Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System

Chapter 293 - The Mystery Of Cassiopeia's Death

Lord Ice Moon POV


There seems to be something that happened within Cassiopeia's house which we cannot truly decipher.

The entire news was like an iceberg hitting me from above, I wasn't ready for it, and it crushed me into the ground without anything else I could do.

It was strange, bizarre, and it also felt predestined.

At this moment is when I remembered the words of that dragon within my dreams…

"If you don't get rid of the trash of your sect, I'll do it myself."

At that time, I gave little attention to such a thing, but now, it felt a bit different.

I should have done something else than sit idle now.


One of my strong Rank 3 Elders was gone like nothing.

I couldn't help but think of one culprit… Drake.

I don't know why. There's no evidence he did it.

But I just felt it within me.

It felt like he just killed her somehow… I really don't know why.

Call it instinct… but why would he do such a thing? She was even nice to him.

It is all a strange chain of events that led to this, which might take a lot of time to fix itself.

And the tournament with the Winter Dragon Sect is just about the corner, I cannot falter and let this thing put them on the edge.

I don't really know if my sect will win, but I hope so.

Drake acted way too disrespectfully with everyone, he deserves punishment, indeed.

But this has to wait… And after that, I might abuse his defeat to slowly absorb his sect.

But even then, that's left for the future…

I might end up taking longer than I expected, but we must pull through.

Additionally… there's a problem I am wondering about, which has yet to have a solution.

I've sent spies outside after him many times to see where could he go, but he simply mixed with the pine trees and disappeared from there with his companions.

After that, no matter how hard they looked for him, he was nowhere to be seen.

This was very mysterious! I can't believe we had been this whole time allied to someone we don't even know where he lives.

Perhaps he's hiding the entire place with magic.

But even then, it wouldn't make any sense for an ice attribute magus to be able to make such illusions. This really was some kind of strange thing.

Perhaps he's more secretive and profound than we imagined.

It would be better to prepare for more things… I have a bad feeling about him now.

Who is truly Drake?

What is going on?

I wish I could get such answers…

But for now, nothing…

For now, absolutely nothing, and it really frustrates me.

I wish that knife ears could be here at the very least.

But now, he's gone, and will probably never return.

Lord Greenwood, he was a bastard by himself.

Using his immense power, he forced me to do as he pleased…

Unique Skill users… He took away all these promising geniuses of my sect to do his wicked and strange experiments.

I couldn't have cared less if they were from another world or not, but the talents they had… Sigh.

Now everything's wasted due to this greedy elf with incredible powers. I don't even know what his true motives were, what did he truly want from all of this.

His existence only proved to me how insignificant I was.

Despite all my strength, despite all, I've helped maintain, despite what my predecessors had done for the sect… I was still powerless against absolute might, resources, and authority.

He was vastly strong, way stronger than me.

There was nothing I could do other than obey. It made me feel like a lapdog, a hateful lapdog.

I hated my life when I meet him, it made me feel inferior.

I am inferior after all.

In this vast world filled with powerful beings, what am I but a bug?

But even bugs like me have smaller bugs they can prey on.

Perhaps I might be hopeless in many aspects, but when it comes to my undying will to grow stronger, then I am not that bad.

If I can find a way to make myself stronger fast, then perhaps I could one day hit the high heavens...

But is this even realistic to think? I don't think so.

One in a million becomes an immortal if not more.

Extremely Are, that was the right word to say…

So why would I think I could get this privilege? I can only dream…

A man can dream all they want, I guess.

I looked at the papers, it seems that the death of this woman has indeed affected us. She was a good merchant and made many trades and created great profit for the entire sect, her loss will hurt us deeply.

This only made the wound deeper and more terrible, whoever did this would deserve my utmost wrath

But who did it?! WHO?!

I can barely contain my wrath at this point, this is too much even for an old man such as myself, I might lose myself in pure rage if it wasn't because I know it won't do anything.

Maybe if I were younger and more reckless… but the life of a sect master changes you, it makes you into a cowardly and cunning old man of sorts.

I can't really do much other than just think, for now, my actions don't even matter through all of this other than my sign in this meaningless stash of papers.

I wish I could grow stronger and challenge the heavens.

Perhaps defeating Drake could bring me riches, who knows? I am beginning to suspect that this man might be more than what he likes himself to be known as.

And I will reveal what is the truth behind him one day or another, soon enough.

Although we are all bugs, even bugs in this world are allowed to grow stronger and have the chance to defy the heavens and the world.


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