Divine Path System

Chapter 124 - Choose

The red light from the curtail formation receded. 

In response, an immense aura erupted from the Abyssal Clone. 

It climbed from peak Level 5 to level 6 and rose to peak Level 6 and leapt across the chasm of high levels. Finally, it stopped at the peak of Level 7. 

The Abyss Clone wanted to move, but the surrounding space seemed to tear it apart. 

"Hmph!" It clenched its fist and shot towards the spaceship. 

The ghost gaped at the Abyssal clone. Not in fear. But in ecstasy. 


The black swirls in the space twisted around the Abyssal Clone. With each meter the clone moved, the greater the black swirls it attracted. 

Soon, the clone was covered in black swirls. 

The space around it—the Inner Space, was much solid and complex for a Level 7 like it to break. 

Despite that, the clone still struggled toward the spaceship. 

Inside the ship, Varian sighed in injuries. 

Somehow, he was getting used to being on the verge of death. After all, if the same thing happens every time one fought, who wouldn't be used to it?

Still, that didn't mean he was less anxious. He was just calm. 

The final punch from the Abyssal Clone, even though it was not a full punch, was enough to break down most of his body. 

Varian was surprised that his skeleton was somehow intact, even though the bones broken were too many. 

However, with his internal organs crushed, he'd be dying in a minute or two. 

'Not like I didn't think of a solution. I am prepared.' He thought and his sight fell on the broken undead formation. 

'Come!' He used his authority and dragged it to him. 

The green plant in it had almost withered. Only a little purple liquid was left in the container. Most of the liquid was spilled on the floor when the clone destroyed the formation. 

Varian willed it. The plant and the purple liquid descended onto his body. 

From the information he got when he was given the authority, this situation was included. 

The plant would quickly die without a formation. Its vitality would be wasted. 

On the other hand, it could be taken as an emergency medication. 

It seemed that in actual Celestial Grade battles, this plant was only a 'first aid' kit. So every spaceship had one. 

At the same time, the Curtail Formation was actually something for training. 

'Their daily usage items are deadly weapons for us.' Varian sighed as the purple liquid seeped into his skin. The plant touched his skin and dissolved. 

A coolness spread throughout his body.

Varian groaned in comfort and felt the aura derivatives in his body cheer.

The most reactive of all were chi and prana. 

At the same time, System started to prompt the Xp messages it silenced since the latter part of the fight. 

[+10 Xp

+10 Xp


+10 Xp]

Then another round of prompts followed. 

[+20 Xp

+20 Xp


+20 Xp]


It happened in the blink of an eye, and Varian stood up with a renewed sense of vigor. 


[Body Path Level 4 (Enhanced): 900/1000

Space Path Level 2: 100/200

Lightning Path Level 3: 350/400

Morpher Path Level 3: 50/400]

His chi was almost reaching the peak of Level 4. On the other hand, his prana entered Level 3. 

Varian wanted to check out his new strength, but unfortunately, he didn't have that luxury.

"Not dead yet?" He reached the ghost AI standing in front of a hologram and asked. 

"It should be dead." The ghost focused on a particular section, and the hologram magnified. 

The black swirls were very concentrated in the location. There was also green liquid—the blood of the Abyssal, floating around in the darkness.

However, under the pressure of the space, the blood was soon crushed to nothingness. 

"Inner Space is very harsh." Varian nodded, convinced it was dead. But he was still anxious. 

"How about we just leave?" He proposed.

"I want to retrieve the red metal." The ghost looked at him. 

Varian was about to say yes when he felt something in his peripheral vision flicker.


A light beam shot out of the black swirl, and an almost skeletal body rushed to the spaceship. 

The solid space, this time, however, failed to stop it. 

"Go!" Varian yelled. 

He saw a blue light shining in the center of the Abyssal Clone. It was a blue crystal that was rapidly shrinking. 

"Yes!" The ghost AI gave the command. 

But right then, the Abyssal clone opened its mouth as if it was roaring and the blue crystal shrunk in half.


Varian nearly tumbled as the spaceship shook. 

Tremors were sent throughout the ship and Varian almost thought it was broken. 


The spaceship shook again. 

"Move already!" He said to the ghost AI.

If the spaceship was damaged, and he was thrown into the space, he would not survive.

"We're already moving." The ghost cried out. 

Varian glanced at the hologram and observed the Abyssal chasing behind the spaceship.  Most of the crystal was already gone. 

'So that was powering it?' Varian thought.

Only one portion of the blue crystal was remaining. 

The Abyssal Clone also paused its attack and contemplated its next course of action. 

Its mission was to bring back the remains of Ancestor Last Light. Its method of acting was to destroy the obstacles in the decreasing order of their obstructiveness. 

But now it was going to fail the mission.

Originally, for each mission, the instructions on what to do on a failure would be programmed. 

However, this time, everyone was very confident, and no one decided a mission in case of failure. In the final moments, the Abyss Emperor himself, against all protest, decided the failure mission. 

In case of failure, he programmed it to destroy the most strategic part of the enemy.

After being thrown into the Inner space, it knew the mission was a failure.

It was already trying to destroy the most strategic power of its enemy.

Its previous two strikes created a dent in a particular location of the spaceship.

For its final attack, all the energy in the blue crystal, emergency life core, was drained.

With an overwhelming strength, it punched in the same spot.


The spaceship shook violently. 

Meanwhile, the blue crystal dimmed. The Abyssal Clone lost its final source of energy and turned to ashes.

Under the space pressure, the ashes turned to nothingness. 

In the ship, the ghost collapsed on the ground. 

Varian asked, part anxious, part curious. "What happened?"

The ghost looked at him in apprehension and answered. 

"The Space sub-systems are damaged. You have 2 minutes to choose. Should we return to earth or stay here?"

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