Divine Hack System

42- Bronze 5 Stars Monster

Leo only noticed that there was a monster in the cave because of his Wall-Hack that was activated all the time. If the Wall-Hack was off, he’d probably be like the other kids, completely ignorant and relaxed thinking he was safe.

Then calmly, Leo raised his hand to his mouth in a sign of silence, startling the other boys, but they soon went quiet.

Confused, the boys soon became alert and looked at Leo to understand why he was acting like this.

Leo pointed to the back of the cave with one hand and with the other hand he made the 5 sign.

Dave was the quickest thinker and asked through signs if Leo was saying there were 5 monsters or a Bronze 5 Stars monster.

Seeing Dave’s question, Leo only showed one finger, indicating that it was just a Bronze 5 Stars monster.

Knowing that they were in a lair of a Bronze 5 Stars monster, the boys started to get worried. The only one among them who had experience hunting a Bronze 5 Stars monster was Dave, but he was still in a group with five other Awaken Bronze 5 Stars, which was much more powerful than their current number.

Worried, the boys got up slowly and were starting to walk towards the exit of the cave when Leo raised his hand and shook his head, indicating that there was no point in leaving the cave since the monster was already very close to them.

In Leo’s view, the monster that lived here alone could only be Bronze 5 Stars, as a Bronze 4 Stars monster could hardly maintain a spacious cave like this.

And from the time he noticed the monster until now, the monster had already gone from 80 meters away to just 40 meters.

At this point it was impossible for them to run away from these monsters, maybe only Leo, Charlie and maybe Dave could run away, as Harry and the other boy would unfortunately be left in the cave as food for the monster if they ran away.

So they decided to stay and fight, as no one wanted to abandon a mate.

At this point Leo didn’t even bother to hide his strength, he just put two arrows in the bow and pulled the string ready to shoot at any moment.

Seeing that Leo was ready for battle, Dave and Charlie went to the front line prepared to hold the monster while Leo and Harry dealt as much damage as possible.-ɴ(0)ᴠᴇʟ.

Nobody asked Leo why he had two arrows in his bow, they just got ready waiting for the monster to appear.

Leo was seeing the red outline approaching and saw that it looked like a Bear.

‘Shit, did it have to be a bear soon?’ Leo sighed inwardly. 

With the enemy being a Bronze 5 Stars Bear, Leo’s arrows would only be useful to blind this monster, as Bears were monsters known to have the thickest hide of the Bronze 5 Stars rank.

With arrows Leo could hardly do enough damage to this Bear, maybe in their group only Charlie and Harry could do massive damage to this monster.

Of course, Leo blinding Bear would definitely be one of the most useful things anyone could do in this battle, but he didn’t believe he would be strong enough to make the arrow pierce Bear’s brain either.

If it was a less resistant monster, Leo would have confidence in killing the monster himself, but a Bear was definitely a natural enemy for Leo who relied on arrows to deal damage.

While Leo was having these thoughts, the Bear finally emerged from the back of the cave, walking on all fours and looking at their group with a menacing expression.


The Bear gave a great roar.

When the boys heard this roar their legs went weak, not even Dave was very confident about beating this Bear.

But along with the noise of this bear’s roar, another noise came from the cave.

Swoosh, Swoosh ɴ(O)ᴠᴇʟ

The boys were shocked when they saw two arrows pass by them, especially Dave and Charlie who even felt the wind blowing in their ears, indicating that Leo’s arrows almost hit them!

But instead of being angry, the boys showed shocked expressions to see that before the Bear closed its mouth, one arrow entered its throat and the other arrow pierced the roof of its mouth causing a large wound and getting stuck there.

For a second neither the boys nor the Bear knew what to do, as no one expected this to happen.

But before they could any longer, Leo took advantage that no one was looking at him, he took two arrows from his Inventory-Hack and already readied the bow to shoot again while screaming.

“Don’t miss this opportunity, attack!”

Leo’s voice was crazy, both because of the fear he felt when he saw the Bear coming, and the happiness he felt when he saw that the Bear had given him such a perfect opportunity!

Hearing Leo’s scream, the boys soon woke up and shouted excitedly.

They weren’t idiots, they quickly realized that the opportunity Leo created for them greatly increased their chance of victory!

“AAAaaarrrgh!!!” Dave screamed like a barbarian as he used his Quirk to the fullest and ran towards Bear while swinging his ax in one hand with his shield in the other.

Dave was the only Awaken Bronze 5 Stars in the group, so he was aware that in this battle they depended not only on his defense, but also on the damage he could do.

ɴ(O)ᴠᴇʟ Charlie didn’t fall behind either and ran with his sword while using his Quirk at maximum, increasing his ability’s penetration to as much as possible intending to do as much damage to the Bear as possible.

As Charlie’s agility was slightly greater than Dave’s, he got to Bear first and made a big cut on the neck of the monster who was still in pain and anger from the arrows that that human shot into his mouth!

Swoosh, Swoosh

Leo wasted no time either and fired two more shots while the Bear was still confused and hit both monsters’ eyes.

Harry was quick to use his curse on the already injured Bear, causing despite the difference in rank between them, the curse was still very effective, making the Bear even weaker.

Feeling his body getting weak and such a great pain in his eyes, the Bear went crazy and stood on his back legs only while using the claws on both front legs to try to hit these humans.

But since the Bear had stayed early, his attacks had no target.

If he wasn’t so mad with rage because of the mouth attacks, maybe Bear could still use his sense of smell and hearing to judge the position of these humans and counterattack more easily, as Bear was a Bronze monster. 5 Stars, the senses of this were very strong!

But luckily Leo had shot this monster in the mouth at the perfect moment, causing the attack at that opportune moment to make the Bear’s rage erupt.

Of course, if Bear could still see, making this monster so angry would be even more dangerous for them than when it wasn’t so angry, as with anger, Bear would ignore the pain of his own injuries and just concentrate. in killing these annoying humans, but since he couldn’t even see, the Bear had nowhere to vent the anger he was feeling!

The only thing the Bear could do during the battle was try to swing his arms in the hopes of hitting a human, while continuing to feel pain from the new injuries he was feeling.

But Charlie who had an agility Quirk and Dave who was an Awaken Bronze 5 Stars wouldn’t be hit by these targetless attacks so very patiently they kept dodging and attacking whenever possible.

Charlie was doing even more damage than Dave, because of his Quirk which made the sword sharper, even the 5 Stars Bronze Bear’s hide was still treated like a Bronze 4 Stars monster hide being handled by a regular sword .

That 20% penetration bonus was something even Leo was envious of, as if he had a skill like that he could be useful in battle too.

He even attempted to shoot arrows at the bear’s knees, but even though the arrow got stuck in his knee, it only made a small cut before stopping, not going deep enough to sever the tendons and ligaments of the monster’s body.

‘Shit, if it was another monster I could help…’ Leo thought frustrated as he kept his bow pointed at the Bear in case the monster opened its mouth again.

Against other Bronze 5 Stars monsters, Leo was confident that he could damage the weakest places on their bodies, but to damage this Bear using the Bronze 3 Stars bow would be very difficult, he knew he would need at least a Bronze 4 bow. Stars from the top, or to make it even easier, a Bronze 5 Stars bow.

But Leo didn’t intend to buy that.

‘It’s better to save money for a Pure Silver 1 Star bow, as a Bronze 5 Star bow will become useless when I have to deal with Pure Silver 1 Star monsters.’ Leo sighed inwardly watching the battle.

The Bear was very tough, even with Charlie and Dave’s cuts, in addition to Harry’s curses, the monster lasted another 10 minutes of bloody battle.

Dave and Charlie’s bodies were red from so much blood that had been spilled all over them, but even that blood couldn’t hide the excited smile on their faces.

“We did it!” Charlie yelled excitedly as he raised his sword up.

Dave also raised the ax while Harry raised his wand.

The other boy raised his arms up in glee before running to Dave and Charlie to heal the scrapes they’d sustained in battle.

Only Leo was frustrated at not being able to participate as much in the battle.

When Dave saw Leo’s brow furrowed he already wondered why he laughed. “Leo, are you upset that you can’t participate in the battle as much?”

Leo just looked at dave and pointed his middle finger at him, which caused Dave and the other three boys to burst out laughing.

They knew this battle was only won so easily because of the opportunity Leo created for them, but who knew that the one most responsible for their victory was forced to practically sit in a corner watching them fight?

At least one message popped up in front of Leo that got him excited again.

[Congratulations, you killed a 4 Stars Bronze Bear, you received 400 Experience Points.]

Seeing the amount of experience he received, Leo was very excited! Even though he had to share the experience with the other boys he still received 400 experience points, so that meant that if he went hunting Bronze 5 Star monsters alone he would receive at least 2000 experience points!

‘With this large amount of experience points, since I hunt a lot of Bronze 5 Stars monsters I will need very little time to raise the Speed-Hack and Inventory-Hack to the maximum level!’ Leo thought excitedly.

Seeing that Leo suddenly changed from a sad to excited expression, the boys were confused and would ask him why, until Leo changed from an excited expression to a surprised one.

“Hey guys, is there anything valuable at the end of the cave? After all, this is the lair of a Bronze 5 Stars monster!” Leo asked out loud causing the other boys to get very excited too!

Nothing was better than killing a powerful foe and reaping benefits after that!

“Let’s investigate!” Dave got excited and decided to go deep into the cave to look for treasure.


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