Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower

Chapter 1026 - 1026 Towards Han Yuan City

1026 Towards Han Yuan City

Leader Xi was utterly speechless.

The so called fragrance pouch was actually just the combination of smell from various herbs and flowers. She liked their smell and knew that every smell could give different effect depending on who smelled it.

Because of that, she decided to create more these fragrance pouch.

It smelled nice.

And a lot of women also liked it, so she could earn some additional income aside from the other types of medicine that she made for the organization.

“Jin Jie, can you arrange a secluded location.”

“Oh?” Yu Jin showed an evil smile. She turned to look at Leader Xi and nodded. “Of course, I can naturally prepare a secluded place for Leader Xi.”

Leader Xi: “…”

They’re such a bully, ah!


Leader Xi left begrudgingly. When Nan Hua came back in the future, she would be sure to file a complaint about the place no matter what! How could she be treated worse than someone who was not part of Dark Moon Organization?

Leader Xi couldn’t accept it.

But Nan Hua naturally didn’t pay attention to Leader Xi anymore. She only packed her things along with some poisons into a small bag before departing with Yu Jin. The battle might be a stalemate, but Nan Hua also heard that her senior sister was seen appearing not far from Han Yuan City.

If her senior sister truly had finished everything, Nan Hua needed to be the one to confront her.

Because no one else would be able to stop her.

<Long distance away in another location.>

The wind blew on the grassland. The sound of birds could be heard from time to time, singing along with the movement of the wind.

Yet, there were two people, a man and a woman, who kept their distance and cautious of each other. It had destroyed the harmonious sensation.

“Senior Sister Chen,” the young man called unhurriedly.

Chen Yuan didn’t even turn around when her name was called. As a blind person, she couldn’t even see, so what was the use of her moving her head to their direction? Aside from politeness in normal conversation, she was too lazy on other times.

“What brings you here, Kuang Shen?”

“This little junior had heard that General Zhang started to employ an elite group of soldiers. When I look at them, I can naturally guess that they must be the result of Chen Family’s inheritance.” Kuang Shen put on a smile. “Just like my Kuang Family who had special medicines, Chen Family also had a different type of inheritance.”

Chen Yuan didn’t say anything.

She had long known that a lot of people were paying close attention to Chen Family. When the entire family was destroyed back then, a lot of people were scampering to try getting the inheritance secret. Aside from Zhang Family who had managed to obtain the books, the other families came back with empty hands.

But the inheritance lived up to its name.

It was so difficult that ordinary people wouldn’t even be able to even hope of mastering it. Only those who were truly talented would be able to hope of obtaining it.

“This junior hopes for Senior Sister’s help in another matter. I wouldn’t dare to ask about the secret of the inheritance and only hope for Senior Sister Chen to no longer participate in the war.”

“That was in order to come to your camp, isn’t it?” Chen Yuan slowly turned her head to Kuang Shen’s direction. Even though her eyes couldn’t see, they seemed to be able to penetrate through spaces. “Is this your idea or Junior Sister Luo’s idea?”

“Senior Sister Chen is really sharp.” Kuang Shen smiled helplessly. He knew very well that even though Chen Yuan was blind, her capabilities were far above what ordinary people could ever hope to achieve. “This is naturally my request. Junior Sister Luo is not capable of asking for something like this.”

Chen Yuan stayed still.

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“And if Senior Sister Chen comes, I can promise a miracle for you.” Kuang Shen was confident. “Junior Sister Luo’s talent and capabilities must have been heard even for you, Senior Sister Chen. There are various miracles that she had performed lately, so it should have been the guarantee that you need.”

Chen Yuan smiled faintly. “Are you saying about how the Duke’s son who was sickly is now healthy under Junior Sister Luo’s hand and now trying to win her favor?”

Kuang Shen’s face darkened. That duke’s son in Shi Long Kingdom was very annoying in his opinion because he kept on getting close to Luo Qing Wei. However, he couldn’t do anything about it because he knew Luo Qing Wei only felt that he was grateful to her because of what she had done.

“That was only one of the cases, Senior Sister Chen. Junior Sister Luo is not called as miracle doctor without reason.” Kuang Shen took a deep breath. “As long as you help Junior Sister Luo, you will be able to experience it by yourself.”

Kuang Shen stopped and looked at Chen Yuan, trying to evaluate how Chen Yuan’s expression now was. Seeing that Chen Yuan didn’t change her expression, he felt that this senior sister of them was indeed a bit hard to coax.

But then again, every single one of them had their own aspirations and goals.

“I know that you want to take revenge against the one who killed your brother. I can also help you in this regard. Naturally, this is based on my personal capacity.” Kuang Shen coughed.

“So, have you come to decision, Senior Sister Chen?”

Chen Yuan knew that Kuang Shen was indeed capable. Luo Qing Wei’s capability was for everyone to see.

But it was Kuang Shen who controlled the people who came close to her and could be treated. It could even be said that he was her protector. He helped her to grow her fame while protecting her so that no one would be able to hurt her.


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