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Chapter 1125 - Engagement Banquet

Chapter 1125: Engagement Banquet

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On Earth!

The news about the ending of the Olant Federation spread on Earth while Wang Teng was on his return journey.

There were even pictures as evidence.

It was invigorating!

Especially to those people whose city was destroyed. They cried and laughed in joy, venting their anger and hatred.

Then, another piece of news spread.

“What? Wang Teng became the owner of the Milky Way?”

“How’s that possible? That’s the entire Milky Way. The territory is huge and there’re many life planets in it like Earth. Even a cosmos-stage martial warrior might not have a galaxy. How did Wang Teng get it?”

This was unbelievable to Earthlings.

As the heads of the nations came back, all the citizens in the different countries received the news. There was a huge uproar on the entire planet.

At the same time, the countries made a decision. They must follow Wang Teng’s footsteps closely and not fall behind.

The heads of the nations widened their perspectives after visiting the Olant Federation with Wang Teng. They knew how tiny they were in front of powerful universe factions. They had to follow him closely if they wanted to find their spot in the universe.

The different nations hated the fact that Wang Teng wasn’t their citizen. That was why things were so troublesome. They wished they could do nothing and gain benefits!

At this moment, their jealousy toward Country Xia couldn’t be described in words.

“Hahaha, Wang Teng managed to become the owner of the Milky Way! He’s making us and Country Xia proud!”

“Great. Wang Teng is from Country Xia. This is a good thing for us.”

“Quick, prepare some gifts. I want to visit the Wang family.”

“That’s right. Let’s head to the Wang family. We must maintain a good relationship with them. This is our chance to rise.”

The people in Country Xia went crazy. Everyone felt proud.

Some families that were close to the Wang family got excited. They prepared great gifts and went to visit them. They would be struck by lightning if they missed this great chance.

Earth wasn’t silent anymore. Many people felt a huge rise in their sense of security.

That was right, a sense of security!

In the past, when they were invaded by the Olant Federation, everyone realized how fragile and weak Earth was.

Even after driving away the Olant Federation, they didn’t feel safe. They felt that the other factions in the universe would invade them in the future.

To the universe, Earth was honestly weak. Earthlings were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. But they could finally feel at ease after knowing that Wang Teng had become the owner of the Milky Way.

With the entire Milky Way as its shield, Earth was definitely many times safer. Those universe factions would have a harder time if they wanted to attack them again.

“Sigh, another one has left.” Wang Shengguo heaved a sigh of relief when he walked in.

He had welcomed many elders from different families over the past few days.

All of them came to visit the Wang family, hoping to have a relationship with them whether they were close or not.

The Wang family rejected everyone they could. They only welcomed those that they couldn’t reject. Even so, it was a little tough.

Grandpa Wang, Wang Shengguo, and the others took turns welcoming the guests. It was like an unending stream.

“Dad, it must be tough for you.” Wang Teng smiled as he walked out from the backyard.

“You threw the matter to us and went into hiding. We have to settle all these troublesome things,” Wang Shengguo replied angrily.

It wasn’t good to have a son who was too outstanding. He was exhausted.

“I need to cultivate.” Wang Teng found an excuse and chuckled.

Wang Shengguo pointed at him in irritation.

“You can continue feeling proud. You seemed quite happy and delighted just now.” Li Xiumei carried a cup of water over and rolled her eyes at Wang Shengguo, exposing him.

As Wang Teng’s father, he was definitely proud and happy that Wang Teng had the ability to let the entire world flatter him. He was just putting on an act.

Wang Shengguo coughed awkwardly and said in embarrassment, “You should give me some face in front of our child.”

“Hahaha.” Wang Teng burst out laughing.

Everyone had someone they feared. Wang Shengguo was always helpless in front of Li Xiumei.

The outside world was noisy, but Wang Teng treasured the quiet time at home with his family, enjoying the happiness of a reunion.

Wang Teng and Lin Chuhan’s engagement was put on the agenda too.

The parents from both sides had mentioned this many times, and finally, they were putting it into action.

Wang Teng and Lin Chuhan didn’t reject the suggestion. Having walked so far, it was about time for an engagement to happen. Dragging it any longer would be inappropriate.

The Wang family discussed it with the Lin family and decided to hold the banquet three days later.

Grandpa Wang had found someone to find a good date. Three days later was a good day. It was suitable for engagement.

Invitations were sent out to the families that had a good relationship with the Wang family as well as some special figures.

Actually, with Wang Teng’s current status, he was already many times higher in status compared to the others on Earth. However, people like the leader of martial arts were his elders and their relationship was good, so he must invite them.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. At night, the Wang family decorated their home beautifully in red. Everything looked joyous and jubilant.

Expensive cars were parked outside their residence. The guests alighted and walked toward the residence with gifts in their hands.

The lobby was spacious and brightly lit.

Servants shuttled back and forth, attending to the guests. The delicious food and wine were specialties Wang Teng brought back from the universe. The whole experience was extravagant.

All the guests present were flabbergasted.

“This is majestic!”

The Zhou family was present too. Grandpa Zhou was in awe when he saw the decorations. Zhou Baiyun stood beside him, feeling frustrated.

In the end, she lost. She lost to Lin Chuhan.

Wang Teng didn’t even consider her.

Zhou Baiyun suddenly felt regret. Had she known how extraordinary Wang Teng was back then and made the first move, she wouldn’t have lost so terribly.

She believed that she would be able to mesmerize Wang Teng with her charm.

After all, Wang Teng was just a normal person at that time and the Zhou family was more powerful than the Wang family. If she had lowered her head, she might have captured Wang Teng’s heart.

Unfortunately, everything was too late. One mistake and she lost the entire game. She had no chance anymore.

“Little Jun, you must control your emotions. You’ll be the head of the Zhou family in the future,” Grandpa Zhou reminded.

“Yes.” Zhou Baiyun got a shock. She quickly hid the unwillingness in her eyes and followed her grandpa into the lobby.

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