Damn it! You Call This Beast Taming?

Chapter 32 - Preserving the Heritage

Chapter 32 – Preserving the Heritage

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Qiao Shi said, “A few years ago, Senior Wan participated in a sovereign-level match and displayed her powers in the match.”

She could not control her excitement when she spoke. Back then, she had been watching the live show of that exchange match. Wan Wanqing crushed her opponent throughout the battle. She did not give her opponent any chance to counterattack. Even the proudest genius Beastmaster of the seven cities of Di Bei Region had lost to Wan Wanqing.

Wan Wanqing glanced at Qiao Shi and said, “That is because they are weak.”

Qiao Shi was instantly speechless. Every Beastmaster who could represent the base city in the competition possessed great strength. It wasn’t because her opponents were weak, but because Wan Wanqing was so powerful that no one could defeat her back then.

Chu Feng couldn’t help but ponder. To him, participating in such a competition seemed to be a pretty good thing. He felt that even if Wan Wanqing didn’t say anything, Principal Gao would still ask him to join the competition.

So, Chu Feng said, “Alright, I’m willing to participate in the competition.”

Wan Wanqing smiled and said, “I will give you the Mirage Grass if you can defeat the Beastmasters of the other six base cities.”

Chu Feng returned to Diming High School and found that Principal Gao had sent him a message, asking Chu Feng to meet him at the principal’s office.

Principal Gao was drinking tea in his office. He beckoned Chu Feng to sit down.

Suddenly, Chu Feng realized that Principal Gao was drinking the tea made from the Giant Elven Tree!

Chu Feng asked, “Principal Gao, what is this?”

Principal Gao suddenly felt awkward. He cleared his throat and stroked his beard, “I kept one piece of leaf. I want to know what it tastes like.”

However, Principal Gao regretted forgetting to put it away because of his old age and poor memory.

Chu Feng was speechless and wondered why Principal Gao was acting like a child. Then he recalled the last time Principal Gao had arranged a battle in their class just because he wanted to entertain himself.

Chu Feng teased, “Principal Gao if you are short of leaves, I can try discussing with the Mirage Worm and see if I can give you another leaf.”

Principal Gao glared at him. “Do I look like someone who snatches food with the Mirage Worm? I can ask Wan Wanqing to give me some if I want to make some tea with it.”

Chu Feng didn’t expose him and only smiled, “Principal, why did you ask me to meet you?”

Principal Gao said solemnly, “You’ve met Wan Wanqing? I heard she wants you to compete in the Dibei Region Exchange Competition?”

“Yes,” Chu Feng nodded.

Principal Gao seemed displeased with Chu Feng’s decision, “This is absurd! Do you know that the continental competition will be on television in the seven cities? If you display too much talent, you will be the target of the foreign races!”

Chu Feng said helplessly, “I didn’t plan to go, but the reward she offered was quite a temptation.”

That startled Principal Gao, “What did she offer you?”

Chu Feng told the truth, “The Mirage Grass.”

Principal Gao said in astonishment, “The Wan family does have the Mirage Grass!”

Principal Gao sighed. Wan Wanqing had offered the Mirage Grass as a reward. Not to mention Chu Feng, even he was tempted.

Although the Mirage Grass had the most significant effect on the Mirage Worm in theory, it was, in essence, a top-grade treasure that contained the power of the origin of space. Every Beastmaster who had bonded with a space-type pet would want to obtain a Mirage Grass if possible. Not to mention Chu Feng, who had a bond with the Mirage Worm. That was an extremely urgent matter for him.

Principal Gao was somewhat puzzled, “You’ve just advanced to the extraordinary level, and the Wild Bear is also at the extraordinary Level 1. However, the participants in the exchange competition are all at the extraordinary Level 10. Can you handle them?”


Chu Feng summoned the Wild Bear. Principal Gao observed it, and his expression changed slightly.

“Extraordinary Level 10?”

Principal Gao didn’t understand how Chu Feng had nurtured the Wild Bear. Chu Feng had advanced four levels in only a few days.

Chu Feng smiled. “The Wild Bear has just defeated a sovereign-level Shadow Demon. It should be easier for it to deal with an extraordinary-level.”

“Extraordinary Level 5, annihilating a sovereign-level…”

Principal Gao said nothing. He looked at Chu Feng with a complicated gaze.

Principal Gao was a king-level Beastmaster. He had experienced the extraordinary-level and sovereign-level periods. Although decades had passed, Principal Gao still remembered how big the gap was between the extraordinary and the sovereign-level was. No matter how talented a Beastmaster was, they could only defeat a sovereign-level beast when they were at the extraordinary Level 10 with the addition of the Beastmaster’s talent.

And Chu Feng had defeated a sovereign-level beast at his extraordinary Level 10. Most importantly, Principal Gao didn’t understand how Chu Feng had advanced the Wild Bear to extraordinary Level 10. That made him feel embarrassed. As a king-level Beastmaster, he could not see through an extraordinary-level beast.

“You have studied well about Beastmasters,” Principal Gao couldn’t help but sigh.

Chu Feng smiled and said, “Principal Gao, don’t praise me anymore. Pride will lead to failure. I want to defeat the others in the exchange competition.”

Principal Gao glared at him, “No matter what, if you reveal your talent in the exchange competition, it might bring you danger. The foreign races are very cunning and cruel. They won’t allow you to have the chance to advance.”

Chu Feng had a determined look on his face. He knew the seriousness of the matter. From the totem era until now, the foreign race had killed countless talented Beastmasters. That was why Chu Feng had hidden his talent in the beginning. He didn’t want to experience the feeling of being hunted.

Chu Feng shook his head and said, “This time is different. I need the Mirage Grass and must seize this opportunity.”

Principal Gao agreed, “That’s right. The appropriate risks are bearable if you have chosen to do this for the Mirage Grass. I’m just reminding you to pay attention to your safety.”

Chu Feng asked seriously, “Is this competition important to the Diming base city?”

Chu Feng already had the answer in his heart. The competition was important to the Diming base city. Otherwise, Wan Wanqing wouldn’t have offered the Mirage Grass as a reward. Those major powers were not afraid of the competition. The main reason might be that they were worried about being the scapegoat.

Principal Gao said, “That’s right. This competition is important. Once our base city loses one round, we will have to give up the heritage ruins to the other base cities.”

Chu Feng did not know that and asked, “Heritage ruins? We have to give it up to the other base cities?”

That was truly shocking. Heritage was important to the Diming base city. Every genius of the Diming base city should have gone through trials in the heritage ruins. There were so many treasures within them that seemed endless, providing the Diming base city with countless resources. It would undoubtedly be a huge loss if another base city got them.

Most importantly, Chu Feng wanted to clear all the levels and inherit the treasure. If they were to give it up to the other base cities, Chu Feng wouldn’t be able to gain control of the ruins even if he cleared all the levels..

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