Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: The Birth of the Demon?

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“May I ask this Senior Brother how you determined that person was a demon?”

At this moment, Yu Banxia and the rest rushed over and stood together with Jiang Li. The spiritual qi in their bodies seemed to be gathering, ready to defend against any sudden attacks.

“How? Isn’t it obvious?” At this moment, Monk Zheng Yuan was a little puzzled. His forthright smile slowly faded as he walked over to the youth he had sent flying.

“This demon’s body was filled with Yin qi just now. He bared his fangs and brandished his claws, preparing to harm others. If he isn’t a demon, what else can he be?”

Cough cough cough!

Right at this time, the youth who was lying on the ground like a lump of mud suddenly coughed a few times that sounded like his breath was clogged. After a lump of foam blood spurted out from his mouth and nose, his deeply sunken chest actually rose and fell again.

This youth was actually still alive.

“Eh? Why did that Yin qi disappear?” The cultivator who claimed to be a disciple of Benevolent Travel Temple scratched his head, still not understanding what had happened.

“Qianqian, go and see if there’s any hope of saving him.”

“Senior Brother, the Yin qi just now was actually the effect of my spell technique. This young man is indeed not a demon.”

“He’s the same as the other children in the square. It’s only because of some unknown reason that he’s been unconscious.”

“Senior brother, please step back a bit so that our junior sister can see if she can treat his injuries.”

Jiang Li explained the general situation of the children in the Southern Seal Kingdom. He raised his right hand and condensed a ball of Yin qi as proof.

Seeing the Yin qi in Jiang Li’s hand, Zheng Yuan’s eyes flashed with a hint of displeasure, but it quickly disappeared.

“This… this is actually the case. There’s such a strange illness?”

“Amitabha. I’ve accidentally injured a good person!”

“I have sinned, I have sinned!”

Zheng Yuan looked like a reasonable person. After knowing that everyone was wary of him, he retreated a distance.

“Junior Sister, please heal the injured.”

“This is the Jade Bone Flesh Regeneration Pill of my Benevolent Travel Temple. I wish to express my apologies and hope to help this person.”

As he spoke, he even took out a bottle of medicinal pills from his sleeve and handed it over.

Jiang Li and the others stepped forward to separate him from the injured. Only then did they allow Lu Qianqian to stand behind them and begin to heal her with spell techniques.

Yu Banxia took the pill carefully and opened it to take a sniff. He did not find anything wrong with it and felt much more relieved.

On one hand, their strength was limited. On the other hand, they had no relationship with that youth. They had no intention of standing up for him.

In reality, when Jiang Li released the Yin attribute spiritual qi just now, he was still guarding against the other party who might suddenly attack in the name of justice.

At the very least, in terms of cultivation base, a monk at the late-stage Qi Refinement realm was able to deal with all these rookies by himself.

Under such circumstances, it was better to resolve the issue and settle it properly.

“Senior Brother Zheng Yuan is righteous. We will do our best to save that youth. It’s his fortune to be able to eat such a precious pill in his lifetime.”

Cultivators who injured mortals and knew how to compensate them were actually quite rare.

Moreover, it was the Jade Bone Flesh Regeneration Pill, a famous high-grade Yellow-rank medicinal pill among Yellow-rank medicinal pills. Its effects were good but its production quantity was low.

Outer sect disciples like them were even unable to find a way to purchase it, so how could they bear to feed it to a mortal?

Speaking of which, this medicinal pill was probably more of a way to silence him.

After all, feeding a mortal pills was fine if it was a low-grade Yellow-rank, but a high-grade Yellow-rank medicinal pill was not much different from directly slapping him to death.

“Well, there’s something else.”

“Looking at the clothes of junior brothers and sisters, you must be disciples of the Scripture Storage Valley.”

The relationship between the major sects of the Great Mountain Region was not bad.

It was said that there would often be interactions between disciples of the sect. In history, there were even many marriage relationships between the sects. It was very normal for them to know each other’s disciple attire.

It was only because these rookies were inexperienced that they did not recognize him.

“That’s right, we’re disciples of the Scripture Storage Valley. We’ve come here to solve the problem of these unconscious children.” Yu Banxia answered truthfully. It was unlikely that the other party had a feud with the sect. Otherwise, that punch would have landed on Jiang Li.

“Hmm, when you came, did you see a cemetery nearby, or some dangerous territory with especially deep Yin qi?”

Everyone finally understood what he was asking.

It turned out that he had asked the local officials for directions at the beginning. Then, he had suddenly seen the youth controlled by Jiang Li, which was why he attacked.

“I’m sorry, we’ve never seen the cemetery. But the King and officials of the Southern Seal Kingdom are around. They might be able to help you.”

“Senior Brother Zheng Yuan, did something happen?”

The monk shook his head. It was unknown if he did not want to say more or if he did not understand the situation himself.

“If you haven’t seen it, then forget it. Recently, this region hasn’t been very peaceful. It seems that a demon has appeared.”

“It’s best if you don’t leave the city here. After settling the matters here, don’t stay and return to the sect earlier.”

Jiang Li and the others looked at each other, and their expressions were unsightly. Could it be that the unconsciousness of these children was related to that demon? This was truly a troublesome mission.

“Thank you for your advice, Senior Brother Zheng Yuan. We will take note.”

After thanking him, they introduced him to the King of the Southern Seal Kingdom and asked him the same question.

However, the local officials and the King’s replies were disappointing.

“Cemetery? What’s that?”

“Oh, a place where the dead are buried? I’m sorry, Immortal Masters and Master Monk, but we don’t have such a thing.”

“Our Southern Seal Kingdom has always done water burial. If a person cannot return to the arms of the Mother River after death, we believe it is the greatest blasphemy against the dead.”

There was actually no ground burial in this country, so there was no way to talk about the cemetery.

The King and officials of the Southern Seal Kingdom had never even heard of the term “cemetery”. It could be seen that this custom had been around for a long time.

Now that they thought about it, it was true that they had never seen any graves or tombstones on their way here. This was rather abnormal for a mortal country with limited transportation abilities. It was impossible for them to bury their corpses too far away.

Even in the modern era where cremation laws had been implemented for a long time, there were cement cemeteries everywhere on the mountain, but there were none here. It seemed that what they said was true.

Monk Zheng Yuan did not find what he wanted, but he reminded them in a distant and obscure manner that they should not spread the news of what had just happened and quickly left.

This was only the beginning.

News of the appearance of this “demon” seemed to have spread far and wide. As they were leaving, another four or five waves of cultivators arrived to inquire.

Among them were rogue cultivators and disciples from other sects nearby.

Their target was the same, but they were clearly not of the same faction.

After Jiang Li and the others met up with the two groups of cultivators, they unanimously believed that they should not be dragged deeper into this matter.

A bunch of newbies at the initial-stage Qi Refinement realm had yet to reach the stage where they could participate in such matters.

They retreated to the palace of the Southern Seal Kingdom, avoiding outsiders and letting the King and officials receive them themselves.

They continued to research the unconscious children. The sooner they completed their mission, the sooner they could leave this troublesome place.

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