Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough

Chapter 601: Two Breakthoughs in a day!?

Finishing the short lecture on the Qi Condensation Realm for the disciples outside the hall, Xuan Hao returned back to the hall where most of the disciples meditating had already successfully broken through and absorbed what they had learnt during his lecture.

Bai Ning was no different, as he had managed to successfully break through from the Ninth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm to the First Stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

"Argh! What is this smell!? It's killing me!"

"This is... I can't breathe!"

"Why... I just managed to reach the Peak of the Qi Condensation Realm, is this how it ends...?"

Listening to the young disciples squirming on the ground as a horrible smell covered the entire hall, Xuan Hao could not help rolling his eyes at the extreme responses of some of these younger disciples.

The smell of the impurities was indeed bad, but it was far from enough to be able to kill someone!

"Everyone, the lecture is over, you can leave the hall... I will have to clean up my disciple here-"


"Freedom, fresh air! Here I come!"

"See you all later!"

Watching as the young disciples interrupted him before he even managed to finish talking, Xuan Hao could not help frowning slightly as he watched all of them rush towards the entrance with happiness.

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Looking over at Bai Ning who was covered in impurities from head to toe, Xuan Hao didn't say anything as he just waved his hand and used his domain to pick him up before turning to leave the hall. Not forgetting to use his power to remove the impurities left on the ground where Bai Ning had broken through to the Foundation Establishment Realm. However, he could not get rid of the smell so easily...

Given that the smell of the impurities had managed to stay on the ground for close to an hour, Xuan Hao guessed that it would be rather hard to get rid of the horrible smell of impurities that now permeated through the entire hall.

Even if someone could get rid of it through cleaning, Xuan Hao did not bother about this, as it was a difficult thing to do and simply not worth it given that it was just a hall that stood empty without any use.

The location he had chosen to hold the lecture was an abandoned hall located close to the edge of the Flying Sword Sect. The smell would not be a problem, as it should naturally go away after a few months at most.


"Master... I will be going to the bath..." During the entire way back and since he had broken through to the Foundation establishment Realm, Bai Ning had not said a single word from beginning to end, it was only when they arrived back at the pavilion that he finally opened his mouth and said this before quickly disappearing in the direction of the baths.

Looking at him slowly disappearing in the distance, Xuan Hao could not help chuckling silently to himself as he easily saw through the fact that Bai Ning had been rather embarrassed after having been faced with the other younger disciples half dead expressions after he had expelled a large quantity of impurities upon breaking through to the First Stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

"Hm? Looks like Qing Yi also managed to break through..." Watching as Bai Ning disappeared completely from his view, Xuan Hao could not help showing a surprised expression on his face as he felt Qing Yi break through to the Second Stage of the Core Formation Realm.

In the span of a single day, two of his disciples had actually managed to successfully break through! This was definitely something to be happy about!


With a slight movement, Xuan Hao disappeared from his original spot in front of the pavilion and directly appeared in the room Qing Yi was staying in.

"Congratulations on breaking through."

"M-master?! Are you perhaps here because of my breakthrough?" Turning around in surprise upon suddenly hearing her master's voice behind her, Qing Yi quickly calmed down as she asked with a curious look in her eyes.

"Indeed, I was starting to get worried seeing how you haven't come out for so long and was rather relieved seeing your successfully breaking through... Or are you perhaps going to stay in here until you reach the Nascent Soul Realm?"

"No way!" Shaking her head in full denial upon hearing her master's question, Qing Yi quickly got up from the cushion she was sitting on.

"It's already my limit to stay locked up for this long... I don't plan to enter secluded cultivation any time soon, it really made me wonder how some of the elders can enter secluded cultivation for years without any breaks..." Saying this, Qing Yi could not help shivering upon remembering the fact that some of the elders entered secluded cultivation that could last dozens of years on end without any breaks.

"Indeed. Entering secluded cultivation for such a long time, I have no idea how those elders do it..." Hearing what Qing Yi said, Xuan Hao could not help agreeing with what she said.

At the moment, he could not imagine himself entering secluded cultivation for dozens of years on end without any interruptions.

If he really did something like that, who was going to look after his disciples? Who was going to look after the sect in case someone powerful showed up? What about the repeatable sect quest from the system? Who was going to complete it if not him?

The current him was still far away from ever entering such a long, secluded cultivation session. The only reason someone would ever willingly do something like that, was to overcome a bottleneck that had kept them at the same realm for a long time.

The reason why most of the people who entered such long and isolated cultivation sessions were of the older generation, was because those from the younger generation were more likely to go out on an adventure seeking an opportunity to break through, while the older generation preferred not to do such things.

Mainly because their cultivation realm was higher and there was less of a chance for them to encounter an opportunity that would help them break through.

Given that he had the system, Xuan Hao didn't see himself doing that kind of thing. Training his disciples and helping them improve was a way better way to increase his strength compared to that!

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"Master, I will take my leave... I really need a bath..."

"Haha, no problem, get going then."

Watching as Qing Yi escaped from the room before rushing towards the closest bath, Xuan Hao could not help shaking his head.

Qing Yi was only in the Core Formation Realm and could not easily clean herself up during such a long cultivation session.

Although simple qi techniques worked for the first week or so, they started losing their efficiency the longer one went without taking a bath. Honestly, Xuan Hao could not help imagining just how dirty the Core Formation Realm Elders who entered secluded cultivation for over a year would be...

It was only when reaching the Nascent Soul Realm would one truly be able to live a clean life without having to take a bath, Core Formation Realm Experts would still have to clean themselves the same way mortals did. Although far less, it was still required!

"Well... There are still people like Elder Dust Ball who doesn't clean himself no matter what..." Remembering a certain elder from the sect, Xuan Hao could not help smiling wryly.

Even if most elders at the Core Formation Realm chose to keep themselves clean, there were some who didn't. The most famous of which was an elder at the Peak of the Core Formation Realm called Elder Dust Ball, who never cleaned himself.

Given that he had reached the Peak of the Core Formation Realm, he did not get sick like normal mortals would. Instead, he carried a poisonous air around him that could easily kill ordinary mortals and some weaker cultivators in the Qi Condensation Realm.

One of the many reasons why he was prohibited from interacting with any disciples below the Foundation Establishment Realm...

From what Xuan Hao could remember about this eccentric elder, other than the fact that he was by far the dirtiest person inside the Flying Sword Sect, he was also the most hardworking elder. Completing the work of 10 elders in half the time!

This was the main reason why Elder Song had decided to look the other way in regard to this eccentric elder's behaviour, as he had never really harmed anyone.

"Would be an interesting person to talk to in the future..." Feeling like it would be fun to find this elder for a conversation in the future, Xuan Hao soon shook his head before leaving his pavilion.


Making his way towards Zhu Lian with the Spirit Blood Leaf he had gotten from the system in hand.

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