Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Because I’m a Genius

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In the quiet classroom, Huo You’s sudden outburst could be heard clearly.

All the students turned to look at Huo You, who was sitting in the middle of the third row. Mr. Wang was also looking at her. The silence in the classroom made Huo You lower her head awkwardly, not daring to meet anyone’s gaze.

Huo You didn’t expect Huo Tian to be the one to break the awkward silence.

Huo Tian walked to the podium and stood beside Mr. Wang. She nodded at the students in the classroom and said, “I am Huo Tian. From now on, I will be everyone’s classmate. I hope you will keep your distance from me.”

Mr. Wang looked at Huo Tian helplessly and dotingly. He then pointed to the empty seats in the back row and said, “Huo Tian, go find a seat and sit down.”

After Huo Tian took her seat, Mr. Wang said, “I believe that many of you have heard of Huo Tian. No matter what kind of image Huo Tian has in those rumors, I hope that everyone can respect your classmates and not look at her harshly. Also, don’t disturb her with malicious intentions. That was what Huo Tian’s self-introduction meant.”

Although the teacher didn’t point her out to criticize her, Huo You could feel that he was reminding her. She couldn’t understand why Huo Tian was given differential treatment by Mr. Wang.

Huo You raised his hand. “Teacher, I have a question…”

Mr. Wang frowned but still nodded and asked, “What do you want to ask?”

Huo You stood up and glared at Mr. Wang angrily as if questioning him. “Mr. Wang, I hope that you can explain why the school didn’t expel Huo Tian? Given her grades, she doesn’t deserve to stay in Qingli High School. She can’t pay the sponsorship fee either. Isn’t that right?”

With Huo You’s questioning, the classroom was gradually filled with whispers. Even though Mr. Wang looked scary with his solemn expression, the students could not control their desire to watch a show.

Mr. Wang’s sharp gaze swept across the classroom, causing the students who were whispering to each other to shut up obediently. Then, he said in a low voice, “Whether a student stays or leaves is something that the school’s management discusses and comes to a decision on. It’s just a rumor that the school is expelling Huo Tian. I hope you guys will improve your ability to discern things and don’t take rumors seriously.”

Huo You mustered up her courage and continued, “But Huo Tian clearly doesn’t meet Qingli High School’s recruitment criteria. It’s unfair for the school to keep her student status! How can someone who can’t pay the sponsorship fee and has poor grades attend Qingli High?”

Mr. Wang took a deep breath. He was not a teacher who liked to suppress his students, but he was being questioned by his students on the first day of school. If he could not convince his students, he would lose his authority as the form teacher.

Just as Mr. Wang was about to criticize Huo You harshly, Huo Tian, who was sitting in the last row, sluggishly raised her hand. Without waiting for Mr. Wang’s approval, she said, “Since Huo You is raising doubts about me, let me answer your question.”

Mr. Wang frowned slightly. “Huo Tian, you…”

Huo Tian stood up and nodded at Mr. Wang. “Teacher, I know you don’t want me to have any conflicts with my classmates, but for the sake of my reputation and the school’s reputation, I should respond to the doubts that my classmates have.”

She met Huo You’s gaze again and shook her index finger. “I want to refute Huo You’s bias. Nothing in this world is unchanging. Although I can’t always rely on sponsorship fees to be eligible to attend this school, this doesn’t mean that my grades will always be at the bottom. I did a test in school this morning, and my results were lucky enough to meet the admission criteria.”

Mr. Wang smiled and nodded. “Yes, Huo Tian did very well in the test this morning. Her capabilities have been acknowledged by all the teachers.”

“That’s impossible!” Huo You’s expression changed again and again, but she still gritted her teeth and persisted, “Everyone knows how bad Huo Tian’s grades were in Year One. How could she improve her grades to be eligible for admission to the school in just one summer vacation?!”

Huo Tian tilted her head and shrugged. “Maybe it’s because I’m a genius. It’s just raising my results. It’s not too difficult for me.”

Huo You was infuriated by her humblebragging behavior. “Why didn’t you improve your results in the past?”

“That’s because there were people to pay for my sponsorship fees in the past. Why do I still have to work hard on my own?”

Huo Tian said matter-of-factly, “Not to mention, I was influenced by my family situation in the past, so my personality is more rebellious. Oh, by the way, Huo You, you should pay more attention to your results. Don’t be like me in the past, letting my results fall because of family factors.”

Huo You couldn’t take it anymore. “That’s rubb…”

Fortunately, Mr. Wang quickly interrupted her.. “Alright, Huo Tian has already explained things. If everyone still doubts her results, you can compete with her in future exams and not choose to slander or suppress your classmate!”

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