Combat Maid Harem

Chapter 49 - Aleshia Is Not Ready For Night Services

"You don't seem to be sick."

Aleshia pondered in thought. The temperature she felt from Lawrend's forehead was not enough for him to be considered sick.

"That's because I'm not."

Lawrend replied with his face burning red. He moved away from her as the closer she was, the more his heart beat quicker.

"I see. That's a relief then."

Aleshia sighed in relief. She became worried for a second over nothing.

Time passed quietly as they waited for their turn. Aleshia would drive the carriage forward from time to time as the carriages in front of them moved forward.

Lawrend was behind the curtain at the front of the carriage. He couldn't help but glance towards it from time to time. Contrary to what you might think, he was not looking at the curtain but rather at the woman behind it. She was sitting calmly while waiting for the carriage in front to move.

'Just what is going on with me?'

Lawrend touched his chest and felt the rapid beating of his heart. It was thundering, and this was the first time that Lawrend had ever felt something like this.

Lawrend shook his head and pulled the curtain at the back of the carriage, and looked outside. He tried to calm himself down, but for some reason, he was feeling gritty. It was as if his body wanted to do something, but he couldn't put it into words.

It took almost an hour, but Lawrend and Aleshia were finally able to enter the city. The moment they entered the city, the bustling noises from the peddlers and the crowd hit their ears.

It was a familiar experience to Lawrend, but it was plainly apparent that this city was more bustling than Lanika City. The economy in this place was booming. A long line of restaurants and shops lined the street into the city.


Lawrend murmured in awe. This level of bustling was almost at the level of the cities in the memories of his past life. It was shocking to Lawrend as the city in his memories had at least 250,000 residents. Just how many residents does this city have!?

"Young Master, do you want to stay at an inn?"

Aleshia asked Lawrend, who was looking outside through the front of the carriage and turning his head from left to right.

"Let's stay at a luxury inn."

Lawrend nodded his head. He could imagine the noisy crowd that would be inside the average inns in this bustling city. He doesn't like being in such crowded places.

"I understand, Young Master."

Aleshia nodded her head candidly. She understood him. As a noble, he would not be used to the atmosphere inside an average inn.

They quickly found an inn. It was named 'Bleak Skies Inn'. It was a pretty small inn, but it was obvious as there would only be so few that could afford to stay here.

The carriage was taken by an inn staff to park behind the inn as a service to its customers.

"Welcome to the Bleak Skies Inn. What room would you like, sir?"

A beautiful receptionist greeted them the moment they entered the establishment. She had a petite body and a dolled-up face. She was wearing a black tight skirt and a white round-neck shirt.

"The most expensive one."

Lawrend replied to the receptionist with a smile on his face. After getting that fortune from the bandits, he didn't care about money right now. He even had thoughts of just abandoning this venture since he already got enough money to pay for Ella's healing and to offset any losses that he incurred.

But Lawrend still decided to continue on as he now has questions about Mages that he would like to ask the local Mage Guild about.

In this world, guilds are everywhere. For every major profession, a guild would oversee it. For example, the Mage Guild oversees Mages. They provide benefits to their members in exchange for their help.

"Please, follow me."

The receptionist smiled widely after hearing Lawrend's words. He was like a walking cash cow in her eyes.

The receptionist led the way, and they walked up the stairs. It was a long walk before they arrived at the top of the three stories inn.

"This is our Creava Room. It has a king-size bed, perfect for 'night' services."

The receptionist gave Lawrend a wink before looking at Aleshia at the side. There was a suggestive meaning under her words. She opened the door and gave way to them before standing to the side.

"Thank you."

Lawrend felt his heart skip a beat at the receptionist's words. He couldn't help but glance at Aleshia, but she just stood there cooly even though she understood what the receptionist meant.

"There will be waitresses waiting at the end of the hallway. Please call them when you need 'anything'."

The receptionist explained before closing the door and leaving them behind. It seems to Lawrend that this was not just an inn. It also had some 'extra' services offered.

"Sigh, how stressful."

Lawrend released a sigh of relief, knowing that the receptionist had already left. Her words were full of hidden suggestions.

"Young Master, do you still remember our agreement with each other before we went on this journey?"

Aleshia asked him with no emotion on her face.

"That you would escort me?"

Lawrend replied to her with a raised eyebrow. He couldn't understand what she was getting at.

"Yes, and you should understand that there won't be any of that 'night' services happening in between us."

Aleshia looked at Lawrend coldly as she explained to him. She was only offering herself to be his maid. At least, she doesn't think it's right for her to offer her body to him too.

"I understand."

Lawrend nodded his head firmly. She was right. She was only his maid right now. If he dares to force himself on her, then he would surely lose her trust before being killed pathetically.

"That's all, Young Master. I'll go rest on the bed."

Aleshia removed her cold face as if it was just a dream and put on a warm smile. Lawrend shook his head after seeing that. Women, they really value their bodies. He almost thought that she would look at him like that for the whole day.

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