Epic of Vampire Dragon: Reborn As A Vampire Dragon With a System

Chapter 141 - Destroying The Facility, Killing Thousands In Seconds!


Chaos suddnely shed a small tear, as he wondered what was happening to him. Abyss answered with what she knew about it.

"I don't know much either… I perhaps had a past similar to you, my lord… I was experimented with and lacked many experiences in life… But sometimes, even now as the entity I've become, I cry out of happiness when things that make me very emotional happen… Emotions are something that really shapes how we are, isn't it?" asked Abyss.

She had become a different creature as well, yet her soul and mind were the same as in her previous life. Perhaps due to a bit of a difference, she was a bit more emotionally developed than Chaos, but she understood how he felt most of the time. This was also one of the reasons Chaos trusted Abyss so much.

Chaos looked at Abyss as she smiled lovingly.

He felt like he skipped a beat. His emotions developed further.


"You're right… I guess I am happy to have saved them. And I don't feel embarrassed by admitting it… Life is precious… But there are sometimes… that you can't really think the same of everyone…" said Chaos, as he looked into the skies.

All the slaves were now flying away in large spaceships towards his Kingdom, they were being guarded by the backup team he left outside.

He and Abyss were looking now at the building where they were.

Erebus, Edward, Lilith, Natalia, and Boxxy were present too.

The entire building was setting alarms, several groups of space pirates began to rush there, something wrong was going on.

Chaos floated in the skies patiently with the rest of his group, coated on Illusion Veil and also on Lilith's Illusion Magic to camouflage within the dark clouds.

"So many space pirates… Can we eat them all?" asked Boxxy.

"It would be ideal to slaughter them all at once… How many are gathering there?" asked Erebus.

"Approximately over 4 thousand, they're all very scared. But this makes things more convenient…" said Abyss.

"My lord, there are still some left within other parts of the city. The city seems to be composed of common civilians too, descendants of pirates that lived here but ended being thrown in here and had not participated as much into these crimes…" said Edward.

"I understand. I have already made up my mind, this is my own decision and that of nobody else. Although I like to listen to suggestions, my decisions are always taken on my own. And that is to… kill them."

Chaos transformed into an enormous Vampire Dragon as an explosion of chaotic bloody aura appeared within the entire sky! It was as if the entire sky had been shrouded in darkness and blood.

The pirates gathering around the building looking for the slaves and being attacked by the mechs thinking they were intruders suddenly looked atop the sky.

It hasn't been a minute since they all arrived here due to the merchandise having just gone away out of nowhere.

But as they glanced at the skies, a feeling of dread took hold of their hearts.

Even those inside of mechs or in spaceships felt like they were about to…


Those around Chaos touched his body as they infused the essence of their magic or abilities, enhancing Chaos' upcoming attack.

He opened his enormous draconic jaw of over 5 meters, as he began to gather power and inhale air.

His eyes flashed with crimson-red light as he suddenly gathered all this power around him like an aura.

Judgment day has come.

The pirates all held still.

They were so utterly terrified they couldn't move an inch.

A flash of dark light came out of Chaos' jaws.

And then, an explosion that created gigantic shockwaves emerged.


The entire area was blasted into nothingness.

The pirates saw this dark energy consume them into ashes, the entire building where the slaves were was also not spared, no matter how many barriers it set up, they all broke and it was destroyed.

However, Chaos had calculated things correctly, and the deadly blast of chaotic elements didn't reach too far from its original target, efficiently killing a large chunk of his enemies.

A gigantic sea of essence came out of the empty wasteland left, bathing Chaos. This was the essence extracted from those one could slay, something equivalent to EXP in games.

He quickly felt like his body, soul, and blood core, and dragon heart was upgraded…


[Existence Realm: [Pseudo Demi-Deity: 6/9 (Initial Stage)] has reached Middle Stage!]

[Blood Core Rank: [Level IX: Great Dragon Vampire Emperor (Initial Stage)] )] has reached Middle Stage!]

[Dragon Heart Rank: [Level IX: Great Blood Dragon Emperor (Initial Stage)] )] has reached Middle Stage!]

The people all across the large city looked at this in horror, surprise, and awe.

Although deep down, many were secretly happy, the vast majority of the non-pirate population was being oppressed by them, perhaps not enslaved, but were given awful taxes, forced to work in large illegal item factories, and more… and if they didn't comply, they became slaves anyways…

"What… was that?!"

"Something blow off that building where they keep the slaves?"

"Unbelievable… And the slaves?! Are they dead?"

"No! Didn't you hear? The pirates went there because the slaves all disappeared, someone raided the place, hacked the main computer, and grabbed all the slaves and flew away before they could even realize…"


"But what… is that?!"

The people looked up into the dark skies, a glorious and monstrous dark-scaled dragon flew into the skies, looking at the chaos beneath his tyrannic aura.

The remnant groups of pirates began to try to fly into the skies, they were terrified!

A large spaceship hovered towards Chaos, however, accompanied by a few other brave ones.

They were loaded with special super highly technological weapons! And generated strong barriers of magic around their surface.

"A monster dragon just blows up the entire place! Kill it!"

"Stop flying away, fight, you cowards!"

"Fight! Defend your legacy!"

The most insane space pirates decided to join in the fight, while the most intelligent decided to run away.

Chaos analyzed the runaway spaceships with his Senses Skills, seeing through them a lot of "merchandise", such as slaves.

"Abyss, Natalia, Erebus, go stop those spaceships from getting outside the planet. The rest, stay with me to stop these ones." Said Chaos.


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