Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 404

Chapter 404

“Who the hell are you people?” Wayne looked at the other party angrily and managed to calm himself down.

“Tch, you actually asked what we are, it seems …… you guys lost a lot of valuable information, what a bunch of pathetic guys.”

The big man shook his head and said, “My name is Felix, barely the leader of these guys. You should see that we are also Saiyans.”

Felix reached out and rubbed his chin. His tone suddenly became cold, “Now I give you two choices, either submit to me and obey my orders; or …… I will personally kill you. You should be able to see that it is absolutely very easy for me to kill you. “

“Want us to submit to you, simply delusional.”

Wayne was not sure where exactly the other party was from, but definitely not a kind person. —and as the leader of the Planet Sara Saiyans, he definitely would not bow down.

“Hmph, don’t know how to raise your head. But, of course, since that’s the case, there’s no use keeping you.” Shaking his head in slight disappointment, a cold smile crept onto Felix’s cheeks.

But to be honest, Felix didn’t expect Wayne to really surrender to him from the beginning. He glanced at Wayne indifferently, lamenting the other party’s ignorance.

Raising his hand, Felix condensed a group of terrifying energy balls. The energy balls were round and red, and the crystal light filled the sky.

The horror atmosphere made the entire atmosphere uneasy.


The aura on his body suddenly soared, and his body was full of killing intent. The energy ball shining with fierce energy suddenly turned into an ellipsoid and shot towards Wayne.

“Not good!”

Wayne’s face changed wildly. Then, when he was about to dodge, he was shocked to find that several Saiyans had blocked his way.


‘This is bad.’

As the leader of Planet Sara, it would be too embarrassing to die without even a single move.

Cold sweat slipped down his cheeks. Then, just when Wayne desperately thought he would perish from Felix’s energy, a beautiful, splendid light suddenly appeared.

Several figures blocked in front of Wayne. One of them stretched out his palm and directly grabbed Felix’s energy ball in the palm of her hand.

“You want to kill my brother. Have you asked my opinion!”

Melissa appeared coldly, and at the same time, a cold question came from her.

Now, Melissa was also a little dumbfounded. She just came to Planet Sara a moment ago. But, before she could react, she suddenly found a wave of heat hit her.

Moreover, this person is trying to kill her brother!

Her white cheeks were cold as frost, and with a pinch of her fingers, she crushed the other party’s energy ball into a mist-like energy beam.


‘Did we see it wrong? the leader’s energy ball….. did that woman squeeze it?’

Although the leader was now in a normal state, it was not that anyone could take his attack.

For a while, the field was silent.

Finally, the surrounding Saiyans who came out of the seal couldn’t help but freeze.

“Hey, what’s the matter?”

Looking at the few figures that suddenly appeared, Felix’s face flashed with surprise, and he quickly reacted, “Hahaha, it turns out that there are masters among the Saiyans on the planet Sala. Dodoni, Alfid, go and kill that woman!”

“Yes, chief!” Dodoni answered.

Suddenly, a Saiyan named Ovid walked out from the crowd behind with a grin, licked his lips, “This woman is so beautiful, it’s a pity to kill her, why don’t you let us play with her?”

Looking at Melissa’s charming face, he had this sudden urge to grab her and smash her.

“Melissa, be careful. Those guys are very powerful!” Wayne shouted uneasily to Melissa.

“Don’t worry. They are not my opponents.” Melissa waved her hand at Wayne confidently.

Looking lazy and casual. Her green eyes stared fiercely at these Saiyans in front of her. —especially the Saiyan named Ovid, who had already been included in the kill list in her heart.

To actually want to ravage her, did he also qualify?

“Hahaha, I just like this kind of savage female Saiyan!” Ovid laughed with a grinning face, then yelled, the billowing golden arrogance burned, and suddenly became like a super Saiyan. His fighting power instantly Time increased to about 1 billion.

Ovid: “Hey, I’ll let you see how good I am!”

‘Super Saiyan!’

Muyang looked at the other party’s changes in surprise and paid special attention.

With blond hair, green eyes, and the golden flame rising to the sky, the characteristics of the Super Saiyan were extremely obvious, and he absolutely can not be mistaken.

Just before Muyang was thinking about it, the Super Saiyan named Ovid had already stepped forward. But at this moment, Melissa showed a sneer, golden light flashed in her eyes, and a terrifying aura was released.

Ovid’s expression stiffened, and then a dangerous signal was born in his heart.

“Shit, danger!”

He was trying to avoid it, but it was too late.


A sharp light pierced the void.

At the moment when the light fell, Ovid hadn’t reacted yet… with a crash, blood and flesh splashed, and the bright red liquid fell from the sky like raindrops.

Ovid was stunned to find that the picture in front of him had been dislocated. The scenes were scattered on both sides.

“Wow…cough cough!”

There was no wailing, no cries, and Ovid’s consciousness had plunged into darkness.

“Can’t even block one of my attacks. You deserve to die!”

Melissa looked at the opponent’s corpse coldly, spinning a sharp wind blade between her fingers, brushing and smashing the opponent’s corpse into pieces.


The scene fell into silence again.

A powerful Super Saiyan was actually killed by the woman in front of him three or two times.

Such a result immediately subdued everyone. Even Wayne did not expect that his sister was actually so powerful!

“I just said that I’m going to kill another one!” Melissa’s golden eyes swept towards another Super Saiyan, Dodoni, and her body suddenly moved forward.

There was a slight fluctuation in the void, and Melissa’s athletic figure then appeared above Dodoni.

She clasped her hands. An attack fell to the side of Dodoni.


With Ovid’s lessons learned, Dodoni, the Super Saiyan, was a little flustered and yelled in horror.

With a bang, Felix’s figure suddenly appeared and blocked a heavy blow from Melissa in the form of Super Saiyan.

Melissa’s body shook, slightly numb at her arm, and the huge reaction force caused her to retreat more than a hundred meters.


Melissa’s face changed, and she finally retreated to Muyang’s side.

“Brother, the state of those people just now is the Super Saiyan?” April asked in a whisper as she stood by Muyang’s side.

Muyang said, “That’s right, that’s the Super Saiyan.”


“These guys, I can defeat them in three or two blows.” Melissa rubbed her arm that was a little numb, her attitude was as high as ever, but although her mouth said so, her heart did not dare to be careless at all.

The ordinary Super Saiyan was able to boost his strength 50 times on top of his normal state. However, the transformation mode was very different from her golden pupil state. Still, the energy boost situation was the same unreasonable.

“Wayne, you are not their opponent. Take your people and leave Planet Sala quickly.”

At this time, Muyang glanced at the people on both sides. Although the Saiyans on Wayne’s side were powerful in normal combat, they couldn’t transform into Super Saiyans. So staying here would only increase their casualties.

Wayne nodded in silence and said, “I know, you have to be careful. These long-tailed Saiyans have a fierce power inside.”

“Do not worry, this power of theirs, I understand!”

Wayne then said no more and then led his men to exit towards the distance.

In the whole process, Felix and other ancient Saiyans did not stop, seemingly not bothering at all.

To be honest, a group of guys who could not transform into Super Saiyans, he did not even put in his eyes, but it was the power that Melissa just showed that scared him. —A master who could instantly kill Super Saiyans.

It seems necessary to take a good look at the strength of these people who suddenly appeared in front of him.

Clap clap clap clap-

“I did not expect that there are actually experts like you on top of Planet Sala. However, this lady, the ability used just now seems to be not Super Saiyan Transformation, but the effect is similar. Can you tell me exactly what is going on?”

Felix’s expression was courteous, but with his brash appearance, it always felt out of place.”This is the golden pupil state of the ‘Legendary Super Saiyan’.” While answering the other party’s question, Muyang also carefully looked at Felix.

This Saiyan’s leader was burly tall and looked like a Nappa type. If it weren’t for the thick hair, Muyang couldn’t imagine what a rugged person like him would look like to become a Super Saiyan.

There was an answer in front of him. It was not particularly handsome, but it was also considered mighty.

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