Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Chapter 540 - 540 Buyout Contract (1)

540 Buyout Contract (1)

Xu Jingming sat at his desk and looked at the Spacetime Star Sand floating in front of him. After three days, nine hours, and 27 minutes, the ruined spacetime in the Spacetime Star Sand finally ushered in its final destruction.

Boom! Boom!

The complete collapse of spacetime meant its final destruction.

It slowly went from the collapse of the land to the final step after over three days. Xu Jingming felt very satisfied.

He could see the surface and foundation of spacetime in its entirety clearly. He gained new insights and understandings pertaining to spacetime, undergoing a transformation. He could also unleash greater strength with Primordial Battle Armor #9!


The ruined world’s complete destruction implied the collapse of the Spacetime Star Sand.

Xu Jingming’s view in his consciousness also trembled, affecting his originally transcendent vista.


The Spacetime Star Sand completely obliterated, vanishing together with the terrifying energy of world destruction.

Xu Jingming sat at his desk, and the Spacetime Star Sand floating in front of him was no longer in existence.

Huh? Xu Jingming frowned.

The Spacetime Star Sand’s final destabilization and collapse gave Xu Jingming some inspiration.

The destruction of a ruined spacetime collapse spells such terror. Logically speaking, the psychic force from a Lv. 9 Origin lifeform like me… should’ve been shattered when it seeped in. However, I wasn’t affected at all. I observed the entire spacetime collapse process with extreme detachment, Xu Jingming thought. It’s clearly because of the Spacetime Star Sand’s power that I could maintain that transcendence.

At the last moment, the Spacetime Star Sand entered its final collapse, so my observations were interfered with. My interference… is more like an observation that left that spacetime. However, my psychic force had clearly seeped in. I even came into close contact, but I wasn’t injured. It’s as if they aren’t in the same dimension!

Xu Jingming was surprised. High-dimensional?

To be able to jump out of spacetime and carefully observe every spot inside and out… Xu Jingming came to a realization. The owner of Spacetime Island can give us Origin lifeforms a high-dimensional perspective in a short period of time using the Spacetime Star Sand?

Xu Jingming said, “Nine.”

“Master,” Nine replied.

“Return,” he instructed.

“Yes,” Nine replied. Then, colorful light enveloped Xu Jingming, and he instantly jumped out of space like a ball of light.

Xu Jingming was conscious from beginning to end. When he ‘returned,’ he could feel himself jump out in an instant, like a fish jumping out of the water or a person jumping out of a painting. The feeling was indescribable.

In short, he jumped out instantly.

He had become transcendent! Everything that happened in this spacetime couldn’t harm him even if spacetime itself collapsed.

Right, the view in the Spacetime Star Sand resembles this moment a little. It’s just milder? It’s not as violent and fierce as the Return I’m experiencing now. In front of Xu Jingming was the depths of the mountain where a massive number of Primordial Battle Armor was hidden.

He had returned to the headquarters of the Primordial Research Institute.

“Why are you here?” Secretary General Blacksky looked at Xu Jingming in confusion. “You’re not injured.”

“I was trying out Return.” Xu Jingming grinned. “I’ve obtained some Spacetime Star Sand, and it feels like it has placed my mind and consciousness in a high-dimensional state.”

“It’s different.” Blacksky smiled. “Primordial Battle Armor #9’s Return is its best means of escape: high-dimensional traveling. Moreover, it crosses many cosmic sectors in one step and arrives at the Primordial Research Institute. As for Spacetime Star Sand, it only places one’s mind and consciousness in a high-dimensional state inside Spacetime Star Sand. The difficulty is much lower.”

“There are still many things in common,” Xu Jingming said. “I feel like I’m struggling to jump out of spacetime when using Primordial Battle Armor #9.”

“It looks like you’ve gained plenty in the spacetime lineage,” Blacksky commented. “Chill. Continue building up your knowledge, and you’ll be able to ‘jump out!’ You’ll be able to take the initiative to carry out high-dimensional travel and not have the Primordial Battle Armor passively use Return.”

Carrying out high-dimensional travel? Xu Jingming’s eyes lit up.

“Nine is much more precious than the high-dimensional spatial items that Hellion Sovereigns fuse with. It can directly Return to headquarters! It’s not difficult for you to use it to travel in high-dimensional space,” Blacksky said.

“You can continue using the Spacetime Star Sand to experience another perspective—take it in. Also, improve your understanding of spacetime. The deeper your understanding, the higher your chances of jumping out of it,” Blacksky said with a smile.

Xu Jingming fell into thought.

“Alright, I’ll send you back,” Blacksky said.

With the Primordial Research Institute headquarters’ teleportation, he immediately returned to the galaxy he was stationed in.

With a teleport, he found himself back in his residence.

Sitting on a recliner, Xu Jingming recalled the perspective he had gained and recalled the feeling of jumping out of spacetime while using Return. Still sitting on the recliner, he then tried to jump out of spacetime.

No, I can’t. Xu Jingming shook his head. I’m not ready. I’ll first summarize my observations and deepen my understanding of spacetime. If it’s not enough, I’ll use Spacetime Star Sand again to experience the high-level perspective.

High-dimensional walking might be a high-dimensional means he was most likely capable of. Xu Jingming could already vaguely sense that he was very close to it.

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