Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 1050: Half A Year

Chapter 1050: Half A Year

“But I don’t want to, Hua’er.”         


Nan Hua looked at Long Qian Xing.     

Long Qian Xing is a prideful man who was also very capable. The fact that he could become a promising young commander and gathered a lot of force under him alone was already a form of recognition of his ability.     

He was not a person who would lower his head to explain his actions to other people. Because he didn’t need other people to understand what he wanted to do. Most of them only needed to follow his instruction as they were unable to fully understand what Long Qian Xing actually planning.     

“You have to make a choice.”     

Long Qian Xing arched his eyebrows.     

He was staring at Nan Hua’s face, but couldn’t see anything that would reveal her true feelings. It seemed as if she had no emotion. Her pitch black eyes were very calm and clear.     

There was not even the slightest ripple.     

Long Qian Xing really didn’t know what was inside Nan Hua’s mind at this very moment.     

Even after all this time, he could never read what was inside Nan Hua’s mind. Her indifferent expression, calm demeanor, and unperturbed body language, all seemed to be intentionally made so that he would never be able to know.     

It was not like a normal person who had chosen to freeze her heart.     

Rather, it looked like she was trained purposely to control even her unconscious reaction that could usually be used by others to tell her real intention.     

But her words…     


There were many times when he had to make a choice. But there should be only one that could be affecting Nan Hua directly in her relationship with him.     

“Hua’er, are you talking about Luo Qing Wei?” Long Qian Xing asked slowly.     

Nan Hua blinked her eyes.     

He’s really sharp.     

They had just talked about his decision in coming here, yet Long Qian Xing was able to guess that what was inside her mind was actually something else. Probably, that was also why some people couldn’t talk normally with Long Qian Xing while some people would talk in cryptic way with him.     

She had gotten used to it too.     

“Brother Long, if you still want to see me and have the same thoughts, come see me in autumn. I’ll tell you the reason.”     


It’s now the end of Winter, so he had to wait for at least half a year’s time.     

Long Qian Xing raised his hand a bit then lowered it again. He felt that there was still a wall around Nan Hua, an impregnatable wall that couldn’t be crossed or broken no matter what. It was as if any kind of words he said or anything he did would not result in the answer he needed.     

“I promise to come and see you again.”     

Long Qian Xing took another look at Nan Hua as if to engrave her appearance into his heart, then turned around and left.         

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Luo Qing Wei.     

It would be a lie if he said that he didn’t know her before. When he first heard her name, he thought that it was a coincidence. But when he saw her action towards him and her gaze when she looked at him, he knew that it was her.     

She was a person he knew.     

A genius doctor, the brilliant girl, a pure and innocent girl, a saint, and many other exceptional titles were associated with Luo Qing Wei. Be it her skill or personality, she was the dream goddess in many people’s heart.     

She was so famous that there was barely anyone who didn’t know her.     

At the same time, she was also the little girl who liked to chase after him.     

In his previous world.     

Yes, Luo Qing Wei also transmigrated into this world and Long Qian Xing realized it as well. When she looked at him with that familiar gaze, he knew very well that she was the same person as the one in his world.     

How did she come here?     

How did she know that he’s the same person?     

He didn’t know any of these two answers. But he didn’t want to have anything to do with Luo Qing Wei. In this world, the two of them were strangers who were not supposed to meet if not for his grandmother’s incident.     

That was why Long Qian Xing kept his distance.     

But when he heard Nan Hua’s question, he felt that no matter how much he tried to brush it off, Nan Hua still knew that he knew Luo Qing Wei very well. But even if it was so, why did Nan Hua back off even without doing anything?     

Looking at the way Nan Hua disappeared without telling him or anything, Long Qian Xing felt at loss.     

There was no way that Nan Hua would back down without a fight.     

He had seen her confront the others and there was no fear or worry at all inside her expression. She was always calm.     

But this time, she backed down.     

And so, what Long Qian Xing could think was Luo Qing Wei’s medical expertise.     

When he came to this world, he had noticed that he had a strange skill that somehow beneficial for his career. Since he had one, Luo Qing Wei most likely also had something that helped her to become so famous at such a short period of time.     

After all, the difference between their world and this current world was not small.     

‘Miracle doctor…’     

Long Qian Xing frowned. He recalled the annoying proposal that Kuang Shen threw to him back then.     

At that time, he didn’t think too much about it.     

But he was now thinking about it from another perspective.     

Nan Hua seemed to know more than what ordinary people know. And the Nan Family was never seen making any move that seemed to represent the level of knowledge Nan Hua possessed.         


His little girl… is not ordinary.     

There was something Nan Hua hid.     

Something that even he didn’t know for so many years.     

‘I’ll first investigate some matters.’     

As for Nan Hua, he would wait until she was ready to tell him.     


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