Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 298

Chapter 298

Previously in the chat with Bardock, Muyang heard Bardock said that King Vegeta had ordered a change of flag, and the target of service from the original Frieza, replaced by Frieza’s brother Cooler.

For this legendary overlord of the North Area, Muyang was only heard but never seen him.

Of course, he did not want to encounter Cooler so early. After all, Cooler’s strength could not be compared to Frieza’s.

As far as he knew, Cooler’s strength was much stronger than Frieza’s, and his transformation ability was more than Frieza’s.

In his usual state, Cooler remained in the same model as Frieza Final Form.

However, after unlocking the fourth transformation, his strength could reach 470 million, far higher than Muyang’s 200 million and Frieza’s 120 million.

Even if Muyang’s combat skills were stronger, the vast gap was like a heavenly rift that could not be crossed.

“Cooler is more ruthless than Frieza. So, if the Vegeta Saiyans are loyal to Cooler, the end is already imaginable.

In this way, the original story wrapped up again.

Muyang’s heart couldn’t help but feel some emotions.

When he killed Frieza on Planet Munster, he thought the next plot would change.

He did not want the North Area situation to fall into turmoil, to the extent that Cooler took the lead with great strength collected the territory originally belonging to Frieza.

With Cooler’s mature mind, once the whole situation was grasped, he certainly wouldn’t allow the Saiyans to continue to exist.

It could be said that from the moment Frieza was killed, the destruction of Planet Vegeta seemed like it was destined.

“I heard that Frieza’s brother is going to arrive at Planet Vegeta in six months,” Melia said softly.

She had heard Muyang talk about Cooler’s strength before, and she also knew Cooler from North Kai. So, when Cooler arrived at Planet Vegeta, it would be an absolute disaster.


Cooler was now moving from his territory to Planet Vegeta, which took half a year.

Simultaneously, it was just in time for the destruction of Planet Vegeta in the original story.

A drink and a peck, could it be set beforehand?

Whether it was a coincidence or not, or the inertia of the world or not, Planet Vegeta’s doom was inevitable in the dark.

Muyang didn’t know that he had made King Vegeta make some changes compared to the original story because of his series of actions. At least, Vegeta had been dispatched by him to the territory of King Cold.

“If the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta were smart, they should have scattered and fled by now,” Muyang said.

Melia laughed, “Maybe King Vegeta thinks that by gathering the power of all the Saiyans, he can defeat Cooler!”

“The ignorant are fearless. If King Vegeta really thinks that by relying on the power of all Saiyans, he can resist Cooler, then he is very wrong.” Muyang shook his head.

It was essential to know that Cooler’s strength was too great even for him to underestimate.

If it were Planet Sala’s Saiyans, such a thought would be just fine. After all, Planet Sala’s Saiyans were indeed proud of their qualifications.

As for Planet Vegeta’s Saiyans, not that Muyang underestimated them, but at best, they were just rampant in certain areas in the North Area Southern Part.

In front of the Universe-Level powerhouse, they can be destroyed with a single blow.

“Hehe. Anyway, it does not matter to us. We can come and go when we want.”

Melia was indifferent to the survival of the Vegeta Saiyan. They initially did not belong to the same Saiyans.

For some reason, every time she saw a Saiyan with a long tail, her heart always felt incredibly awkward and a little uncomfortable.

Muyang also didn’t care if the Saiyans live or die. If the original Mexia was reincarnated in Planet Vegeta, he might still care a little.

However, now, it was out of the picture.

At most, when the time came, he would take the Bardock family away.

Others, he would not care because he wasn’t God.

In Muyang’s eyes, only Bardock, Gine, and Kakarot were really worth his concern.


On this side, Muyang and Melia didn’t chat a few words, but the energy fluctuations on the other side of the planet gradually calmed down.

Knowing that Melis and Bardock’s fight had ended, Muyang used Instant Transmission to rush over and then took everyone back to Planet Vegeta.

After sending Bardock home, Muyang and the girls walked into their small restaurant.

The Summer Restaurant’s business status was open once every seven days.

The previous business had just ended a few days, so the next few days were free time.

Usually, during this time, Muyang would take Melia and Melis to live in the Acceleration World or simply return to earth, which was no exception.

After packing up inside the room, Muyang and the twin sisters were ready to return to earth.

However, when they were flying high in the sky, a gorgeous white light passed by them.

When they looked closely, it was a very traditional-looking spherical spaceship.

“What the hell. At this time of the year, Planet Vegeta actually has a spaceship flying out.” Melia was avoiding out of the way, cursing at the disappearing spaceship.

Muyang looked at her and said, “Wasn’t that a little Saiyan riding inside the spaceship just now?”

“It seems to be,” Melis said uncertainly.

“What’s wrong? Does that little Saiyan have a problem?”

Muyang thought about it, not very sure, “I’m not sure, but at this time, there should not be a spaceship leaving Vegeta…”

Cooler’s men monitored planet Vegeta’s spaceship, and King Vegeta should not violate Cooler’s orders. So this anomaly caught Muyang’s attention.

“You guys wait here. I’ll be right there.”

After saying that, Muyang used Instant Transmission and rushed to the front of the spaceship.


In the empty universe, the spherical spaceship quickly moved away from Planet Vegeta.

As a white light flashed, Muyang flew side by side with the spaceship and then looked through the transparent glass of the spaceship to clearly see the situation.

Inside the spaceship was indeed sleeping a few years old Saiyan toddler.

His body was wearing a small battle-armor, his long hair was messy, and his sleeping appearance was very naive.

After feeling the ki of the small Saiyan inside, Muyang was a little surprised.

For some reason, he felt a strong and odd power in such a small Saiyan body.

Somewhat the energy on the body was similar to… Melia and Melis.

Was this boy the Legendary Super Saiyan?

Muyang eyebrows knitted together. Without thinking so much in his heart, his palms naturally close to the spaceship’s wall, and the energy of Acceleration World descended to the interior of the spaceship.

Then, with a whoosh, the child inside was taken into the Acceleration World.

After doing all this, Muyang stopped and watched the white spaceship fly further and further away, gradually disappearing in the vast sea of stars.

“This child, could it be Broly?”

Muyang stood in the middle of the void universe and pondered.

As far as he knew, on the eve of Planet Vegeta’s destruction, King Vegeta once banished a Saiyan toddler with a super body.

This scene was somewhat similar to the picture in his memory, only if it was really Broly; he left Planet Vegeta a little earlier than he seemed.

Never mind.

Muyang shook his head, “Whether this child was Broly or not, now he’s in the Accelerated World.”


Turning back to Planet Vegeta, Muyang described the situation just now to the girls.

According to Muyang, the child might have the Legendary Super Saiyan physique, which made the two sisters showed great interest and urged Muyang to take them in to have a look.

Muyang, of course, agreed.

Therefore, the stars turned upside down, space changed, and the three appeared in the Accelerated World above Planet Wudao.

In a primeval forest, little Broly awoke from his slumber, looking at the unfamiliar surroundings. He looked up blankly with his childish little face full of doubts and dullness.

“Muyang, this child is so cute!” A playful voice came from the distance. Broly raised his head and saw three unfamiliar figures flying in from the sky.

“Who are you guys, and what is this place?” The childish voice seemed a bit clueless.

“What is your name?” Muyang landed in front of Broly and squatted down to look at him.

Broly shrank his neck, “My name is Bro…Broly…”

Sure enough, it was Broly!

Muyang’s eyes lit up for a moment, and his fingers pointing at Broly’s forehead, sensing for a moment, and then said toward the girls, “This child is indeed has a ‘Legendary Super Saiyan’ physique, and it’s even purer than yours!”

“Legendary Super Saiyan that is purer than ours?” Melia and Melis became even more interested.

Melia and Mellis’s Legendary Super Saiyan physique was actually rather vague. It was mainly because they were full of demonic ki in their previous lives, and combined with Planet Sala Saiyan physique after their reincarnation; it made their bloodline jump to a certain extent.

So, compared to a Legendary Super Saiyan like Broly, there was still a slight gap.

Perhaps only the complete Melissa could be comparable to Broly.

“Yes. Broly’s body contains a huge amount of energy. As long as he trains a little, he will become a powerful warrior when he grows up.” Muyang said with a serious face.

Broly’s condition was too excellent. If he remembered correctly, after growing up, Broly, in terms of strength, was easily hanged Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta.

What was even more valuable was that Broly was usually in a very obedient state and kept his sanity.

Melia and Melis looked at Broly with a face of admiration. They did not expect this dumb little guy to be so well nourished.

“Nah, Muyang, how about we adopt this child!” Melia said.

“I think this child is quite well-behaved,” Melis’ agreeing her sister.

Melia and Melis both want a child of their own. Unfortunately, their bellies didn’t work, and neither of them was pregnant yet.

When they saw Broly, they suddenly felt a strong bond with this child, especially since he was also a Legendary Super Saiyan like them.

Broly looked blankly, utterly unaware of what the girls were talking about.

Muyang stared at Broly for a while and laughed, “Little one, how about uncle and aunt take care of you later?”


Broly’s stomach growled.

“Are you hungry?”

“Mmm.” Broly nodded his head.

Muyang very generously took out a lot of food from the capsule, which was all made from the diners’ ingredients when they were in Planet Vegeta.

Each time Muyang would intercept some of them and keep them.

“Here, these are for you. Let loose and eat; I have enough food here.”

Broly smelled the aromatic food, his mouth watered, and his throat squirmed, “Really… are these for me to eat?”

“Yes. In the future, how about you be our adopted son?”

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