Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~

Chapter 25 North Underground Passage

Now then, it has been four days since the coup and it’s time to resume the conquest.

If I think about it, I’ve been ignoring the story including the main story of this game, so let’s try doing this seriously.

The target is 『Belzenstock City』 which is on the other side of the bay after passing through the underground passage that is in the underground tomb’s boss room.

Rena: “…How did they make an underground passage under the bay with this kind of civilization level?”

I can’t help but ask the realism of the game as I’m curious because all the other elements are so similar to reality, you see…..

Seems like I could know the answer if I try to find out the setting of this place and such.

Three days have passed since I entered the underground passage from the boss room to go to 『Belzenstock City』, and I have spent nearly five hours today.

Rena: “Hmm…”

As expected, the humidity is high perhaps due to the ocean above. Seems like the effect of my explosive balls will be weak here.

Rena: “Well, I still have another plan to compensate this, but…”

The area is dim and it’s hard to walk as water is leaking from somewhere… I’m really glad that I have the『walking』 skill because I won’t probably be able to see that I’m falling if I lose my balance during a battle.

Would there be wild batsーーーbig batsーーーsuddenly fly from the front and disappear into nothingness?

I’m still advancing while slashing a lot of monsters such as sea snakesーーーa serpent that can shoot water magicーーー, but I don’t feel like I have made any progress at all.

Rena: “…another stairs that lead downward?”

I thought I will continue going up along the way, but I have been going down ever since. It’s boring as the surrounding scenery does not change at all and only the air is the one that is getting heavier.

Rena: “…Oya?”

When I was about half-way giving up due to the unchanging scenery on the fifth staircase, the atmosphere suddenly change, I see?

The view is nice in which the ceiling is high and the surrounding area is filled with corals and blue crystals. In addition, there’s also a softly emitted light from the top.

Rena: “The air is delicious indeed.”

It’s strange that the air is delicious even though this is only a game…… but in any case, I’m in high spirits as some changes finally occurred.

It seems to be a merman that looks more of a fish for its body. It’s a monster that has green scales which similar to Sahuagin and that said monster is currently staring at me while gripping its trident.

(TL Note: Sahuagin, a monster from D&D)

Rena: “…what can you expect? It’s a boss room, after all, yes?”

It should have been expected as the scenery that had been the same the whole time suddenly changed. But, even though I understand that, I still cannot be convinced that my previous excitement is now lost.

While in the middle of complaining, I threw a few poisonous 20cm needles and attacked first.

Sea God: 『Jyaa!』

Although almost all of the needles were repelled by the trident on its hand, two of them successfully stabbed in its shoulder, I see…

Well, seems like it didn’t feel any pain, though.

Rena: “Fuh!”

Sea God: 『Jiji!!』

When I approached and swung down my dagger with a backhand grip, my dagger got repelled by the trident’s ferrule, but I then bashed its jaw with the hilt of my dagger.

Sea God: 『GAA!!』

After that, I tripped the monster, swung down my elbow to its belly, kicked its waist with my knee and blew it away with a roundhouse kick when it tried to get up. Let’s follow it up with throwing a poisonous needle while I’m at it.

Sea God: 『GiiiII!!』

Standing up, in the form of anger, it charged while lowering its trident towards me. I imitated and approached it as well while preparing to block its attack with my dagger.

However, the monster changed its behavior and tried to return its trident. Thus, we stood still on the spot and I pulled back my dagger after it clashed with the tip of its trident.

Sea God: 『Jii?!』

I sunk the tip of my toe to the monster’s solar plexus and it was about to fall. I then held its wrists down with my left hand, and kicked its groin while hitting the face with my right fist a few times.

Sea God: 『––––?!?!!』

…………seems like it’s a male. I kicked it up once more and tried to slash it with my dagger, but the monster avoided on the last second and casted a water magic, 《Water Blade》. I took some distances away and threw a piece of glass at the same time.

Sea God: 『Jijiii?!』

As expected, in this place where the bluish soft light is reflected by the crystals, a small piece of glass cannot be seen that easily, thus it succeeded in piercing one of its eye.

I charged in while throwing the poison needle again and avoided the incoming thrown trident by bending my knee similar to a swayback pose.

I slipped while looking at the trident that passes through in front of my eyes, and passed through the monster’s inseam while cutting its legs.

Sun God: 『JYAA?!』

This place, which is entirely wet, is useful as I can slide very well, but I thought to myself halfway through to be careful and turned over to pierce its napeーーーbut it evaded by tumbling forward.

Sea God: 『Gugu…』

I threw the usual smoke bomb towards it, which is currently being cautious and glaring at me, to snatch away its vision. After doing so, I leaped through the sky with the 《Sky Kick》 skill and carried out a dropping attack from its blind spot overhead.

Sea God: 『Jii?!』

The monster noticed just before the impact, but it’s already too late as the dagger had pierced through its forehead. Let’s put some more weight and push it to the ground just to make sure.

Sea God: 『Ji…iii………』

…………It looks like it can still breathe a bit of air, so I defeated it by adding a thrust and twist with my dagger.

I was able to defeat it before the poison taken its effect, I see…

It’s unfortunate that there was no time and I can’t see the result of my newly-made poison as well. In addition, it seems that I’m not the first one to capture this area. Well, it’s not like it matters, but I might encounter other players along the way, yes?

Rena: “Let’s take a break for the time being and advance thereafter.”

Thus, I logged out once I’m in a safe zone after defeating the boss.

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