Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2530 Divergent Peak

Amongst the beautiful flowers stood a rosy, innocent-looking blonde-haired woman. She wore a white-crimson robe, and the baby fat on her face still hadn't left her cheeks, making her look youthful and healthy, especially when she smiled; it was like the sun shining upon them, basking them with warmth.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting. I hope you're doing well, Schleya."

"I've been doing well, teacher."

Schleya solemnly replied, which left the others speechless and Tia a bit shy but not uncomfortable. She returned the nod and gazed at everyone as she cupped her hands.

"Everyone, I've cultivated harder and reached the peak of the Ninth Stage in all three cultivations. All that's left is for me to enter the Immortal Stage, and after that, I believe I can detect any danger that we might come across even before we encounter it."

Shirley, Sophie, Niera, and Tanya couldn't help but smile at each other as they saw this scene. That little girl who was always afraid of them and hid behind her solace Clara was now speaking boldly. They couldn't help but feel heartened, especially by her determination and willingness to use her special power for the group.

"I see. The Karmic Guardian Physique..." Myria appeared to narrow her eyes in contemplation, "... which again, is a double-edged sword as the owner of the Karmic Guardian Physique that can easily block us against karmic attacks, predicting one's destiny against danger won't cause you a direct condemning action from the heavens but will cause you to reel in karmic burden. I suggest that you don't look into my destiny or Davis's using divination arts. Otherwise, you should be fine."

"T-Thank you for the advice, elder sister Myria." Tia sweetly replied with eagerness.

Her tender emotions caused Myria's eyes to soften as she took away her cold gaze.


"The Karmic Guardian Physique is mostly useless in the mortal realm, but in the immortal realm, it shines better than most physiques out there, so better cultivate with more focus and willpower so as not to get bound by your own heart demon as you might see things you wouldn't want to see when divining."

"Yes~" Tia cheerfully replied, appearing to possess renewed determination.

The women all smiled before they left the floating island and reached a secluded pathway on an abandoned island. It took them about an hour to reach, whereupon they found a teleportation formation that took them to the Divergent Peak.

Once they arrived on the other side, their heads all turned to take in the monumental scenery. They were so high above the hills that they couldn't see the bottom of the basin nor the other side of the mountain, but in the distance, they could see many peaks, many seemingly scorched or destroyed as the remnant aura of heavenly lightning tribulation lightning remained.

'Destructive heavenly tribulation aura...'

As they sensed the aura of the mountain peaks, they discovered it to possess destructive tribulation lightning. Some of them were familiar with it, and some of them were not, but they all knew that this was where the place the Divergents of the Aurora Cloud Gate chose to seclude to undergo their heavenly tribulations.

"Look~" At this moment, Sophie pointed in another direction

In the distance, dark clouds rumbled, and the aura of the heavenly tribulation pervaded the area. It seemed like someone was undergoing their immortal tribulation, causing them to go take a look out of pure curiosity but what they saw made them smile.

The one who was undergoing heavenly tribulation was one of them. However, it was a spirit, Evelynn's spirit, Wisteria.

She appeared like a ghastly pale woman, her grayish-purple hair floating around her while her white eyes looked at the dark clouds above with a weary, disinterested gaze.

But with a flash of lightning, they saw Wisteria's pale-grayish energy erupt from her curvaceous body and revoltingly splurge towards the heavenly bolt of lightning that tried to strike her. Almost instantly, the body of the lightning strike began to crumble and scattered into dust in mid-air, carried away by the violent breeze.

"Darkness Laws with cadaveric yin poison property... it is a bad match against heavenly lightning, but she appears to be fairly strong..."

Myria commented with a moment's interest before she turned to look at the three people seated quite a distance away from the range of the immortal tribulation.

They were none other than Evelynn and Isabella while Ellia was helping them heal and circulate energy better with her life energy.

Both Evelynn and Isabella's silhouettes were bloodied, as though they were deeply injured. However, they radiated a hidden might that caused their hearts to shudder, allowing them to make a valid assumption that both of them successfully crossed their immortal tribulations.

They could only imagine how hard it was for them. After all, it was said that Evelynn's immortal tribulation was already botched, not to mention she also took a tiny portion of Davis's karmic burden, making it immensely difficult for her.

Perhaps, her tribulation had already reached a level that it did for Davis. However, that was only in terms of prowess and not in terms of intensity, as the latter's tribulation was clearly an Annihilative Tribulation while it was, for her, only a Destructive Tribulation.

But still, it was a feat that made them all respect her. Even Myria looked at Evelynn with some complex emotion, unable to believe that the other party possessed an intimidation factor even while having her back faced to her, which could only mean that she possessed greater strength.

However, Myria abruptly noticed something peculiar with Evelynn before her gaze also fell on Isabella.


Her pupils shrunk as she sensed Earth Dragon's aura from them, but it was extremely regal and overbearing, causing her to become shocked over this matter.

How could these people have obtained Emperor-Tier Earth Dragon Blood? If there was something like that, would the Earth Dragon Clan in the immortal world send a sacrifice like that? After all, unlike the Three-Eyed Chromatic Hex Arachnid, they were not hunted down.


At this moment, the dark clouds shuddered, and a destructive lightning dragon roared from above, catching their attention before it fell on Wisteria, completely swallowing her in its tumultuous heavenly might. The flash of light left them squinting as they saw Wisteria unleash ashen energy as it surrounded her into a spherical shell.

The lightning dragon's maw bit onto the spherical shell, seemingly about to break it as cracks began to form on the ashen energy barrier.


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