Genocide Online ~Playtime Diary of an Evil Young Girl~

Chapter 20 Alexei Vallence 2

This situation…can perhaps be called quite bad.

It seems like I could take slip damage by approaching him, so it would be bad getting close to him carelessly……….

Well, I could just wait as he only has 30 seconds limit for the cost of his super-strengtheniーーー

Rena: “!?!”

―――He reduced the distance between us in an instant and cut off my left arm. I did not even see any signs from him at all.

I was able to throw a counter and grazed his neck slightly, but it’s a shame that I have to sacrifice my left arm, you see.

Alexei: “JiiiiyyyyyyaaaAAAAAAA!!!”

……Is this person alright? Is he still thinking rationally? With my left arm in hand, I immediately evacuated from that place and threw a poison smoke ball as a souvenir.

Alexei: “Gah!!”

Uwah, it was blown away by his charge impact, yes… It seems it would be better to aim for surviving and shortened the time without trying to knock him down.

ーーーTherefore, I aggressively rushed into the crowd of players who are standing still.

Player: “!?!”

Player: “Wai-!?”

Player: “Genocider-chan is really merciless…”

Player: “Spread out! We will get caught!”

No, I won’t let you escape.

I used Santa-san’s 《Holy Wall》 on their retreat path, threw explosive balls, and confined most of everyone with Kageyama-san and the others’ 《Shadow Weave》.

I didn’t manage to get everyone, but I will keep the majority on the spot and use them actively as shields.

Alexei: “Guguh!!”

As I thought, he still has some reasoning remained as he doesn’t want to get his subordinates and players involved, I see.

Well, it is indeed strange if he swings his sword properly without any reasoning left, though……

I attached my left arm back with the potion that I have created by myself while using the players as shields. I added Santa-san’s light magic, recovery, recovery effect acceleration and regeneration effects to the potion…… looks like I can move my arm again, that’s great.

Rena: “What a troublesome fellow…”

I threw a few poison smoke bombs and scattered them here and there while running from place to place.

Although this has been disadvantageous for me since the beginning, it’s a lot more difficult if he has super-strengthening. It would be great if this will go as planned, butーーー

Player: “Oi! Knight bro! We, the playe-….the migrants will revive when we die! Just do it!”

Player: “Yeah! Just do it!”

Player: “Don’t mind us and just do it!”

(TL Note: I’m sorry, I can’t stop myself for meme-ing this.)

――――ーーIt became more disadvantageous, I see? Such unnecessary things……

Player: “Don’t hesitate and mind us! Hehe, Let’s go on a fun adventure togeーーー”

Alexei: “Jii!!”

Ah, those who were fooling around got caught and respawned, it seems….. Wait, This is not the time to watch leisurely. He’s charging in with a frightful spirit while engulfing the players around him.

I turned away to the side while throwing the explosive balls and poison smoke bombs as a smoke screenーーーbut, I was cut in the stomach.

Rena: “The potions are being consumed at a tremendous pace… it was a good idea to obtained the medicine skill, yes.”

If the players can’t serve as shields, at least it can be used as weapons, hence I threw some players that I have inserted explosive balls and stuffs beforehand.

Of course it was intercepted, but that doesn’t matter. I can stop his movement with Santa-san and the others’ magic even if it’s less than a second, and while I’m at it, I have to get some distances as much as possible and throw another one at him again.

Player: “About us being Genocider-chan’s weapon…”

Player: “Wait, before that, she also used us as shields, aren’t we surprisingly good?”

Player: “The ultimate weapon, that is us.”

If he gets close, I won’t be able to use my dagger, and could only evade, fend it off and endure.

I dodged while rushing in and released some thrusts with my sword, then I laid on the ground to avoid the slash momentum with a sudden break, and cut his Achilles’ heel while maintaining a low posture……though, I don’t quite know whether it would have an effect or not.

Alexis: “GUGAAA!!”

!! This is bad. He’s approaching here and his speed has increased. My title’s effect has dropped as the number of people on the battlefield has been reduced significantly. This isーーー

Rena: “Haah!!”

―――I released some slashes with a vigorous yell in an instant while moving my body and half dodging with my willpower.

Rena: “……Fuhh…fuhh…”

My arms are now numb and my breath has run out, I have endured while being cut everywhere. It’s a good thing that these are not fatal wounds.

I can’t wait anymore, is it not time yet?

Rena: “Shi!!”

Alexei: “GAA!!”

Rena: “Fuh!! Haa!!”

Alexei: “Guguu!”

Stabbing his shoulders, cutting his stomach, swinging down my right arm, flipping over my thighs, turning around and cut his cheek while dodging with a paper-thin difference, evading, running away, and avoiding his attacksーーー

Player (Yamcha 1): “I see, so this is Yamcha’s point of view.”

(TL Note: In case you don’t know, he’s a character from Dragon Ball.)

Player (Yamcha 2): “I have no idea what they are doing.”

ーーーbut, my left leg got cut off and he immediately charged in when I was about to lose my balance.

……Aa~ah, I can’t avoid this, yes?

I watched the knight captain whose appearance is similar like a demon, came charging towards me.

This is, the one who will likely die is not only me but also Inoue-san and the others, it seems……

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