Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: He Yu’s Real Motive

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When the meeting stopped for a break, Si Huan went to the window in the corridor to take a breather. He could vaguely hear people talking in the stairwell.

A man said, “Old Qian, do you think those two students are really geniuses? Then wouldn’t it be a pity to expel them?”

The man who was called Old Qian sneered. “Are there a lack of geniuses in this world? But who knows if they’ll become mediocre when they get older?”

A third person added, “Even if they become famous one day, Qingli High School will only earn the reputation of a genius’s alma mater. The Hein Corporation and the Huo Family can give us actual benefits.”

They were already preparing to go up the stairs and their voices were getting closer, so Si Huan stopped listening.

After the meeting started again, the two sides engaged in another verbal battle, but they still could not reach a consensus.

In the end, Si Huan stood up. “We can’t continue fighting like this. I have a suggestion. Everyone, please listen.”

He Yu took a puff of his cigarette and said casually, “Si Huan is also a student of Qingli High School. He understands the school’s situation better than us. Let’s hear what you have to say.”

He specifically emphasized Si Huan’s identity in order to reduce the trust the other board members had for Si Huan.

However, Si Huan didn’t mind that. He said in a calm and soothing tone, “First of all, Bi Ying is recruited strictly according to the school’s standards and procedures. His enrollment qualification is unquestionable. However, because some of the board members have personal grudges with Bi Ying, they are trying to suppress him. I think there’s no need to discuss this any further.”

The other board members looked at He Yu with complicated expressions. There were also those who weren’t afraid of the Hein Corporation’s influence who nodded in agreement.

Si Huan continued, “What everyone is concerned about now is whether Huo Tian is qualified to continue studying at Qingli High School. Everyone might think that the school’s admission test could be faked. Then, does that mean that as long as Huo Tian proves her ability, her admission can also be recognized?”

The board members who had selfish motives like He Yu didn’t actually care if Huo Tian had the ability or not. They just wanted to use this opportunity to attack the school’s management team so that they could transfer more power to the board of directors.

But in front of everyone, they could not reveal their true intentions.

He Yu frowned. If Si Huan hadn’t questioned him about using his position as the school chairman to suppress Bi Ying, he would have been able to refute him. However, he couldn’t say anything now.

Hence, Si Huan said, “In that case, let’s wait for the city-wide joint examination that will be held in two weeks and let Huo Tian prove her ability with her results from the joint examination.”

Everyone could afford to wait two weeks, so many people nodded in agreement.

He Yu took out his phone and checked his WeChat. Huo You had found a way to get Huo Tian’s test papers and homework. Both the test papers and homework were blank. The teachers marked red crosses one after another on the papers. He Yu didn’t think that this was the standard that a genius would have.

Hence, he readily agreed to Si Huan’s suggestion. “Then let’s wait and see if Huo Tian is worth letting the school’s management make so many exceptions for her. If it turns out that the school’s management was wrong, then I think we need to discuss whether we should give them that much power.”

Only at this moment did He Yu tear off his disguise and reveal his true motive for getting involved in the school’s management rights. The management team’s expressions changed.

Si Huan already knew everything. He said unhurriedly, “On the contrary, if we can prove that the management team had made the right decision, then in order to ensure the normal operation of the school, we need to restrict the behavior of certain board members from interfering with the school’s affairs as they please.”

He Yu’s gaze met Si Huan’s. The sharp opposing disposition between them caused the others to subconsciously remain silent. After the meeting ended, many people were still lamenting how Si Huan was actually able to hold his ground against He Yu. It seemed like for the short term, the Si Family wouldn’t be defeated by the continuous problems caused by their family members.

After the management team returned to school, they went to talk to Huo Tian. After their nagging, Huo Tian finally knew that whether she could continue to study at Qingli High School would depend on the results of the city-wide joint examination in two weeks.

Huo Tian walked out of the principal’s office dejectedly and came into Si Huan shortly. She greeted Si Huan without much spirit. “Hello, Si Huan. Are you also here to tell me about the city-wide joint examination?”

Si Huan nodded. “Looks like the principal has talked to you.”

Huo Tian sighed. “It’s so troublesome. Why don’t I just drop out of school? I’ll save Huo You from repeatedly thinking of ways to trouble me.”

Si Huan explained, “We’re not targeting you this time. Some of the board members are using this opportunity to make things difficult for the management team…”

“So they’re just using me as an excuse to snatch the school’s management rights..” Huo Tian frowned in disbelief. “Isn’t Qingli just an ordinary high school? Why are they trying to snatch it? To control the students’ lives as well as how many classes they attend every day?”

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