Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 440

Chapter 440

The vast universe was silent; only the distant hazy star fire in the dark night sky flickered.

The sudden appearance of this figure was not accompanied by any spaceship. It was so solitary. –Her pink and white hair was trailed to her waist, and it was extraordinarily seductive. If it were not for the blood-colored pupils that burst out from time to time with bursts of evil intent, no one else would have thought of the danger of the woman in front of them.

The pink-skinned woman was Android 21, to be exact, the evil part that split out of the body of Android 21 from another time and space. In another time and space, Android 21 was transformed with the cells of Majin Buu, so in addition to the human form, there was a demon form.

But due to the influence of the “evil mind” in the cells of Majin Buu, Android21 was born.

The pink-haired Android 21 that appeared in this whole universe of Muyang was full of evil thoughts. In fact, it was the Android 21 that the Time Patrol’s Pitou and Noether were hunting for.

With a small hand to his mouth and a hatchet, Android 21 boredly explored the current situation of this universe.

Android 21 came from another time and space, but even that time and space did not belong to the scope of the whole universe. In the world where Android 21 was born, Universe 7 was not called Universe 7. The scope was not as big as this current universe, where God of Destruction, Angel Zeno, and etc., did not exist.

Already traveled through several time and space, Android 21 had heard the legends of the whole universe and understood that there were many. There were numerous masters here, and her power could not gain an advantage here on her own so that she would act with a little restraint.

“Grrrr.” Her stomach let out a cry.

“Hey, I’m hungry. I’ve consumed too much energy traveling through time and space. It’s time to go hunt some experts….” Android 21’s expression became demonic; the signal called appetite was making her stupidly excited.

“This seems to be the North Area. There should be a lot of masters.”

“Well, let’s determine the age first. If I can encounter Son Goku and the others, I can have a beautiful full meal.”

Android 21 let out a giggle as he rubbed his cheek.

Speaking of which, Android 21 was more powerful than Majin Buu. With the skill of hunting, and like Majin Buu, she could turn enemies into desserts and eat them, transforming them into her own energy.

In other time and space, where Android 21 crosses, all the strongest people are preyed upon by her.

At this time she came to Universe 7, she would certainly set off a disaster.


At this moment, at the God of Destruction Planet.

He usually had nothing to do except to monitor the operation of Universe 7, and what interested him most in his free time was to taste the delicious food.

Placing the divine staff next to a tree stump, Whis took out a series of cooking equipment and prepared to exercise his cooking skills.

Suddenly, the black crystal ball on top of the staff flickered and shone with crystal light, and Whis gently glanced at it. He picked up the staff and placed it in front of his eyes, squinting one eye at the situation displayed on the crystal ball.

The crystal ball at the top showed a picture of what was happening in the lower universe.

“Huh?” Whis gave a soft cry.

At this moment, he saw a pink figure speeding rapidly through the cosmic starry sky and throwing out a large cloud of bizarre energy at every planet it reached.

In the picture, Android 21 had a charming smile. A mass of energy rays shining with glorious light spread into the planet. —The strong people above the planet turned into cakes. Other desserts gathered into her hands, and she ate them with a big mouthful, followed by a few flashes of pink and white luster. The figure disappeared from the starry sky.

“This person …… does not seem to be a life of Universe 7.”

A flash of surprise flashed from the bright eyes. Whis’ face that had been unperturbed for millions of years showed a trace of doubt, but it was only a little doubt, “A little interesting, this person looks as if he is a demon.”

For millions of years, everything in Universe 7 was under the control of Whis. There was nothing other than food that could interest Whis.

“Sloppy strength, probably a little more powerful than the Majin Buu back then, no one in the lower realm is indeed her opponent, but the means of hunting others, indeed a little cruel.”

Whis lightly chanted; the expression on his face remained unchanged.

If it was a crisis within Universe 7, that even if the universe erupted into a major crisis, Whis was not willing to care. Because this was the internal mechanism of the universe, it could be considered a test of the universe’s internal life and gods. Even if something went wrong, there were Gods of Destruction and Kai to make up for it.

It was not a big problem.

As for the disaster caused by factors outside Universe 7, it was a different story. The angel’s duty was not only to supervise the God of Destruction but also to prevent the threat of foreign universes.

He picked up his staff and tapped it on the ground a few times, and then a glorious and colorful light shone up. The multicolored starlight was like a firework blooming, wrapped up Whis then became a stream of light piercing through the void and running towards the lower world.


At the time when Whis rushed toward the lower realm.

North Kai was lying in a hammock, sleeping and squinting his eyes comfortably. Since the development of God Mu Force, his life as Kai had become more and more comfortable. He could not wait for God Mu Force to integrate the entire North Area as soon as possible.

Suddenly, a bone-chilling chill came to his heart, and the North Kai shivered and woke up from his sleep.

“Oops, it’s cold. The weather has turned cold recently?”

Suddenly, North Kai opened his eyes in bewilderment, “No, I am here in North Kai’s Planet. There are no seasons at all ……”

North Kai’s brain suddenly woke up after the initial confusion, and a few hints of bad luck somehow grew in his heart.

Staggering down from the hammock, just when he was about to detect what had happened, an evil and cold aura had come to his face. The aura was so strong that it was unheard of.

North Kai’s face turned pale, and he let out a miserable wail.

Now it went without saying that he knew what had happened.

The territory under his own jurisdiction was in trouble again and again!

“What a terrifying ki, even Muyang isn’t that strong.”

Stammering out a few words, North Kai felt the sky spinning and a feeling of suffocation. The two tentacles on the top of his head scanned the territory under his jurisdiction. He abruptly saw a pink figure that flew through the universe, and everywhere it passed, all-powerful beings then disappeared.

“Ah, that woman …… she has eaten all the powerful beings?”

North Kai was so frightened that he sat on his butt. He had been a Kai for so many years but had never encountered such a bizarre thing. The woman who appeared in his jurisdictional territory …… seemed to be able to devour other beings.

“That woman is too dangerous.”

The first thing that came to North Kai’s mind was to inform Muyang. Nowadays, the only one he could rely on was him. However, after searching several times and not finding Muyang’s figure, North Kai was so anxious that he didn’t know what to do.

“It’s finished. Muyang and the others are not in the North Area …… Right, this matter must be reported to Grand Kai only.”

“Hey, Lord Grand Kai, this is North Kai. There is an urgent matter here that needs to be reported.”

North Kai sent a call request to the Grand Kai in the higher dimension with his eyes closed.

“North Kai, what is the matter?”

After a while, the voice of Grand Kai rang in his ears.

“Lord Grand Kai, you must save the North Area this time ……”

North Kai opened his mouth and started crying. Although he didn’t know if Grand Kai could help him solve this time’s trouble, without being able to contact Muyang, he could only turn to Grand Kai.

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