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Chapter 46 - 46: Explosive Breakthrough

White Fang professionally wrote his order in a piece of cloth and passed it to Celli.

"Three Explosive Mushroom Soup please!" She did not forget to shout as she looked at Celli.

Celli looked speechless as she saw her enthusiasm but she remembered that it was Robert's instruction so she nodded and left.

After going through a familiar route when she arrived at the Kitchen she saw Robert sitting there like before she said, "They ordered Three Explosive mushroom soup."

'Explosive Mushroom soup? What is that?' Robert was baffled after hearing the name. He remembers the name of every dish and there was no such dish in his memory.

"Are you sure?" Robert asked with some uncertainty as he looked at Celli. Seeing her nodding he asked another question, "Who took the order?" 

"White Fang." 

'Guessed so!' Robert thought to himself. He remembered that White Fang would always give some weird name to the different kinds of food. 

It must be one of the names she gave to the food. Anyway, he is certain that the order is mushroom soup…

"Hmm okay." Robert replied as he stood up he looked at Celli and said, "Celli go and bring White Button Mushroom from the Storage along with Onion, Garlic." 

For storage, he was referring to the left cave. They have collected and stored most of the ingredients there along with precious salt.

Last month by luck he found wild onions and garlic in the wild although the quantity is less. Wild onion is a very good ingredient for the soup so he is going to use it for the soup.

Celli nodded and passed through the wall behind the kitchen and entered the cave. Robert only waited for a minute before she arrived with the ingredient. 

Robert took the ingredients and started the preparation. Rinse, wipe and slice the mushroom, Onion and garlic.

In a stone pan, he heated the oil. From where he gets the oil? It's an oil made from pork fat. The process is called rendering. You apply low heat to pork fat and let the oil drip out. It's used for gravy and sauce but he is using it for the soup because he does not have oil with him.

He extracted this oil from the boar hunted before and preserved it for cooking. 

He added chopped garlic to the pan and sauteed it for a few seconds. Then there was onion and he again waited for it for a few seconds.

Finally, it was chopped mushrooms. After frying it for a minute he added water to it. He added salt and crushed pepper inside it along with finely chopped green chilli. Then he covered the pan with a lid made from wood.

He then increased the flames now it was time to do the tough part. He placed the hand above the wooden lid and concentrated. 

He remembered the Auxiliary techniques he got from Primogenial Body art. It described how to cook food with the help of heaven and earth materials, How to cook spiritual creatures of different cultivation levels, How to increase the spiritual essence in any food…

He is going to use a technique that increases the spiritual essence contained in food. He closed his eyes and channelled the spiritual energy on the pan carefully and simmered the soup with it. 

Slowly he increased the output of spiritual energy. This lasted for five minutes until he stopped. 

His forehead was filled with sweat as he felt exhausted mentally. A huge amount of concentration and will is required for this technique. 

Although this is a simple technique it made normal food into spiritual food. This would have been much easier if the ingredients were filled with spiritual energy. They are called spiritual ingredients. They are grown in a place filled with abundant spiritual energy which converts their nature into spirituality.

But he does not have such ingredients as of now but he plans to cultivate the plant by himself in future as there are many techniques to grow spiritual ingredients ín the Auxiliary technique.

He opened the lid and tasted the soup. Feeling the taste he felt satisfied.

He poured the soup in a stone bowl and said to Celli, "It's Done. Go and give them the order." 

"Okay." Celli placed the bowl in a wooden tray and left. 

Inside the dining hall a demi-human, rabbit, snake and three birds were looking at each other waiting for the food to arrive.

They can't communicate. They have no common topic for conversation. The bird emperor invited them to join his group but the only response he got was silence.

It felt awkward as no one replied to him but this awkward atmosphere didn't last long as Celli brought the order.

"Here are three Explosive mushroom soups!" After arriving she placed the tray on the counter. White Fang hurriedly took the tray and placed the soup in front of them.

"Enjoy." She said with a polite smile as he stood with Slither others at the counter. Just then she remembered something as she took three spoons from the drawer and placed them in front of them.

"Use the spoon to drink the soup. What you don't know how to use a spoon? Oh well, I will give you a demonstration look carefully." White Fang did not give them a chance to object as she used a spare spoon and tasted the soup. Her eyes lit up after drinking once.

"Do you understand? Or I will demonstrate one more time." White Fang looked at the mushroom soup with greedy eyes as she was ready to take another scoop.

"Little Fang do you forget that eating customers' food is forbidden? Or should I call Robert?" Slither coughed and said to White Fang. If this continues then the soup will be cleared by her alone.

"Oh" White Fang posted dejectedly but still stopped, "Be careful it's hot."

She placed the spoon in front of them and left. The Bird emperor, Amber, and Blood fiend were in a daze.

They looked at the spoon and then at their wings and we're silent.

For some reason, they felt insulted. How are they supposed to use spoons with their wings?

They looked at each other not knowing what to do. The Bird emperor was first to move as he picked up the spoon with his legs and took a scoop of soup and drank it.

After drinking the soup his eyes lit up. This thing is better than any food he had eaten before. Warmly, it has a special taste. It's a combination of sweet, sour and a bit of ...Sweat?

Yes, it has the taste of sweat. 

The Bird emperor was not to be blamed because he has never tasted salt so he can only think of sweat. 

Although he didn't think much about it because it gave a unique taste to the food. So he is not opposed to using sweat in food. He even felt that it's a good idea.

He ate mushrooms and his eyes went wide and juicy! This word came to his mind. After eating mushrooms he couldn't stop himself as he buried his face in the bowl and started drinking soup.

Amber and Blood Fiend we're the same as they buried the head inside the bowl. They have never eaten anything like this.

White Fang saw a shadow of herself in these three. When he first tasted salt her reaction was the same but she never arrived at the absurd idea of using sweat because she knew the existence of salt beforehand.

The Bird emperor who was drinking the soup felt movement inside his body as spiritual energy started to converge around his body.

And then there was a sound of cracking and an aura like torrent leaked from his body.

Eighth Layer of Qi Condensation Realm!

He broke through! He has been stuck at the peak of the Seventh layer for one month already. He thought it would take some time to break through but he never expected to break through just after eating this soup.

Yes, the breakthrough is related to the soup. He is certain that after the soup entered his body the spiritual energy exploded and tore the bottleneck had been facing for a month.

That was not the end his cultivation continued to climb up. With the current progress, he is certain that he can reach the ninth layer within a month.

His cultivation progressed like a rocket! The people of their clan only have a life span of about two years; their life span could only be extended if they can reach The Foundation realm.

It's easier said than done, He has spent half of his life, that is one year, to reach the seventh layer of Qi Condensation by this speed he was certain that he could never reach the Foundation realm in his life. 

But this bowl of soup changed everything…. For a while, his emotions were complicated as he didn't know how to feel.

Until he heard the sound of cracking beside him. He looked over and saw spiritual energy converging near Amber and Blood Fiend.

They broke through and their aur spilled from their body. 

Sixth Layer of Qi Condensation Realm! (Amber)

Seventh Layer of Qi. Condensation Realm! (BloodFiend)

Both of them broke through. Now it was not just him who was shocked Slither, Snowball, White Fang and Celli looked stumped.

Even Amber and Blood Fiend were in disbelief. 

By drinking soup you can have a breakthrough? By drinking explosive soup you can have an explosive breakthrough?

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