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Evolution to GOD

Evolution to GOD







Evolution to GOD

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WPC #188: Bronze Winner

["So miss System, how can I become awesome"

"Host you cannot become awesome"]

Success was surrounding me all the time, I was Rich, Handsome, and a Playboy. And you know what, I was always surrounded by beauties.
Then one day, my life took a nightmarish turn.

"What the fuck"
I was in a body of a monkey. Bloody GOD had me incarnated in a body of Monkey!!! Where is my Handsomeness and...
At least he should have me incarnated in a body of Fox or a Peacock. I should have shown my awesomeness, a cute Panda is also fine.

Follow the journey of a self-centered narcissist man, who wanted to become awesome but became a GOD.