Divine Path System

Chapter 312: The Winner [2]

Chapter 312: The Winner [2]

The people in the other regions exited first.

Theodra secret realm was vast. Awakeners of every path found treasures suitable for them.

Weapons, defensive treasures, items that increased the progress without side effects and so on.

Everything a mid awakener needed was present.

Many peak level 5s were now just a step away from advancement. After this banquet, they’d enter seclusion and in a few days, advance to level 6!

Of course, these were all geniuses among the geniuses.

But after all, they were only second year now and reached level 6 in the first semester.

It was quite an achievement.

The strongest second year after Sarah was previously Ahri, Ashtarh’s sister. But Varian took her place.

But both of them participated in the competition.

This led the next strongest person—Shav, to believe he’s going to throw them off and advance to level 6 much faster than them.

Once that gap was created, he decided it’d only widen.

‘Then I’m the strongest second yea—’ His glowing eyes froze the moment he thought of the monster called Sarah.

‘…forget it, I’m second strongest of second year. Hm, that actually rhymes better.’

After the peak level 5s came the level 6s.

Unlike the relatively unharmed level 5s, the level 6s were more injured. Some of them lost a limb and others had a big hole torn in their body.


Of course, all of them were quickly sent to the emergency room regardless of their state for treatment.

The leading level 6s had a smile on their face. They were now closer to the realm of top 10.

But….the top 10 should’ve also improved.

“Good! Good! You improved a lot.” A level 8 Elder felt the aura of his grandson and complimented heartily.

“Eh, I can reach peak level 6 in a week or so.” The young man said with a smile. Even though he had injuries all over his body, they weren’t serious.

“Hahahaha!” The old man was elated and patted his grandson.


The young man fainted coughing out blood.

“Oops!” The old man’s face changed and he yelled. “Medical emergency! Where are the healers!”


He was so excited that he forgot to control his strength for a moment. Thankfully, only a bit of his power was let loose and he didn’t end up killing his grandson in accident.

“Old fellow, get out of there. Let’s send everyone to treatment first.” An elder woman came and dragged him away.


But after all, the people related to the level 5s and level 6s were very excited. They didn’t participate in the competition and had no chance of winning the prize.

But so what?

Their improvement was all that mattered!

Soon, all the level 5s and level 6s that didn’t participate in the competition came out.

Then the messengers.

Their auras were a bit weaker than other peak level 5s.

But the smiles on their faces were far brighter. Obviously, they gained valuable treasures.

Some of them got the items that could exert level 6 strength—similar to Thunder dynamites and Lightning Fury. These could be used in the case of emergencies to save their lives.

Others got special liquids that would improve perception of their divine path. For instance, one drop of ‘blessing water’ would improve progress by 60% in Water Path for a day!

Of course, each region had its own special treasures. Twisted Islands was a common favorite as it provided ‘items’ that allowed one to teleport.

Aside from the bright smiles of the messengers, there were also frowns.

The ‘lightning fury’ in Thunder Shrine were missing. Strangely, the messenger teams of that region were also long eliminated.

The ‘space formations’ in Twisted Islands were missing.

The ‘Illusion formations’ in Aether gardens were missing.

‘We were collecting the treasures in the outer and inner areas first before daring into the core ares.

But still, no one entered. Only the teams moved in and out. But why would teams take off those things.


The sharp ones among the messengers noticed the clues and were speculating.

‘The competition ended, I guess we’ll all know soon.’

Soon, the messengers were also taken to treatment.

Priscilla Xander bowed her head and gnashed her teeth. She was Charles’ messenger, but some son of a bitch knocked her out early on.

She should’ve gotten the treasures but now she became a laughing stock.

‘Just wait till I find you.’

“They’re finally coming out, huh?” Prince Belus Caron muttered, his voice filled with disappointment yet also anticipation.

Marcus was eliminated and they lost all chances of winning.

“You earthlings are luck as fuck.” He said, with a gaze piercing the sulking princess seated across the same table.

Princess Iris Xander crossed her hands and sneered. “Your juniors ganged up on Charles. Now you’re mocking that he can’t win. Belus, are you trying to make up for the fact that you can’t even talk back to Charles?”


The table cracked under Belus’ grip, but he took a deep breath and calmed himself.

Belus wanted to punish Narcis for laughing, but that fucker Charles…he escalated things.

He backed off in the end. He knew he couldn’t touch Charles, but the humiliation…

‘Argh! He’s not even a high awakener! How dare he?!’

“Winning is all that matters.” He said with a cold tone and stared at the center.

The atmosphere was tense.

Prince Carl said. “Charles is injured. Don’t count him. There’s only Sarah and Ashtarh now. And you know who’s stronger.”

His voice was filled with pride.

He personally saw Ashtarh on the frontlines and a few times was the superior officer of Ashtarh.

He knew about this junior of his. He has the highest possibility of winning.

“…don’t write Sarah off so fast. Who knows? After all, you know her progress.” Prince Kane smiled. He didn’t believe she could win either.

But as Evander’s pupil, he wanted to support her.

“Speaking of Sarah, didn’t general Evander’s disciple wreck havoc during the duels, where is he?” Princess Iris Xander asked with a frown.

Narcis said in private that he wanted her to teach Varian a lesson. She refused, of course.

If she really did that, then forget about her image plummeting because she targeted a level 5, Evander’s subordinates, pupils and their subordinates and pupils would all attack her like hounds.

The power of a high general—the commander of an entire planet’s army was no joke.

“Ah, my junior Varian.” Prince Kane rubbed his chin. “I tried to look for him in the level 5s earlier. I didn’t see him in the eliminated ones from earlier either.”

His brows knit together as he said.

“Where is Varian?”

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