore, Azabu created an updraft under himself, and lifted Inoue upwards, alleviating my burden.

Now then, just as I realized my own strengths, they should be the same.

In order to fight opponents with similar thoughts and abilities, it all came down to reading your opponent.

Therefore, right after completing both my reinforcement and enchantment, I leaped on the thread I had stretched around myself, and made my way through.


A second later, the ground collapsed, while a copious amount of water flooded in like a tsunami. As I watched over the phenomena, I proceeded to the next step.

After trying to regain their foothold and create a favorable environment for themselves, they’d probably—

“—Severe the thread that I’d use to escape.”

No sooner than I said that, the threads that served as my scaffolding were torn by hydraulic cutters and lightning blades. At the same time, I shot a thread on a building ahead of me.

Using Kageyama’s Shadow Whip encircling my left hand, I slid down the thread.

Since shadow had no friction, it made no sound, so I was free to accelerate.

Azabu then used Wind Magic to muffle the wind noise as I moved vigorously through the air.

AGI was a stat related to movement and skill speed, so it was convenient to have tweaks for such actions.

By using Yamada’s <Injection> to my acceleration, I closed the distance in no time, and saw El, who hadn’t moved from his last spot.

Apparently, he had shifted his form to counter the Perverted Gentleman’s attack. Seeing that I had come for him, El could be seen smiling through the gap in his helmet.

I shoot the thread again, and right as it passed through the side of El’s face, I advanced.

“—<Throat Seeker>”


With the momentum from sliding down through the thread, I thrusted my blade into the small crevice of his armor, and activated the skill—

—However, he deftly tilted his neck to dodge, and my blade only succeeded in grazing him.

Did the conical protrusion from his armor mess with my reach?

Nevertheless, by letting go of the thread and tilting my body, I managed to get away with only losing an arm.



While throwing a poisonous smoke ball, I pressed my left arm against the cut surface, before applying healing potion and stitching it.

After a short while, the Perverted Gentleman rushed in, his laughter echoing in the sky.

As expected, the clash of skills and the blinding grenade would reveal our positions… Since El was right next to me, I couldn’t carelessly let my guard down, so I had no choice but to confront the Perverted Gentleman.


By activating <Fusion>and <Sword Art>, I wielded a large sword to confront the colossal black figure that emerged from the poisonous smoke and fog.

Around the same time, El also swung a great sword coursing with purple electricity towards the Perverted Gentleman. The injury had vanished from his neck.


I planned on shredding his muscles with my Odachi, thinking it’d be great if El could provide some knockback with his attack.

“—I’m water now.”

My eyes widened. Instead of the sensation of cutting flesh, it felt as if I was hitting on a water surface.

Just like how El had taken some countermeasures against his blows, the Perverted Gentleman also tried to counter my slash.

“I’ll never get tired of you guys.”

In response to my muttering of excitement, the Perverted Gentleman made a pose.

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