Evolution Plug-in: I can evolve effortlessly!

Chapter 8 - 8: 'Hell Furnace'!

Robert felt pain throughout his body, It was more painful than before.

It was a feeling that the cells and bones all over the body were tearing.

Fortunately, the pain disappeared after some time!

"Ding... Evolution complete...The host has evolved successfully..."

"Ding... According to system choice Host Existing Innate Talent has gained another Ability 'Hell Furnace', With this Ability Host can devour any object and can covert the energy into four types!..."

"Ding... As the Hosts level is too low only one is unlocked and the other two are locked for the time being..."

"Ding... So for now Host can only have the ability to convert the energy into Evolution Points and the other ability is to convert the energy into experience points..."

"Ding... Congratulation to host you have evolved successfully!"

"Ding... As the host evolves for the first time, He gets an opportunity to gain one more ability, Host can devour any Spiritual Creature and will get an ability related to that Creature!"

"Ding... Host already has 5 Experience points... using it for cultivation..."

"Ding... Congratulate to the host you are now at First layer of Qi Condensation Realm..."

"Ding... You need 50 Evolution points for the next Evolution..."

After this Robert did not hear any system prompts, Which means his Evolution is completed.

Which he felt, All the pain from his body disappeared and he is good as new.

All the damaged fur on his body is restored to its original.

It's too magical! After Evolution all of his injuries disappeared and his exhaustion is gone too!

He remembers that the system said he got a new Ability related to his innate talent!

It's is called 'Hell Furnace'!

He hurriedly opened the system panel in the order to look for specific information.

Host: Robert

Evolution Points: 0/50 (Every time points reached the limit you will have evolution direction!)

Species: Giant Panda(Soul of a human)[Fairly Common Spiritual Creature]

Innate Talent:

1)'Hell Furnace': All the Objects can be digested within the 'Hell Furnace', And 70℅ Of the energy can be converted:

1- Evolution Points. (Restriction: Only 60℅ of energy can be converted into Evolution points due to the low level of the host)

2-Experience points. (Restriction: Only 30℅ of energy can be converted into Experience points due to the low level of the host)

3-Currently Locked!

4-Currently Locked!

2) Empty(One chance remaining to get a new Talent)

Experience points: 0/10(Necessary to upgrade Cultivation Realm).

Cultivation Realm: 1st level of Qi Condensation Realm.....


Robert looked at the New Ability with a dull face, the name is changed from Digestion to 'Hell furnace'.

Although there are many restrictions due to the low level.

For him, it's a divine ability, He can now just eat to get more Experience points and upgrade his cultivation.

Why does he feel that he going on the path to becoming a lazy panda?

He can get Evolution points by eating before, Now he can get Experience points by eating too...

He does not need to cultivate like those in novels he just had to eat...

And there are other two options too which are currently locked because of low level.

Who knows what surprises that two abilities will bring to him!

Robert realized that due to his low-level many things are restricted by the system.

It will take 50 Evolution points for the next evolution and he has one chance to get a Talent.

What should he choose?

Robert shook his head and put aside this matter for time being.

He is still in danger although he is now in the first level of Qi Condensation Realm he is no match for the python who is at the Peak of Qi Condensation Realm!

He clenched his paws, He wanted to see how strong he has become after evolution.

He arrived in front of the meatball And punched the meatball with all of his strength.

Unlike Robert though there was no special effect like his hands getting covered with intense light and then a 'Boom'!

This time his hands sunken deeper in the meat wall but it stopped eventually!

The python twisted for a moment and then it was normal, It is like the python felt some pain in his stomach but it disappears.

It's not enough, Robert breadth deeply and opened his mouth and bit on the meat wall.

And pulled it with all of his strength, In the end, he chewed a piece of meat from the Pythons stomach.

It worked!

This time his attack worked, Mouth is the hardest weapon of a panda!

Because of Robert's attack, The python felt painful and started rampaging.

Because the damage was from inside the body, the python cannot do anything about this.

As the python destroyed a few trees due to the pain, The surrounding Big guys were attracted to the python.

Python was surrounded by other creatures because for other creatures it is a big prey so how can they be willing to leave.

The surrounding Spiritual Creature started to attack the python with claws and bites!

The python rioted, with blood-red eyes looked at other creatures, and started a bloodthirsty counterattack.

Robert was not idle inside he started to attack the python frantically with his mouth.

He bit one all over the Python stomach but he thought it was not enough so he started to eat the magma jade.

Although he felt it would be painful he still decided to eat it and convert all the energy into experience points.

He needs 10 experience points to increase his cultivation to the next level.

In half an hour the digestion should be complete, So he decided to eat all the Magma Jade.

To his surprise, there is no pain in the stomach, maybe it's because his innate talent is upgraded.

But its best for the current situation, Now he can do some exercise to increase his digestion speed

He started to attack the python from inside to increase the damage!

In just 10 minutes he heard the system prompt of getting the Experience.

In total, he got 20 Experience points and this is only 30℅ Of the total energy digested from the Magma Jade.

But it was enough to upgrade his cultivation.

"Ding... Congratulations your cultivation is upgraded to 2nd level Of Qi Condensation Realm!"

After he upgraded his cultivation his attack power almost doubled!

It needs 15 Experience points to upgrade to the next level.

He did not have any Magma Jade to get more experience points.

But he did not need this because after attacking for a while he opened a hole from the Pythons stomach.

He ran out of the python's stomach, He looked at the sun.

He finally escaped!

Robert gasped for breath, He sucked outside air greedily.

"I am alive!" He shouted, But then he covered his mouth!

He did not want to face other spiritual creatures.

He looked around and was dumbfounded by the sight.

There were a lot of corpses of Spiritual Creature on the ground!

He looked at the python and saw the python's body is covered with bites of various sizes.

What the hell? Are they having a battle royale?

Then who is the winner? He looked around and saw that there is no one here except for him.

Does that mean I am the winner of the battle royale?

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