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Doomsday Pillars

Doomsday Pillars







Doomsday Pillars

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In January 2020, the world came to an end.

When the plague started it, 80% of the population was wiped out.

Despair. Tears– and blood dyed the earth.

When the survivors thought there was no more hope....

They came. 1008 pillars dropped from the sky, scattered all around the world in more than 100 countries.

The pillars became defensive bases for all of the survivors. But in the end...after 10 years of struggle...

The human race still lost.

This is a story of Alex, given a second chance to start anew, one month before it all started.

Witness Alex's journey in saving the world, the human race, and his family.

Uncover the secret of the pillars that give power to human mutation