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Chapter 553

Chapter 553

When the guests from Saturn left, people were finally able to breathe easily. It was hard to believe what had happened: Valkyrie Torres not only lost to Dick, who was inferior to her by 22 stages, but also refused to accept defeat with honor and used a powerful suppressive formation to cripple the enemy, for which she eventually had to apologize in an extremely humiliating form for her… Also, the empress suppressed the archmaster with the insanely high development with just a flick of her hand! Today would have gone down in the history of Rosarrio, if the empress had not forbidden to talk about it.

Lanatelle gave Baker a completely calm look.

Kyon hastened to fall to his knees. However, it seemed that he did it out of fatigue.

An imperial representative ran up to him and solemnly declared him the winner, after which he read out the oath of a direct disciple in loyalty to the empress.

Lovr took the oath, but, of course, he was not going to keep it, and he had the right to do so.

The empress took out an exquisitely decorated ceremonial sword, and lowered it first on the right shoulder of the young man, and then on the left one: {«From now on, you, Kyon Stone, are my direct disciple.»} – she solemnly said with telepathy, but slightly different words sounded aloud. – «From now on, you, Dick Baker, are my direct disciple.»

To the surprise of almost everyone gathered in the arena, general Richard was the first to applaud. It seems that he no longer held a grudge against Baker for the crushing victory over his grandson. Is he trying to gain favor? No, he’s not that kind of person. Everything is simpler: he appreciated the strength of the young man!

The applause covered the hall with a deafening wave. The windows vibrated from its noise.

{«Congratulations on your victory, Kyon… Congratulations on the well-deserved title of direct disciple. You… You fought amazingly.»} – there were notes of admiration in Elsa’s mental voice. The girl not only appreciated his abilities, but also experienced a warm feeling of gratitude for, albeit indirect, but still revenge on the offender.

{«Thank you.»} – Kyon answered her without turning around.

The twin sisters, seeing Baker’s contradictory abilities, became seriously interested in his person, which, of course, suppressed most of their dislike for him. However, it was still not sympathy. Pure curiosity.

Clementine has long concluded that even with full energy she would not have defeated Baker, so she let go of her resentment for the recent defeat. The fat guy deserved that damned title.

After the oath, Lanatelle took out a pill, and the applause immediately stopped. The amazing healing aura of medicine filled the entire arena hall. Under its influence, an ordinary person would heal any cuts and wounds in a matter of minutes.

The empress smoothly sent the pill to the disciple with a light gesture, after which the woman gracefully turned around and left, finally sending a telepathic message: {«I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow at six in the evening on the thirteenth floor.»}

Kyon took the medicine without taking his eyes off the retreating back of the regal woman. Her help with Valkyrie and the gift pleased him, but that doesn’t change anything. Sooner or later, the violator of the oath will come to a tragic end…

The tournament has officially come to an end.

As soon as the empress left the hall, people rushed to the direct disciple of the empress, the second most authoritative person in the empire, wanting to curry favor with him: to congratulate, flatter, present a gift or simply offer services of all kinds.

«Leave me alone.» – Kyon demanded with emphasis and limped away…

No one dared to be indignant, after all, the guy went through the rough ordeal. However, the most cunning ones shouted out wishes for a speedy recovery, not forgetting to mention their first name, last name and even position.

On the way, Lovr was overtaken by palace doctors… As soon as the guy barely got rid of them, a mustachioed man approached him and with a low, measured bow, politely said:

«Mr. Baker, let me, your personal head butler, Strichhoelz, escort you to your new apartment on the ninth floor…»

Junior disciples live on the 3rd floor and are not allowed to go higher than the 5th floor without permission. Senior disciples live on the 6th floor, and they are not allowed to walk above the 8th floor. As for the direct disciple… He would like to have access everywhere.

«Do you mind if I call you Alfred?» – Kyon asked in a tired voice.

«Yes, sir… It’s up to you.» – Alfred bowed his head respectfully.

«Then be ready to meet me tomorrow at 9 a.m.…»

«Yes, sir.» – with a bow, the butler left.

Kyon finally got to his temporary lair. Having somehow taken a shower, he swallowed the medicine given to him by the empress, not forgetting to scan it, and went to bed.

The body was enveloped in a pleasant coolness. The damaged muscles and other tissues were fused with incredible speed, which even made the body itch. It looks like he will have recovered almost completely by tomorrow’s meeting with Lanatelle.

In the morning, a crowd of junior disciples of the empress met Kyon outside the threshold of the room. They all looked at him with sincere respect. The reason was not only the title, but also his personal strength, demonstrated yesterday in the fight with Valkyrie.

And everyone suddenly seemed to stop noticing his repulsive appearance. Some girls even flirtatiously made eyes at him, such hypocrites.

Young people held offerings in their hands.

Two Russells, who had previously harmed Baker, prostrated themselves, begging for forgiveness. They were well aware that even if they were not executed, they would be pecked to death by other disciples. In their hands, the guys held spatial rings with a huge fortune for them.

Kyon, of course, accepted all the gifts with nods of approval, as if letting the young people know that they are doing everything right and should keep this up.

Suddenly Lovr heard two pleasant girlish voices in his head.

{«Hey, chubby, let’s talk, come here…»} – crossing her arms and half turning to the side, as if she didn’t really need it, Clementine asked in an unusual tone for her: without the usual contempt and neglect.

{«Mr. Dick, I have a few questions. Do you mind talking over a cup of jasmine tea?»} – Seraphima politely asked. She gave the impression of an intelligent girl, which was charming in its own way.

Suddenly, the twins noticed each other, and lightning seemed to flash between them. Their behavior towards Baker changed dramatically.

{«Either me or her! If you choose her, you will regret it!»} – Clementine hissed, but then it suddenly dawned on her that she was threatening a direct disciple. – {«Don’t get me wrong… I mean, this white chicken will peck out your brains! Believe me, she only looks docile, but she’s a devil. Unlike her, I am a real angel…»}

The freaky manner of dressing, piercings in the corners of the lips and on the nose, as well as the deep and uniform tan of the girl made her statements “just a little bit” doubtful.

{«Don’t go with her, she’ll eat you!»} – Seraphima declared and suddenly realized that the fat guy could misinterpret her words. – {«No, no, I didn’t mean that! She’s just so rotten from the inside that… Oh, no, you might have misunderstood me again! Oh well, if you come with me, I’ll thank you! But not in the way that you might think, if you thought exactly what I thought… Just don’t think that I’m vulgar! I’m not interested in you at all in this regard… But just don’t be offended, please!»}

Kyon looked first at the light one, then at the dark one, and made a fateful choice…

When the fat guy silently walked past both sisters, they couldn’t even move. It took them a while to realize that he hadn’t chosen either of them, as if they were both unworthy of meeting him… Such arrogance angered the girls! Who does he think he is?! However, the angry twins prudently decided not to throw tantrums because of his antics.

Alfred met Kyon on the 9th floor and escorted him to his new quarters.

A miniature palace – that’s what came to mind at the sight of the new place of residence. Luxurious house inside the palace! Exquisite and spacious, with impeccable style and interior. Kyon was pleased with the new apartment, even involuntarily remembered Leila… Oh, she would have screamed with happiness if she had known that she would live here.

There was still plenty of time before the meeting with Lanatelle, so Kyon decided to do something. At his request, the butler sent an invitation to a girl three floors below…

Soon the beautiful blonde graced the room with her presence.

Imagine her surprise when she met the messenger of the goddess in his real form… The girl was speechless and could not say anything for a minute! And she could not take her bottomless shining eyes off the handsome face of the young man.

The couple talked about everything over tea with pretzels.

Kyon could see how much Elsa liked him. If his girlfriend was talking to another guy like that, then it would be possible to draw conclusions that you screwed up completely, and you need to end this relationship as soon as possible.

Lovr gladly began to play with the guest: to flirt, provoke, joke, flip the script and make ambiguous non-trivial hints.

Due to proper upbringing, Elsa immediately realized what everything was leading to, and wanted to leave…

However, Kyon stopped her by asking her to give him a foot massage, which resulted in the most amazing massage of his life… Her skills were amazing – how hard she was trying right now – her palms were soft and gentle. But her charming reaction was the best: her ears turned red and she was afraid to look up.

Any junior disciple of the empress would give everything he has for such a service…

After a few minutes of heavenly pleasure, Kyon could not restrain himself and, gently touching the chin of the beauty, lifted her head to meet her gaze. Her clear green eyes flickered and became misty. Cheeks turned pink.

Taking advantage of Elsa’s confusion, Lovr gently stroked her silky golden hair. With this action, he thanked the girl for the magnificent foot massage and anxiety at the tournament, and also consolidated his strong position.

This posture… This situation… The unusually charismatic handsome guy affectionately strokes her hair… He is charming, smart, gifted in every way, stronger and more popular than her, and most importantly, he gained undeniable authority and achieved a high position in the Rosarrio hierarchy. At the same time, she has a boyfriend, whom she promised to marry…

Anyone in Elsa’s place would like to fall into the ground from embarrassment. The lady couldn’t stand it for a long time either. With a cry: «Moron!» – she, restraining herself, slapped him on the cheek and, having disappeared, ran headlong out of the direct disciple’s apartment. It was too much for her. She did not approve of his behavior, but she could not get angry properly either.

Kyon laughed out loud. The plan to beat the darkness out of Rose leaped forward with giant strides.

The guy decided not to waste the next few hours: he started training.

The time was approaching 18:00, and Lovr went to the 13th floor, deciding not to change his identity. After all, the empress already knows who he is. Pleasant appearance will surely earn him some points in her eyes. Though she might not care.

He was wary of Lanatelle, so he prepared well for the meeting. He had someone else’s blood with him in case of a check. Also in his pocket he kept the nephrite with a flight formation, given to him by the matriarch of the succubi. Theoretically, if the woman tries to kill him, he will have time to enter the astral plane by jumping outside the palace, and then fly away.

It was time for a momentous encounter with his enemy…

The throne room was located on the 12th, penultimate floor of the palace. The last floor, where Kyon was heading, was the place where the empress goes about her business. An ordinary person does not have access here. It can be said that only the most trusted palace servants and guards come here.

Going up, Lovr was stopped by imperial guards in gray masks at the border of each floor, and after checking the formation, they allowed him to go further. The higher the floor was, the greater the threat came from them, and the more dangerous they seemed.

Finally, Kyon got to the very top and went inside. The decoration and entourage here did not seem overly luxurious: a minimum of items and decorations, but everything was done in blood-white tones. It is easy to understand that the empress is not interested in all sorts of shiny trinkets. Once he had already been here in the guise of Zosimos.

As soon as the clock struck 6, Lovr felt goosebumps in the back of his head and turned around…

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