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Chapter 1349 - 1349 Bloodstained Universe! (1)

1349 Bloodstained Universe! (1)

Time Talent was a mysterious power.

Others would probably not sense when it was being executed.

Those without the talent would never notice its usage, not even eternal stage warriors.

Time was basically taboo. Not many people could grasp it.

Furthermore, Wang Teng had only stopped time for a split second.

The effect was also limited to a small area where Devil Emperor Bare Brain was. People elsewhere would not feel the change.

This was the reason why our hero dared to use this move.

“What did you do?” Bare Brain stared at the young man coldly, furious since his prey was saved. At the same time, he was astounded, in disbelief.

He didn’t know what had happened in that instant. The feeling of losing control terrified him.

Anyone would feel the same.

“What did you say? I don’t understand.” Wang Teng played dumb.

General Cameron: …

Bai Shanhou: …

Could you be a little more fake? Who would believe you!

Bare Brain frowned, knowing he wouldn’t get a straight answer. So, his gaze turned sharp and then he disappeared.

Wang Teng would never underestimate the devil emperor’s attack. He hurriedly used Space Flash to port General Cameron and himself to where Bai Shanhou was.

The latter couldn’t act, but it was still safer being next to him.

Wang Teng didn’t think that Emperor No Brain would dare to snatch someone when standing close to Bai Shanhou. His guts weren’t that big.

As expected, Bare Brain appeared in Wang Teng’s original position and stared grimly at the latter.

“Bai Shanhou, are you trying to interfere?” Devil Titan Death Bone’s voice floated in the air.

He didn’t show up, but he opened his eyes as he looked at them coldly from beyond the dimensional rift.

“I didn’t move,” Bai Shanhou said indifferently.

Death Bone stared at him for some time. Then he said, “Humans are indeed shameless.”

“Really?” Bai Shanhou glanced around as if clueless about the titan’s claim.

“Hmph!” the titan snorted. Then, he sneered and said, “Bare Brain, go and kill the other human warriors.”

“Yes!” Bare Brain smirked and rushed towards Defense Planet No. 29.

Wang Teng and General Cameron’s expressions changed a bit. If a high-tier devil emperor entered the fray below, the human warriors would be massacred.

“Go!” Wang Teng controlled the universe stage robots to chase after Bare Brain and stop him.

He felt a little helpless. He was only a celestial stage warrior, while his responsibility exceeded that stage.

He was rushing to save the world.

It was tiring.

“Are you trying to stop me with three robots?” Devil Emperor Bare Brain scoffed and swung his battle mace down.


The robot trio didn’t pose a real threat to the Devil Emperor. They were thrown back, but Bare Brain wasn’t planning on letting them go. He disappeared and reappeared above the three, hurling his mace to get them.

A robot was smashed into pieces; the other two launched their attacks.

“You’re overestimating yourself!” Bare Brain sneered. He destroyed the robot’s blade glows and rushed towards them, all the while resisting the attack’s residual impact.

Wang Teng controlled the robots and had them retreat. However, it was too late; Bare Brain reached them instantly and swept his mace through the air. The robots were thrown backwards, seriously damaged.

The broken robots recovered and dashed towards the devil emperor again. They started hurling all kinds of attacks at him.

“Move!” Bare Brain swung his battle mace furiously. He was irritated by those robots.

The robots weren’t formidable opponents, but they were unnerving. He couldn’t get rid of them quickly.

Wang Teng turned serious. Many thoughts went through his mind as he tried to find a way out.

Only the Space Tornado could deal with a universe stage opponent!

However, that move was possibly not strong enough for a Devil Emperor. The heavily injured Obelisk Scale Dragon Beast could be affected, but not Bare Brain.

This devil emperor was injured, but it still had energy. The young hero wasn’t confident of being able to kill him.


He thought again of his time talent.

Bai Shanhou saw Wang Teng’s expression, feeling surprised and intrigued.

This fellow seems to have an idea!

General Cameron stood at the side and regained his composure after being saved. He was unsettled by the ongoing battle he saw and then turned to look at the young hero, who seemed to be in deep thought. A tinge of hope appeared in the general’s heart.

Does he have a way to salvage the situation?

The thought itself was absurd, expecting a celestial stage warrior would deal with a high-tier devil emperor.

Alas, he had no other choice. That was why he could only place his hopes on Wang Teng.

The fellow had created many miracles in the past, so he had blind faith in him. He might be able to create another miracle this time.

Wang Teng didn’t know what the general was thinking. His entire focus was on dealing with Devil Emperor Bare Brain. Their plan would fail if they didn’t stop him.

General Cameron trusted him and launched this battle.

Generals Ukeri, Qi Yuanju and the others trusted him, and had never doubted him!

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