Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 861

Chapter 861

Yi Tianyun had a long talk with Ren Feilong. He was an elder here in Dragon Clan, and if Ren Long ever wanted to come to the Heaven World, he would be treated well by the Dragon Clan. Ren Feilong also wanted Yi Tianyun to ask Ren Long to come to Heaven World and join the Dragon Clan. After all, Heaven World had a better cultivation environment than Mortal World.

After the chat, Yi Tianyun made his way to Heaven Abyss Forest. He had to see for himself that it didn’t become the Evil Spirit Race’s nest.

“I have to hurry now. There is no telling what other faction that the Evil Spirit Race wrapped their around!” Yi Tianyun said as he picked up his pace towards Heaven Abyss Forest. The Dragon Clan and the Alliance would insistently urge everyone to attack and eradicate all Evil Spirit Race that they could see, so it’d be quicker if Yi Tianyun did it himself as places like Heaven Abyss Forest was difficult to reach.

Heaven Abyss Forest itself wasn’t that far from Dragon Continent, and it was an excellent place to practice. There were a lot of Demon Beasts inside, which made the perfect cultivating place for a lower-rank cultivator. That was also the reason why the Dragon Clan sent their cultivator there to raise their cultivation base as soon as possible. That place also had a few good spirit medicine that many cultivators were coming from across the Heaven World to get.

Within only a short amount of time, Yi Tianyun has already arrived at Heaven Abyss Forest. He didn’t know whether the Evil Spirit Race’s failure to control the Dragon Clan had reached this place or not, but nevertheless, he would search Heaven Abyss Forest thoroughly.

“This place is awesome!” Yi Tianyun said as he looked around the forest. He noticed that the forest itself gradually led underground, indicating the abyss part of its name. The trees grew on the abyss’ cliff and then grew rapidly and covered the Abyss up. But while the forest might be dense, it was easy to navigate if Yi Tianyun climbed the trees.

As soon as he stepped foot into the Heaven Abyss Forest, Yi Tianyun looked around and saw several cultivators were picking Medicinal Herbs nearby. Nevertheless, Yi Tianyun couldn’t see the end of the forest as it was too vast.

However, although so many heavenly materials and treasures were forsaken away in this forest, no one would risk searching for them! There were so many Demon Beasts here that it was difficult to navigate this dense forest without getting attacked. Yi Tianyun also saw an abandoned city around the forest, but it wasn’t in such a good state. Clearly, a city near this forest wasn’t really a good idea!

“If they’re really hiding in this place, the Ten Stars can’t do anything to them!” Yi Tianyun said as he looked up to the sky and noticed that the ground couldn’t be seen from the sky. It was clearly the perfect place for the Evil Spirit Race to hide in this world!

Sure enough, as soon as he began exploring the forest, he sensed the aura of Evil Spirit Race in the distance! When Yi Tianyun rushed towards the area where he sensed the aura, he saw that several cultivators were out on a search for Spiritual Medicine.

“Is there any Spirit Medicine this close to the exit?” Zhao Huo pessimistically asked as he kept searching for Spirit Grass around the forest ground.

“We are too weak to go deeper! We can only hope that we are lucky enough to find them around the exit. We can’t afford to risk our life by going deeper!” Xiang Hua said with a frown on her face.

“That is right, Senior Brother! The elders told us to be careful at all times!” a little young lady said with vigilance in her eyes.

Seeing that their junior was too cautious, the two seniors smiled and shook their heads. Clearly, they could leave their junior sister for a lookout! Their cultivation base wasn’t that high as they were only Spirit Core Cultivators, and it was a necessity for them to search for a Spirit Medicine to boost their cultivation speed. This was the basic practice in the cultivation world. Then again, they couldn’t go back to their faction if they couldn’t even do something as simple as this.

Suddenly, the junior sister drew her sword while staring nervously ahead of her. “Heads up, something is coming!” She said nervously. The two seniors immediately took out their weapons only to find an old man walking towards them from the forest.

“Calm down, little sister. It’s just a traveller passing by.” Xiang Hua said as she put back her sword to her Storage Ring. “Hello, mister, are you here for practice too?” Xiang Hua asked the middle-aged man as he got closer.

“Not quite, I am here for a hunt! I am sorry for scaring you like that!” the middle-aged man smiled as he looked as harmless as possible. The junior immediately relaxed and put down her weapon as he didn’t see any harm from the man.

“That’s alright, but what are you hunting in this place? Is it Moon Flower Beast?” Zhao Huo asked curiously.

“No, I am here to hunt you!” the middle-aged man said with a sinister smile as another two arms emerged from his body. He quickly rushed towards Zhao Huo with his mouth opened as if he would swallow Zhao Huo whole!

Sure enough, Zhao Huo was too late to react, and thus he was late to escape! The two scared girls were now running for their lives as fast as they could, leaving behind Zhao Huo as they couldn’t think clearly due to the sheer horror of the man’s appearance.

“Run!” Xiang Hua shouted as she ran away with the junior. Zhang Huo, who was caught off guard, unable to move his limb, and fell to the ground with a pale and frightened face.

“Save me!” Zhao Huo shouted in horror. When Xiang Hua heard Zhang Huo’s voice, she quickly regained a fraction of composure and drew her sword. But clearly, she was too far away from Zhang Huo to even think of helping him.

“Wait for me, little girl! Your turn will come soon enough!” The man said with a sinister smile on his face as he held Zhao Huo’s head, ready to swallow him whole. But as he was ready to prey on him, a figure suddenly grabbed his head and smashed him to the ground!

“It is really hard to go around in this dense forest!” Yi Tianyun annoyedly said as he stood in front of the Evil Spirit Race menacingly.

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