Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 566 - Light Evil Demon, Secretly Advance First

Chapter 566: Light Evil Demon, Secretly Advance First

“Prepare for battle!” As the crisp female voice fell, Luo Ya and Taotie immediately followed Lila. Before they could reach the fighter jet’s regular entrance, the sky outside the window suddenly brightened.

A beam of light cut through the darkness like a meteor and hit the fighter jet that was as small as a fingernail in the vast space!

“Special passage 07 is about to activate… Emergency…”

Lila stopped in her tracks and immediately used the max-level mythical skill divine protection and added a few positive buffs as well as max-level defensive combination skills on herself, Luo Ya, Taotie, and the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet.

“Eh?” Vaguely, she felt something and quickly cast two more skills.

The target of her debuff skill was a huge monster, while she added another buff to the other existence who seemed to be scattered and omnipresent in the void!

At this moment, the fighter jet piloted by Mystic brushed past several “arcs of light”.

“The passage has been activated… Forced landing!”

“Crack,” A cracking sound came from under Lila, Luo Ya, and Taotie’s feet.

Immediately after, they felt as if they were falling from the sky. The sound of the wind rushed into their ears, and for a moment, they could only hear buzzing sounds in their heads.

The instant the three beasts fell like dumplings, the entire fighter jet suddenly disintegrated, and all kinds of broken mechanical parts scattered in the dark void.

Among the thousands of broken pieces and mechanical parts, the three tiny colored dots were simply unnoticeable.

Especially when a black object with powerful kinetic energy rushed toward the evil light demon made of pale light like a nuclear bomb, almost everyone’s eyes were attracted by the scene, which was like an egg hitting a rock or a mantis trying to stop a car.

“Whoosh!” The Mystic Fall Fighter Jet charged at the enemy’s face like a glider. Due to its extreme speed, it even drew a black arc behind it.

The enemy in the distance glanced at the dark void that was collapsing due to the black arc and looked away indifferently. It looked down at the black fighter jet that was charging straight at it and scoffed, “You’re looking for death!”

“Boom!” The huge fist formed by white light suddenly smashed toward the fighter jet that seemed to be only the size of a palm. Seeing this, Mystic adjusted his flying trajectory in time and dodged the punch with ease.

The fighter jet was like a fallen leaf, lightly flitting past the enemy, leaving behind thousands of high-density bombs with nuclear power!

“Boom!” Terrifying explosions erupted at the same time, and the light that bloomed out even suppressed the gray-white light.

The giant of light watched as the light spots on its body dissipated and one-third of its body was gone in an instant. A murderous intent flashed across its black eyes, “How dare you offend me, an evil light demon! You deserve to die!”

The great battle began. No one noticed that countless black fragments that filled the void were suddenly gone. When one glanced at one’s surroundings occasionally, one would only think that the parts had fallen into a space-time crack and had been destroyed.

However, at this moment, there was a fighter jet with max-level concealment abilities that had left without a sound. In the dark void, inside the small fighter jet, Luo Ya was in a seat. The feeling of falling through the air two minutes ago still lingered in her heart. She looked at Lila, who was piloting the fighter jet, and asked doubtfully, “Third sister, when did you learn a new skill?”

“When you and Taotie were participating in the grand escape in the underground game ground, I learned a few things from Mystic,” Lila said with a smile.

One of her questions was answered, but the others remained. Luo Ya asked again, “So, is this a last-minute change of plans?”

“Yes,” In the pilot seat, Lila nodded and explained to the other beasts, “Looking at that huge ball of light, it should be from the evil main core. It knows that we’ve already annihilated the previous wave of more than 100000 evil soldiers, which is why it sent another powerful evil race to hold us back.”

At this time, Taotie suddenly interrupted, “So you knew in advance that the passage was right under our feet?”

Hearing this, Lila shook her head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “I didn’t know that the passage would be so special. Good thing we changed our equipment when we first entered the aircraft. Otherwise, we would have been separated in the collapsing void.”

The situation was urgent at that time, so Mystic only had time to tell her the change of plans in a few words.

“Either way, due to special circumstances, our plan has changed. Mystic will take care of the rear, and we’ll go first!” Lila said.

“So, we’ll be the ones to execute the original plan to take the point B to point A route?”

As soon as Taotie said that, the other two beasts in the cabin hummed in acknowledgment. However, Luo Ya was worried, “Logically speaking, we only need to drive for a few minutes to reach point B, which is where the octopus cat died. However…”

She paused for a moment before continuing, “What if we encounter a God Lord realm or even a God Venerable realm evil race when we get there?”

At that time, they couldn’t possibly just leave behind another beast, right?

If the evil main core’s intention was to disperse their combat power, then wouldn’t that be exactly what the other party wanted? Taotie, who was sitting beside Luo Ya, retorted, “We might not run into them. After all, the supervisor may not be able to discover our whereabouts.”

Lila was wearing special glasses that allowed her to see things normally in the dark void. She replied calmly, “No matter what, points B and A are close together. We have to go and find out why Chu Feng and the others disappeared. It’s fine even if we encounter a strong enemy. I have hundreds of thousands of soldiers in my tree world. With the support of my divinity, even a lower God Venerable can’t do anything to us for a short time. Besides, I’ve already added a buff to Mystic and a debuff to the enemy just now…”

If Mystic activated its mythical mode and went all out with its military fire, it would be able to kill a God Lord in no time. The ball of light just now had been between the higher to peak God Lord realm.

Suddenly, Lila thought of the ethereal existence she had sensed just now besides Mystic and the giant evil creature.

“Perhaps, we’ll be able to contact the Astral Spirit soon.”

Scattered, ethereal, and unpredictable… These were the feelings Hera gave off when she was refining a planet.

Hearing Lila mention the Astral Spirit, Luo Ya’s eyes flashed with a trace of surprise, “Eh, really? By the time we find Hera, the boss won’t be far away!”

“Big brother Wild bear, second sister Fei Nuo Sha, fourth brother Dark-sky Azure Dragon, and Taotie’s clone…” She counted with her fingers for a while, her eyes sparkling, “It seems that we will be able to gather soon!”

“Before that, let’s study point B first,” Taotie, who was sitting beside her, said.

As soon as he finished speaking, Lila, who was sitting in the pilot’s seat, suddenly switched the fighter jet to automatic flight mode and turned to smile at the two beasts behind her.

“You guys stay here, I’ll go down and take a look,” She looked a little surprised, “I didn’t expect that something could escape the fate of being annihilated in that massive explosion that was equivalent to the complete explosion of the dragon world.”

Was that thing dead? Or a living thing?

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