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Chosen Bride of the Seven Dark Princes

Chosen Bride of the Seven Dark Princes







Chosen Bride of the Seven Dark Princes

Rating: 8.4/10 from 57 ratings

Who in the world wakes up to find a hot and sexy man bat sitting in their house, and then whisked away into another world to do battle after battle just to stay alive???

One night, during a routine heist run, a high-level jewel thief was caught by a band of winged-demons. The seven demons turn out to be drop-dead gorgeous Princes of the Shadow Realm Erenveil. They have been looking for the Earth woman who can handle the Avgo and bring her back to the Shadow Realm.
The seven princes did not expect the Avgo-carrying woman to be feisty spirited Candace Farrah, a ballet dancer, martial artist, archaeologist, cat burglar extraordinaire.
They also did not expect this high-level jewel thief to steal their hardened demonic hearts.

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