Combat Maid Harem

Chapter 20 - The Escort Mission Plan

"Thank you, Mr. Albert. Is there anything else?"

Aleshia asked with a polite smile on her face. This butler was very helpful in guiding her in this mansion.

"You still don't know the mansion rules, right? I will give you a simple rundown of all the rules in the mansion."

Albert started listing the rules of the mansion one by one. For starters, the rules are very simple. It was all along the lines of don't do this and do that. It was all mostly common sense such as don't wake up the Young Master late at night unless it's an emergency, do wake up the Young Master on time if it was her duty, etc.

"Do you understand?"

Albert asked her to confirm that she was fully aware of all the rules in the mansion. Otherwise, if she makes a mistake, it would be his responsibility.

"I understand."

Aleshia nodded her head in understanding. Albert was satisfied with her response and bid his farewell before leaving. It was already deep into the night and staying here for any longer might arouse some weird rumors.

Aleshia walked back inside her room and slept soundly. Although she was still very alert as she slept as this was her first night here. She still couldn't fully trust Lawrend. If she lets her guard down, she might be taken advantage of.

The next morning, Aleshia was woken up by loud knocks on her door. The sun has already fully risen on the horizon. She groggily stood up and opened it. Her face was grumpy as she was deep into her sleep and was disturbed by the knocks.

"Who is it?"

Aleshia asked with a cold voice. When she saw the person on the other side of the door, she froze up. It was Albert and there was a frown on his face.

"Aleshia you're late, the Young Master is looking for you."

Aleshia's mind went blank when she heard his words. She still hadn't processed yet that she was still inside the Horiel mansion. Before long she opened her eyes wide in realization. She immediately rushed inside and wore the maid uniform Albert gave her last night.

Albert face-palmed after seeing her comical response. He could expect nothing less from a new hire. Aleshia came out while wearing the new maid uniform. She didn't even care if it was embarrassing for her to wear.

She followed Albert and they appeared in front of Lawrend. Lawrend's jaw fell when he saw Aleshia in her maid uniform.

The maid uniform was black and white. There were frills on the skirt and various parts of the uniform. There was an insignia of the Horiel family on its front. The embroidered image of stacks of boxes of crates was very eye-catching. No one would mistake that she was not a maid of the Horiel family.

Aleshia suddenly felt embarrassed after having Lawrend look at her so intently. When Aleshia blushed, Lawrend felt shivers run down his spine. She was so cute!

The skirt was also short. It was not like the usual maid uniforms with very long skirts. Lawrend was sure that he could look at her forever. She was such an eye candy.

"You're very beautiful in that maid uniform, Aleshia."

Lawrend complimented her seriously. There was no smile on his face. Only a serious expression. This was his way of expressing that his words are entirely true.

Aleshia looked at Albert for help. She didn't know what to do in this type of situation. Albert motioned for her to bow by bowing his head lightly. Aleshia followed him and bowed.

"Thank you, Young Master."

Lawrend's eyes opened wide in amazement. The feeling of being the master of this maid was a very empowering feeling for him. He finally had his first maid! Although she was not that gifted on the front end for him to see a valley after she bows, she was still very beautiful.

Lawrend had already forgotten that she was the same assassin that once threatened his life. It was just that contrasting with her current appearance. He was sure that he would never think of her as an assassin even if someone says so.

"Albert, could you leave the two of us alone?"

Lawrend looked at Albert and said.

"As you wish, Young Master."

Albert bowed his head full of silver hair and left. Aleshia immediately became worried after seeing Albert leave. She felt for her dagger but she couldn't find it. She gulped heavily when she realized that she forgot to bring her dagger with her.

"I would like to have a discussion with you about our future plans."

Lawrend smiled as he said to her.


Aleshia asked in doubt. She never heard about something like this from Lawrend before.

"That's right. My plan is to travel to Sheron Port City to buy goods and sell them here for a higher price. I would pay you extra after we return here."

Lawrend explained to her. Sheron Port City is located south of Lanika City. Sheron Port City is a city where the goods from other ports of the kingdom arrive. Some are even from a different continent altogether.

"What do you want me to do?"

Aleshia asked with a frown. This was not like what she was promised. After all, she still had to take care of her little sister. She couldn't spend time going to another city.

"I want you to escort me. Of course, you would not be alone, but 4 other guards would come with us."

Lawrend gave her the basic gist of it. This was an escort mission for her. She was to escort Lawrend and the goods safely from Sheron Port City back to Lanika City.

"Why do you choose me?"

Aleshia was very suspicious of Lawrend's intentions. He is the son of the wealthiest merchant in the city. There's no one in this city that would refuse his escort mission request.

"Because I like you."

Lawrend told her with a wide smile on his face.

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