Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 557 - All of Us Are Doomed to Die! Is It that Bad

Chapter 557: All of Us Are Doomed to Die! Is It that Bad

Pulling the timeline back to two breaths ago, in the series of explosions, Mantoha heard one boom after another. Although he was envious that the dragon could unleash an “N-fold effect for an ordinary mythical skill”, his fanaticism was still at the normal level for the evil race.

After all, there were countless lunatics in the evil world, and those who could maintain relative or absolute reasoning were the minority and the odd ones.

He, who yearned for power, roared out this sentence, “How did you manage to break through the N-level bottleneck of the mythical skills?!”

In fact, what he wanted to ask more was, “How could you do it?!”

Why was it the other party who achieved the feat? Why not him? Unfortunately, not all questions could be answered, even if one was only asking for a perfunctory response.

By the time Mantoha and the golden skeleton were pulled back to their senses by the explosions, they had already lost their best chance to defend themselves.

As countless ripples burst out one after another and were extremely close to the final echo, which was also the final hum of the series of explosions, it seemed that even the time taken to think was too long…

Damn it, it’s too late! Mantoha, who was “only” a lower God Venerable, narrowed his eyes. His scalp went numb, and he felt a chill down his spine.

“Can I really survive this battle?!”

Mantoha wasn’t the only one who was thinking of this question. Tang Li, who was also a lower God Venerable, also had the same question.

No, it was not a question! In fact, in that instant, she had already obtained an answer that was most likely to become reality.

“Indeed, I won’t survive. I’m probably destined to die here.”

Thinking about it, to die in the evil space was probably the fate of the thousands of “brides”, “women”, and “females”, including the white bone bride, the black bone mantis, the red bone fox… and her, the golden bone empress.

No matter what, she couldn’t escape this calamity. Damn it, damn the shackles!

The golden skeleton’s eyes burned with anger. At this moment of imminent death, she even hoped that she could turn into a big fire and burn the human world!

Love, hate, pain, and power were all insignificant in the face of the world-ending death. Tang Li’s gaze pierced through the rapidly collapsing dark void and looked at the flustered black shadow opposite them.

Seeing the other party’s sorry state as he fled for his life, she couldn’t help but scoff, “The powerful evil race members are attracted by money, sex, and power. Even if you have cultivation resources that you can’t finish spending in your lifetime, you won’t have the life to become stronger! How far can you run in an instant?”

At this moment that seemed to be an instant while also seemingly stretching out forever, the golden skeleton’s gaze swept across the Dark-sky Azure Dragon beside it.

Regardless of whether the dragon knew it or not, when it used the series of explosions that were like a “suicidal attack”, it was destined to die due to its terrifying killer move!

It did not matter whether the chain of explosions that seemed to be able to annihilate the world was under the dragon’s control, whether it was taking the matter seriously, or whether it had already prepared some backup plan for this…

“After move? No matter how I look at it, it’s impossible for the dragon to resist this great catastrophe that’s like playing with fire and trapping itself in a cocoon!”

After all, this was a rippling explosion that even a lower God Venerable could not escape from alive! Tang Li laughed, but the fire in her eyes dimmed. Now, all words seemed pale.

When the last rumbling sound that seemed to be able to annihilate the world suddenly sounded, the death elegy that was prepared for the two groups was thus played!

Whether they were good or evil, at this moment, all of them had to die! As for whether or not the dragon and bear were still alive, the golden skeleton did not pay attention to this point.

After all, how could a newly-advanced God, who had been determined by the supervisor of the evil space to have just entered the true God level, survive this catastrophe that even the lower God Venerables couldn’t even withstand?

It was impossible! Thus, everyone would eventually meet their doom. It was a pity that there were some things that she had not had the time to do, and some questions that she had not gained the answers to.

For example, she still didn’t know how that dragon could break the shackles of the mythical skill’s level limit.

“Damn it, damn lowly creatures! If you want to die, don’t drag me down with you! Damn you, bitch! Go to hell!” The terrified and frenzied voice tore through the air.

Tang Li suddenly felt a sharp wind blowing through her bones. This moment was the final calm before the storm! And before death, all beings would ultimately make different choices.

“Whoosh!” Countless cold blades were pointed at the golden skeleton, Wild Bear, and Dark-sky Azure Dragon. The one who cast the skill was Mantoha, who was in despair because he knew that he could not escape from the core explosion area.

In that instant, the skeleton, bear, dragon, and Mantoha, who were in the same space, seemed to have been silently divided into two factions. The two lower God Venerables were flustered by the rapidly falling Sword of Damocles above their heads. One was silent while the other was shouting, but none of them could hide their despair.

On the other hand, the Wild Bear and Dark-sky Azure Dragon, who were of lower realms, looked at each other, then looked back at the other two. They were speechless.

“What’s with those two? Why are they more dramatic than me?”

“They’re making it seem like they’re really going to die… Is there a need for that?”

“There’s no need for all the show!”

“Fuck! Even on the verge of death, you lowly creatures still dare to offend a powerful evil race like me!” Mantoha, who happened to hear their conversation, roared in exasperation.

Hearing this, the Wild Bear and Dark-sky Azure Dragon paused. Only then did the two beasts, who were now neither tall nor long, realize that they had voiced their ridicule.


“Roar, roar!”

Oh my, how awkward.

Before they could say anything, a more terrifying and unprecedented explosion was accumulating power. With a “buzz”, the last earth-shaking explosion would be completely detonated two moments later, and at that time, even the gods would die!

Just as the golden skeleton was in despair and sorrow, and felt that she was finally going to be free, while the bear and dragon were deeply feeling a sense of detachment from the “film set”, a sharp laughter suddenly rang out.

Mantoha, who was now like a madman, suddenly roared with laughter for no reason, “Hehehehehehe… When this explosion is over, that golden skeleton and I might be able to use the power of the resurrection array to live again! And you damn rebels will die under your suicidal attacks! Is there anything more ridiculous than this in this world? haha!”

Tang Li, who had finally shattered the cold wind blade, didn’t move when she heard the words “resurrection array” and “live again”.

Even if she could be resurrected, it would not come without a price. Moreover, she did not think that the core supervisor would resurrect a rebellious puppet like her. Besides, even if she was resurrected, it would not be a good thing. Sometimes, it was better to just die and end everything. However, someone stopped her.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” The Wild Bear said with its perception. It grabbed the skeleton and the dragon with a paw each. At the same time, its body expanded and it ran away at a speed that even the divine light could not catch.

As it ran, it roared, “Don’t worry, you’ll be the one to die later!”

Mantoha was stunned by the Wild Bear’s terrifying speed, but he immediately picked up his speed as well, “Impossible! Even if you have heaven-defying abilities, you can’t outrun this final explosion!”

Having said that, he didn’t know why he was running. Would there really be no problem with the resurrection array? But even his clone had been defeated… And it was clear that none of them could escape this explosion.

“… Boom!”

The terrifying impact that could destroy the world radiated with a buzz.

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