Demon’s Diary

Chapter 797: Moving to the Next Stage

Chapter 797: Moving to the Next Stage

The next moment, Liu Ming was taken aback by what happened!

When this giant scorpion rushed to the fork, it suddenly divided into 3 identical phantasms that were ⅓ of its original size and went into different paths. Then, at the next fork tunnel, they split again and kept going in.

After such multiplication, all Bone Scorpion’s phantasms went deep into the tunnels.

“I see!”

Liu Ming was a little startled now, finally showing a smile on his face.

At this time, Xie’er opened her eyes and stared in a direction, but she didn’t move at all. Strands of yellow lights emerged from the ground and went into her body from time to time.

As time passed, the girl’s face gradually became paler, and her aura began to become weaker.

Liu Ming couldn’t help showing a worried look.

After an unknown period of time, the girl in black tulle finally closed her eyes with a groan. She stood up with a tremble and opened her eyes, but there was a hint of joy on her pale face.

At every corner of the maze, the mini scorpion phantasms, which were only the size of a thumb, broke apart at once, turning into yellow air and disappearing.

“Master, come with me, I found the exit.”

As soon as the girl spoke, she flew into a certain tunnel.

Liu Ming was overjoyed and happily followed.

Half a quarter of an hour later, under the guidance of Xie’er and after a lot of twists and turns, he finally saw the white light exit at the end of a certain tunnel.

“Xie’er, thank you for the hard work this time. Go and take a break.” Liu Ming was relieved, and he turned to the girl in black tulle and said.

Xie’er uttered a soft en, then she changed into a cloud of black gas and returned to the soul-recovering bag on Liu Ming’s waist again.

Liu Ming took a few glances at the exit not far away before walking over.

After a while, he was in a huge square.

This square was quite wide, about a few acres in size. In addition to the exit that he came out from, there were 2 other exits. Each of the 3 tunnels was marked with a pattern. The exit he came out from had a starry pattern; the other 2 were a bright moon and a sun.

These signs obviously correspond to the 3 tunnels at the beginning.

The ground was the same as in the maze that he had walked through before. It was paved with greenstones. In the middle of the square, faint golden grooves could be seen on the ground. Looking for a distance, it formed a 100 meters huge round array.

At this time, a black-white light was flickering. The black light was getting greater, causing the white light to diminish rapidly.

Liu Ming’s heart moved as he stared at the array with a thoughtful look.

At this moment, “swoosh“, a purple shadow came out from the entrance with the sun pattern. A man stood not far away from the array with a flash.

After the purple light faded, the purple-haired man of the Big Dipper Pavilion appeared.

“It’s you?… Very good, very good…”

When the purple-haired man saw that someone came out of the maze before him, he was immediately surprised. He quickly glanced at the surrounding situation.

When he saw that there were only him and Liu Ming in this place, he murmured a few words with a ferocious face. He flicked his sleeve, and a foot-size purple short blade flew out. It exuded hints of biting chill.

“I also planned to test your skill. Since you want to do it, I’m glad to accept the fight.” Seeing this situation, Liu Ming knew the purple-haired man’s thoughts. Although he was slightly shocked, he laughed at it instead.

He made a gesture with a grim face, and his spiritual power surged out continuously from the 153 crystals into the Void Flying Sword in his Spiritual Sea.


A small golden sword emerged from Liu Ming’s eyebrows, and it hovered silently in front.

Seeing this, the purple-haired man laughed wildly. He just tapped at the short blade.

A burst of whistling sound!

The short blade turned into a 100 meters long purple rainbow that rolled toward Liu Ming aggressively.

The space that the purple rainbow went through seemed to be frozen, making a squeaky sound.

Liu Ming snorted and made a sword gesture. The small golden sword also turned into a 100 meters golden rainbow that rolled forward.


The golden rainbow and the purple rainbow collided fiercely. The golden and purple light shone endlessly. After a violent collision of spirit, a golden-purple hurricane soared into the sky. There seemed to be 2 giant pythons entangling and biting each other endlessly.

Another loud noise!

The hurricane burst open, and the purple short blade and the golden flying sword flew out from the air wave, returning to their hands.

Both were evenly matched.

Seeing this, the purple-haired man’s face turned gloomy!

“I knew that your true spirit flying sword isn’t simple, but now I have truly experienced its power. However, for the next move, you can try to solve it again!”

The purple-haired man said coldly. He suddenly made a gesture. Black-yellow spirit patterns appeared on his face, and a vague hideous ghost creature phantasm appeared behind him.

This ghost creature phantasm was more than 100 meters tall. Its legs were floating in the air as if it was boneless. It was black and yellow in color. There was a huge black hole on its chest.

In addition, the ghost creature’s head was extremely huge, which was half the size of its body. Its eyes were blood red, and it had green fangs, looking very hideous.

This was the first time that Liu Ming had seen such a hideous ghost creature. He didn’t dare to underestimate it at all. He made a gesture, and rolling black gas condensed into a few ferocious black mist dragons. Each was about 80 meters long. They were dancing in the air with great momentum!

Hmph, a mere Dragon Tiger Hell Prison wants to fight against me!?” The purple-haired man recognized Liu Ming’s technique at a glance, and he snorted in disdain. He changed the gesture and was about to channel the ghost figure to attack.

But at this moment, at the entrance of another tunnel in the square, a silver light flashed out. It was the eagle-faced man of the Sky Beastkin Valley.

As soon as he appeared, another golden light came out immediately behind him, and it landed 100 meters away from the eagle-faced man.

It was the young man with a silver car of the Nature Work Sect.

When the 2 stopped the escape light and were about to fight, they were slightly stunned.

The young man with a silver car looked cautious. He secretly held a few puppet balls in his hands.

The eagle-faced man stood with his hands behind his back with a sneer, wanting to watch the show.

Hehe, someone arrived finally. Mr. Liu and I were a little bored, so we practiced with each other first.”

When the purple-haired man saw someone coming again, he frowned and looked at Liu Ming. After blinking his eyes, he laughed and waved his hand to cancel his skill. The giant ghost phantasm behind also dissipated into black smokes.

Seeing this, Liu Ming didn’t say anything. He just changed the gesture, and the mist dragons above him burst apart and went back into his body.

Oh, but thanks to you 2 fighting here that we 2 can be guided by the spirit fluctuations and find the exit so quickly.” Seeing this, the young man with a silver car knew the situation. After smiling slightly, he said with a yawn.

“Since we have all arrived, the others should be coming soon,” The eagle-faced man said calmly.

The 4 of them immediately looked at each other, then they sat on the ground and waited quietly.

As expected, after about 15 minutes, black and silver lights flashed out of the sun exit. It was Luo Tiancheng and the ugly young man of the Demon Mystic Sect.

After a dozen minutes, in another tunnel, the young woman in a green robe of the Haoran Academy and Xue Pan, the young man of the Beastkin Clan, also came out one after another.

Only in the tunnel behind Liu Ming, Peng Yue and Ouyang Sisters were never seen.

It wasn’t easy to comprehend the Seven Mansions of Azure Dragon, if it weren’t for Liu Ming’s guesswork with the help of the star magnetic force, he wouldn’t be able to reach here.

At this time, most of the giant magic circle in the center of the square was covered by black, and the white part was only less than one-fifth.

After waiting for about t10 minutes, the giant array was completely covered by black.

Seeing this, Liu Ming sighed slightly.

At the same time, the pitch black array suddenly shined brightly, and the 3 tunnels disappeared completely.

Immediately afterward, golden lights appeared in the sky above the array and formed 2 lines of small golden words.

“After the array is activated, those who sit in it for more than a quarter of an hour can enter the next level.”

Just as everyone looked up at the 2 lines of golden swords, the hall with the water pool suddenly became extremely dark.

Ouyang Sisters and Peng Yue, who were still on the edge of the pool, stood up in shock.

At this time, the surface of the pool in the center was full of stars. Countless bright stars emerged from it, illuminating their figures.

The 3 of them disappeared vaguely among the dots of stars.

They only felt a change in the scenery, then they appeared in a small stone chamber in a burst of dizziness.

The 3 hurriedly glanced around.

On a stone table in the center, there was a somewhat old book.

In the corner beside, there was a white teleportation array, flashing with a faint aura.

Seeing this, Peng Yue’s heart shuddered. After glancing at the faces of 2 women, he immediately gave a wry smile and strode to the teleportation array.

After a flash of white light, he was teleported away.

TL: How many more rounds before the final winner is decided?

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