Epic Of Caterpillar

Chapter 977 - You're What?!




[Day 331]

Today I woke with some new energy flowing through my bodies and soul, as I continued to assimilate essence, the stronger my entire being grew.

Of course, my very presence and my blessing were already affecting those close to me, who were also naturally receiving part of the blessings of my existence.


Okay, maybe I am getting way too cocky.

Anyways, today in the morning I was greeted with a fine breakfast brought by my wives.. I decided to take it easy for a few days so we can assess everything correctly, especially because I am not the only one getting stronger, everyone had been skyrocketing on their progress, and might soon reach the pinnacle of God Realm.

Oh, Divine Trials? Well, I often help them defeat them, although some of them don't like my help… But well, most of the time I come to their help, and we end up defeating their trials quickly.

"Masta! Say "aaah"!"

Rimuru offered me a large sandwich with cheese, ham, tomato, and even lettuce, with some mayonnaise on top, it was rather simple, but every ingredient was divine materials.

Her cute and gentle smile was refreshing, her large and shiny rainbow-colored eyes always soothe my heart from the concerns of my life and the chaotic outside world. For once, I like to relax and think that such things don't exist and that we can live peacefully without worrying about the future for once.

"Nom… Hmm, even a simple sandwich such as this tastes so well after you made it, Rimuru-chan, your secondary divinity of cooking is really amazing," I said, munching the sandwich as she smiled even more cutely, I couldn't help but pet her head.

"Hehe, I am glad you like it, Masta! I woke up earlier today to cook some tasty breakfast for everyone, guu!" said Rimuru.

"Such a hardworking little wife, you deserve all the love I can offer," I said, kissing her forehead.

"Nom… Nom… Nom…"

I finished the delicious sandwich in a flash, as I noticed Ailine at the side of Rimuru eating a pile of donuts, her face looked like that of a hamster by how much she was eating… This girl is really like her mothers, very gluttonous!

"So good! Mama's donuts are the best!" said Ailine, as she drank some tea after filling her cheeks with donuts.

"Hehe, I added some new type of jelly I harvested from my Divine Realm, there are some new Divine Beasts that have appeared, such as Strawberry Slimes, and so on, they have very tasty flavors!" said Rimuru.

I quickly stole a donut from Ailine sneakily, as she was keeping them all for herself, and tasted it.


So sweet, almost intoxicating.

The dough is well fried and without any oil, but it has all of that exquisite fried dough flavor. The glazed seems to be white chocolate, which is sprinkled with small and colorful candies. But the sweetest part is the jelly made of Divine Fruit Slimes, a unique species of slimes that originated from Rimuru's Divine Realm, who live in a large forest filled with fruits and eat so many that they develop the same flavor as these fruits. While also being divine beast slimes, so their flavor is very rich.

Ryo notices my dumb face as he chuckles.

"Do you really have to make that face?" he sighed.

"Oi! What's wrong with that, my boy? I am just enjoying the donut!" I said, pouting.

"Ryo likes to make fun of mama, but he also secretly hoards a lot of pastries made by Auntie Rimuru…!" said Vudia, pointing at Ryo.

"GEH?! V-Vudia! How could you betray me…" sighed Ryo.

"Eh?! I didn't know this info!" said Zehe.

"Me neither…" I admitted. I really didn't know such a thing!

"Ugh… Forget about this!" said Ryo, as he ate a hot dog mildly annoyed.

However, the girl at the side of Ryo smiled smugly. A beautiful and tall Oni with pale-gray skin, short dark green hair, and bright emerald eyes, she seemed rather muscular, around Bronte's level of muscles. She had a few horns atop her forehead.

"Eeeh? What's this? Getting embarrassed over some donuts, Ryo-kun~?" she chuckled.

"Arasa?! Ah… I-It's not that!" said Ryo while blushing.

"Not even I knew you had a pile of sweets you go eat sometimes, so you only shared it with your little sis?" asked Arasa.

"Hehe, he likes to invite us to have tea time together!" said Vudia innocently, as her yellow-gold eye shined brightly.

"Vudia, stop revealing our sibling secrets!" cried Ryo.

It seemed that there were more secrets between siblings than I had expected! What a shock!

Well, it is good though, it means that their bonds are strong, and they see each other like family, which is important.

"I don't see what's wrong with that, we all like to keep up our little stash of candies and other stuff. Whenever I feel nervous I sometimes take out chocolate or cream-filled cookies!" I said.

"Fufu, really, Master?" asked Kaguya.

"Eh?" W-What's wrong with that?" I asked.

"I also keep my stash of stuff! I have around two thousand acorns!" said Kaguya.


Everyone glanced at Kaguya, who smiled cutely.

"Well, she's a squirrel, and a goddess squirrel at that, I would guess she really likes them to the point of hoarding thousands," said Brontes.

"Hehe, I collect acorns of all types! And my Divine Realm has many acorns to taste too! I sometimes make meetings with the rest of my tribe and offer some acorns, in exchange, they offer their prayers to me," said Kaguya, her cute and fiery crimson-red eyes released little flames.

"Oh right, that's why you kind of became like a shrine maiden of the acorn shrine?" asked Zehe.

Eh?! Acorn Shrine?! Why are there so many things I did not know about appearing out of thin air?

Well, I guess everyone has their own lives too…

"Hehe, yes~! Today I managed to get some new acorns from the gods that visit our divine realm working for the pantheon… I got a Wooden Acorn, a Lava Acorn, and the extra rare Water Acorn! This one is a bit harmful to me, hehe," chuckled Kaguya.

As a goddess of the fire attribute, if she eats a water attribute divine material without it being processed or cooked correctly, she might get a backlash… of course, that only applies to those that don't have my shared sins, such as Gula, who lets her eat anything without repercussions. She simply doesn't know about it working on even such a thing.

"Talking about those Gods, they are dying all the time…" sighed Nesiphae.

"Ah, right… Should I turn them into Undead?" wondered Amiphossia.

"I don't think you should, they are supposed to be brought back by your mother, Ami," said Evan at the side of my beautiful daughter, he looked small in comparison.

"No, no, let them die a bit, I can always revive them. The more they die and revive, the more they own me, and the more I keep them here. Well, they are all obsessed with the rewards I offer," I said.

"Indeed… Masta really did some big things in the Merchant Shop!" said Rimuru.

"Oh yeah, that scandal that happened there was quite glorious to see…" chuckled Nixephine.

"The World's Will was really annoyed with Kireina-sama! Good thing she decimated it without even fighting against her this time. Merely showing up and confronting her verbally seemed to work gloriously!" said Agatheina.

"Indeed! Who does the world's will think it is? To dare badmouth our wife like this… She's really up for a good spanking!" said Nefertiti.

"Isn't she like your parent, Nefertiti?" asked Sofarpia.

"Oh yeah…" said Sofelaia.

"Eh, I don't really care about that, Sofarpia, Sofelaia. I have already completely stopped caring about such family ties, there are millions of other spirits, do you think she even cares about all of us? It is better to worry about the present and our babies," said Nefertiti, petting her belly.

"Yeah, the world's will is a mere snack for Master!" said Kjata, as her flames came out of her little body.

"Huh, I wonder if us, half-spirits have any ties with her?" wondered Smilkas.

"I-I wonder the same… Sometimes I wonder if it is the same as with Nefertiti," said Ocypete.

"Shouldn't be, your souls are from your previous lives, you were not originally born as spirits from the beginning, you were transformed into half-spirits by the system intervention," said Brontes.

"I see… That's nice, so we don't own anything to that stupid being that keeps insulting Kireina!" said Nereid, smiling defiantly.

"Well, to be honest, I got a bit nervous when I did the whole act, but it seems to have worked well at the end. What matters is that it worked… ugh, I still feel a bit sick with myself," I admitted.

"I think everyone was so shocked because it was very ridiculous… but I guess it did work at the end!" laughed Nesiphae.

"We know Kireina-sama rather well at this point, seeing her act like this was still fitting within her benevolent side. So I believe such insecurities were unnecessary, Kireina-sama. You are already fitting for the title you gave to yourself!" said Agatheina.

"Really? Well, I don't see myself at all like that, to be honest. I always think that I am quite the villainous being," I said.

"Eh, fifty-fifty," said Zehe.

"Kind of, but not really, you bring more joy than suffering… Even the gods you ate all revived now and getting stronger by the second!" said Nesiphae.

"Though, aren't those brainwashed, guu?" asked Rimuru.

"Not really, they had been freed from the chains of their lives! Now, they can do whatever they want, and all choose to willingly help Kireina," said Charlotte, as her eyes flashed beneath her glasses.

"Fufu, as observant as ever, Charlotte-chan! I already got myself lost in the conversation, hahaa!" laughed Lilith.

"Ohohoho~! I agree, Lilith-san, I also got lost!" chuckled Acelina.

"I don't think that's something to be proud of, aunt…" sighed Ismena at her side.

"Not at all…" said Jonette, at the side of Alice, who seemed just as lost in the conversation…

"Ah, well, that's already done so now we just sit here and wait to become Supreme Gods," I said.

"Eh?! That simple guuu?!" asked Rimuru.

"No way its' that simple, she's joking with us…" said Nefertiti.


I ended telling them about the essence and stuff, although they kind of half-knew about all of that. They also knew about the Realm Core.

"So all of that coupled just make you learn… how much?!" asked Nereid in surprise.

"Enough for all of us to relax! I just have to sit here, relax, ad gain power. Come on, we worked hard for it," I said.

"Well yes, I guess she's right… So even us will get benefited from this?" asked Altani.

"But of course, Altani-chan! Everyone will get benefited from this! It is just as miraculous as you think it is! This is… the power of family!" I said while laughing.

"Uwah, so cool, mommy! But I still like to beat monsters to level up- Oh, we can't level up anymore…" sighed Valentia.

"Nee-sama, you still miss leveling up by smashing monsters?" asked Aarae.

"Yeah! Being a Goddess is cool, but still!" said Valentia.

"Truth be told, I also missing leveling up. It was easier and we didn't have to fight annoying divine trials," I said.

"Oh yeah, I detest these…" sighed Alice.

"A-Anyways, we want to tell something important, seeing how most everyone is here…" said Amiphossia.

"Eh? Wait, already?!" asked Evan.

"We have to tell me quickly before it pops up and surprises everyone even more, isn't it?" asked Amiphossia.

"Hah… I-I guess…" sighed Evan.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well… How do we tell it… Erm, well, just casually is enough, right? Anyways, mama, be happy, you're going to be a grandma soon!" said Amiphossia.

"Grandma…? Eh? Ah… OH?! AAAAAHHH?! Y-You're pregnant?!" I asked in shock.

"Bingo!" said Amiphossia.


Everyone was shocked. I expected it to an extent, but still… This was indeed sudden!




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