Fate Online: Shadow

Chapter 463: So It Begins (3)

Chapter 463: So It Begins (3)


The moment Sun Bin pressed the trigger, the machine gun in her hands immediately roared to life!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The hail of bullets produced a fiery line as it flew and struck the bulletproof glass wall, immediately resulting in spider-like cracks!

"Enemy attack! Get down!"

Shatter! Shatter! Shatter!

Kwon Jung-jin, Richard, Grom and the other attendees tonight and even the bodyguards themselves had stood there dumbfounded like statues as they just watched the glass wall slowly reaching its breaking point, and they only came into their senses when Richard's personal bodyguard was the first one to break out of his trance and yelled as he rushed towards his client and tackled him to the ground in time as the bulletproof glass walls finally reached their limit and shattered into pieces!

"Ah! R-run!"

"I'm b-bleeding, help me!"

The unfortunate ones were immediately killed from the hail of bullets, while the ones who suffered the worst are the ones that are still alive and watched in horror as they slowly bleed out from their injuries.

The fortunates ones on the other hand were lucky not to get shot and quickly soon took cover in a panic.

Grom and Richard were among the lucky ones, while Jung-jin were among the not so lucky ones as he got shot multiple times and fell down on the ground, swimming in his own blood as he slowly took his last breath with widened eyes.

He was like a fish that was brought out of the water and slowly died from the lack of air.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The hail of gunfire lasted for a full minute while the people inside hid in fear, and the only reason it stopped was because the machine gun was overheating and additionally, their position was soon also discovered by the guards outside and had started getting retaliatory attacks.

And when it stopped, the people inside quickly took this chance to escape from the place.

"Sir, let's go!"

Grom and Richard's bodyguards quickly led them somewhere inside the mansion, they didn't even bother looking at the now dead Jung-jin as his death didn't even bother them one bit.

"That damn Jung-jin, he's so unreliable! He was bragging so much that this place is even far more secure compared to the Blue House!" Grom was cursing in anger as their men led them down a spiraling staircase, and behind them were a few of Jung-jin's people who had shamelessly followed after the two patriarchs as they were evacuated.

Before long, they arrived at an underground parking lot that was filled with cars.

Finally safe from their attackers, they stopped there for a few moments as their bodyguards radioed their companions for more backup as the sound of gunfire above them continued to echo into their ears.

"We should have never trusted him with this. S-shit! I almost died tonight" Grom constantly kept cursing while wiping off the blood on his cheek which came from a graze wound.

On the other hand, Sun Bin's informant had managed to sneakily follow after them during the ensuing chaos.

Compared to the rest, he was the least bit panicked as he already knew what was going to happen tonight.

He actually wanted to actually leave immediately through an escape plan he prepared just for tonight, but when he saw Grom and Richard running past the restroom he was at earlier, his sense of "duty" as one of the best intel gatherers out there was immediately ignited and he rashly made the decision to follow after them.

"What is happening? This place is heavily guarded, how come we have attackers all the way here at the mansion?"

"Don't look at me, how would I know!?"

"Dead...my husband is dead! Uwaaa!"

"W-woman, let go! Your snots and tears are ruining my clothes! D-dammit!"

"There were at least thirty of us who came here together earlier, and now there's only nine of us left. What a nightmarish night, I..I just want to go home now and sleep immediately after"

The remaining people just huddled together in one corner and started talking to each other as they poured out their grievances tonight, or more accurately, they were venting their fear out, especially when the realization that they had barely escaped death a few moments ago had slowly sunk in.

At the same time, deep inside them, they were also infuriated at how lax the security of this place actually is, and it actually doesn't deserve the reputation of it having max security at the level of the Blue House like its previous owner had bragged about.

"Are reinforcements coming or what!?"

Richard, the old man who had been calm ever since the beginning finally exploded, and it wasn't because he was angry that they were attacked tonight, but the reason is that he felt that their family name had been tarnished tonight!

Mostly, when he saw the emotions behind the eyes from those people that Jung-jin had invited when looking at them.

He felt that those eyes were blaming them for their current situation and at the same time, mocking them that such influential people like their family and have such a tight grip on the world's economy can't even guarantee their safety and if it wasn't for their bodyguard's lightning fast reaction earlier, then they would have been one of those unfortunate bodies lying on the floor above them!

"Don't worry sir, I've contacted General Lee and he had already dispatched two attack helicopters to rescue us. They'll be here in a few minutes" replied his bodyguard.

Listening to his words, the frown on his face immediately eased and Richard said with gusto, "Good! Once we're out of here, immediately have someone to look for the person behind the attack on us tonight, got it?"

"I will sir"


The firefighting outside the mansion is still going fierce, and unfortunately, the bodyguards are currently outgunned and are obstructed from going inside the mansion to retrieve more firepower, and are currently pinned down on their positions and can't even take a half step forward before getting shot at.

"Hey! There's a spacious garage basement below the mansion, they are probably hiding there and won't be able to get out since it's a garage that you can only get out of through an elevator. Through the kitchen, you'll find a spiraling staircase leading down to that garage. Don't waste your time here and finish what you came here for! I'll cover you, just make it quick before reinforcements arrive in a few minutes! Go!"

Monk looked at her for a few moments, before saying, "Thank you"

"No problem, it's a win-win for us too, just make it quick!"

"Got it!"

While Sun Bin is enjoying her time in wreaking havoc down on the people below, she quickly reminded Monk about their mission, and the latter immediately went down through the rough slope as the onslaught from the machine gun that followed became even fiercer and it gave Monk a much needed cover to sneak inside the mansion without getting noticed.

Entering the mansion, Monk immediately radioed Sun Bin, "I'm in"

"Good, just don't kill my informant when you see him"

"I don't even know what he looks like. How would I even figure out who is who?" replied Monk while slowly walking through the pile of dead bodies scattered in the living room.

"You'll know when you see him"

"His name?"

"John Wick"


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