Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Chapter 538 - 538 Inside the Spacetime Star Sand (1)

538 Inside the Spacetime Star Sand (1)

Xu Jingming sat in front of his desk with the speck of Spacetime Star Sand floating in front of him, waiting for his psychic force to seep in.

This is…

The grain of star sand hid a world. It was just that this world was in ruins!

Xu Jingming’s consciousness observed the ruined world. A perfectly spherical world with a diameter of 3212.3817 kilometers.

The spherical space had land and a void, intercepting into an absolute sphere. From the first moment Xu Jingming observed it with his consciousness, this ruined world broke free from its frozen state and continued its collapse.

The land was collapsing! As the rocks, soil, and metal collapsed, they were completely obliterated into Cosmic Force.

Spacetime turbulence surged…

Spacetime fluctuations can actually be so chaotic. Xu Jingming observed with his consciousness and exclaimed in surprise, I’ve cultivated and experimented with moves in space for so many years, but I’ve never felt such chaotic spacetime.

The spatial fluctuations he had seen in the past were like waves in a river or waves in the sea.

At this moment—

It was the chaos of the entire ocean completely flipping over and collapsing! It was much more thorough! The chaos was countless times more intense.

Is this the true power of spacetime? Xu Jingming was stunned as he experienced it.

Having been an Origin lifeform for so many years, Xu Jingming had spent a lot of effort on this because his Primordial Battle Armor #9 was best at spacetime. For example, he was studying the spacetime wormhole model, cosmic rift model, and auxiliary spatial model among the six evolutionary Force structural models. He wasn’t far from completely grasping them.

Moreover, he had also cultivated some other Force models. For example, the spacetime well model, the cosmic prison model, the origin disintegration model…

Although he had only grasped some simple models or a general understanding of the more difficult models he studied on the side, his accumulation in spacetime in order to unleash the Primordial Battle Armor’s strength wasn’t inferior to the Light lineage.

The more he understood, the more shocked he was when he observed the ruined world.

All matter collapsed, and spacetime turned into chaos. Xu Jingming observed that the collapse of the land lasted for more than an hour.

Huh? Spacetime itself is beginning to collapse. Xu Jingming watched in disbelief.

No matter how chaotic the spacetime turbulence in the normal universe was, spacetime itself remained intact. It was like a planet—even if there were constant battles on the surface and it was in a mess, the planet itself remained stable.

And now, the ruined world in the Spacetime Star Sand’s spacetime itself couldn’t be maintained.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

With a sound similar to sea waves, the surface of the turbulent spacetime began to lose its stability as it began to split, collapse, and inch toward destruction.

So this is the superficial layer of spacetime. Xu Jingming insatiably observed every spatial collapse. They contained endless changes, answering many of the questions in Xu Jingming’s mind.

I understand how the auxiliary space model is ‘auxiliary.’ It is the connection between the superficial layers of spacetime. Xu Jingming comprehended one of the difficulties of the auxiliary space model.

Sometimes, learning something was incomprehensible, but one could be enlightened upon seeing it with their own eyes.

There are actually so many spacetime layers? Xu Jingming watched. Why is spacetime stable? Why can’t even the spacetime well completely tear through spacetime? It turns out that there are so many spacetime layers. They are intertwined, giving them unimaginable stability.

Although Xu Jingming had studied spacetime, he only knew 12 spacetime layers. Hundreds of layers had already appeared in front of him. More spacetime layers revealed themselves as they collapsed.

The Hellions are good at void concealment, but unstable spacetime fluctuations will make them appear. The spacetime layer clearly has a huge impact.

This is the ‘shadow layer’ among the spacetime layers…

This is the ‘mirror projection’ among the spacetime layers…

Xu Jingming watched.

Such spacetime collapse was very rare; even the virtual world network couldn’t simulate it! Even among the three human Paramounts, only the owner of Spacetime Island had a way of using Spacetime Star Sand to intercept a spacetime world that was in the midst of collapse.

After intercepting it, it was frozen and sealed.

When external forces seeped into the Spacetime Star Sand for observation, it would be kicked out of its frozen state. This incomplete spacetime world would then proceed with its collapse.

Our universe is stable and intact; we can’t see such a scene at all. I heard that the Spacetime Star Sand was brought back by the owner of Spacetime Island from high-dimensional space. Xu Jingming was thrilled.

After so many years of studying the spacetime lineage’s Force models, he finally saw an entire spacetime collapse with his own eyes, allowing him to see spacetime clearly from the shallowest layer to the deepest layer.

Mr. Jane’s Mirror Domain is the utilization of the spacetime mirror layer. If he can perfectly grasp it, his Mirror Domain will be raised to the highest level—Mirror Universe. That will make him a cosmic legend. Xu Jingming watched.

This is the fluid layer… It’s a key factor for why spacetime fluctuations are so intense and why we can travel such great distances using spacetime wormholes.

I get it!

Origin disintegration model—no wonder it needs to be composed of 291 layers! Isn’t it targeted at each individual layer of spacetime? The Force structure of the origin disintegration model appeared in Xu Jingming’s mind. When he compared it to the spacetime layers, he found many of his questions answered.

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