Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 45

Seomunjaehak glared at Byeoktaesan.

He couldn’t figure out how he had the audacity to act the way he did.

He didn’t think he was stupid. So, it wasn’t that he couldn’t figure out the situation at all.

That means that he has something or someone that he trusts that has his back. Even if he didn’t know what that was.

“You… Who is watching over your back that you are like this?”

All of the force of Seomunjaehak was concentrated on Byeoktaesan.

Byeoktaesan nodded, dodging the force easily.

He certainly was pretty good. He was at least a couple of steps higher than Zhong Li-woong.

The same was true of Gu Yang su and Chu Young Hak, standing behind Seomunjaehak.

In other words, he wasn’t that much stronger.

Byeoktaesan said as if none of that affected him.

“In the first place, the clumsy ones always try to show off their strength. Use your strength when you need to actually use it.”

There were always idiots who like to show off their strength.

In the past, when he would go outside, he would always meet a few of those kinds of people.

Each time he was very kind and informed them that they shouldn’t.

So that they can feel it with their body that is.

It was something he said because he thought of his past, but from the standpoint of the one accepting it must have been really difficult to accept.

Seomunjaehak’s face turned red with anger.

“Whooo. First, let’s hear what or who has your back. A nobody from Gold Wall merchants dares to look down upon the Seomun Household?”

Byeoktaesan tilted his head.

“Why are you talking about the Gold Wall merchants right now? It was a personal attack from me to you. Are you saying if you can’t borrow the name of your family, you can’t do anything?”

The anger of Seomunjaehak was on the verge of exploding.

“Whooo. Let’s not do this here and go outside. Let us go somewhere quiet and have a conversation. There seem to be some minor misunderstandings between us.”

Seomun jaehak said that and looked at the person who came along Byeoktaesan.

He was a fairly old man, but he looked really ordinary.

“The old man would be better off staying here. If you fall wrong at that age, you will suffer severely.”

It was half a threat.

He didn’t want to show other people how he and Byeoktaesan were going to talk.

“For your information, I really hate those that talk about me behind my back. So I’ll trust you not to tell anyone about this.”

The expression of the old man became strange at the words of Seomunjaehak.

The old man was just about to step in, but Byeoktaesan raised his hand to stop him.

“It’s okay, so stay here.”

The old man, Il Chim Gui, looked at Byeoktaesan with an unfair expression.

After being condemned, he asked fiercely if he should sit still with this embarrassment.

Byeoktaesan shook his head.

“There will be another chance later, so be patient. Originally, it’s best to wait and eat when you’re hungry. The same goes for this.”

Only then did the Il Chim Gui take a step back.

When he thought about it, Byeoktaesan was right. If he waits for a moment, he will be able to eat a feast.

Il Chim Gui scanned the faces of Gu Yang-su and Chu Young-hak, who were behind Seomunjaehak.

As if he would never forget.

“Where did they say they were from?”

Byeoktaesan asked, looking at the staff of Geumwol hostel.

The staff replied, trying to keep as cool as possible.

“Seomun household, Gu Yang household, and the Chu household.”

“You heard right?”

When Byeoktaesan looked at Il Chim Gui and asked, he nodded greatly.

“I definitely remembered it.”

As Il Chim Gui stepped back one more step, Byeoktaesan looked at Seomunjaehak.

“Now, guide me. For reference, I’m not going to go out far. It’s annoying to come back.”

Seomunjaehak’s face gradually turned red. Whoever looked at him, they would be able to tell he was trying hard to hold back his anger.

Gu Yang-su, Chu Young-hak, and Seomunjaehak warriors acted calmly as if they were used to this.

However, those who were not used to it looked at Byeoktaesan and Seomunjaehak alternately with very anxious expressions.

“I found a very nice place before. It’s not too far, so it will do. Let’s go.”

Seomunjaehak said that, turned around and walked.

Byeoktaesan followed slowly.

Then, the rest of the people rushed out, surrounding Byeoktaesan.

The employee of Geumwol hostel, who was watching the scene, asked anxiously as she looked at Il Chim Gui.

“Do you think he will be okay? Shall I contact the group? There are also warriors assigned to our hostel. It is also possible to mobilize the warriors if you can promise mediation.”

In fact, she thought everything would be solved once Il Chim Gui came out, but she couldn’t recommend that to him.

It was because Il Chim Gui had already decided not to do that.

Il Chim Gui shook his head.

“It’s alright. They don’t know what is what so they will just have to learn the hard way.”

She couldn’t understand what he meant quickly and just bowed her head.

“I… I hope they don’t kill him.”

Il Chim Gui left only those words and went back inside.

And after some time, he came out again with Chun Chu Shin-ui.

“Do you know how difficult it was for me to get here in a carriage? Do you have to drag me out like this?”

Il Chim Gui frowned. And he stared at him.

“Are you not going to fix your tone? Am I your friend or something?”

Chun Chu Shin-ui smiled.

“You’re the same kind as me, so why are you trying to decide who is higher between us right now? And I think I am showing enough respect, aren’t I?”

Il Chim Gui looked up at the sky and bowed his head.

“Sigh. How did I really become like this… … .”

Chun Chu shin-ui’s put his hand on the shoulder of Il Chim Gui.

“Isn’t this all thanks to meeting our wonderful lord?”

Il Chim Gui leaned up and stared at him.

“So this is all thanks to the lord… Is that right?”

Chun Chu Shin-ui smiled.

“Do you know that? Your face looks much better these days. Your skin looks better and you feel younger for some reason. Since you are a doctor, don’t you know your body better than me?”

Il Chim Gui closed his mouth.

Honestly, that was an undeniable fact.

It wasn’t just his body getting better. His achievement in martial arts has also increased considerably recently.

One of the walls that had been tightly closed a while ago broke down very naturally.

Somehow, his acupuncture seemed to be better, and his medicine seemed to be better.

No, it wasn’t because of his mood, that actually was the case.

Since all of these changes began after meeting Byeoktaesan, how could he deny that it was thanks to Byeoktaesan?

“Still… It fucking hurts so much.”

Il Chim Gui muttered like that and walked outside.

Chun Chu Shin-ui smiled and followed him.

“What do you mean it hurts? I haven’t experienced anything like that yet. Oh my, this is so unfair. Doesn’t it mean that our lord is caring about you so much? Ha, I don’t know why the lord doesn’t care for me as much.”

Il Chim Gui closed his mouth and hurried.

It wouldn’t make him look good to say anymore. In this case, it’s best to ignore it and just do what he needed to do. Or change the topic.

“Anyways, do we have to do this? Our lord should be just fine.”

“But they are the children of a prestigious family. Things will get complicated if they die. If it’s a limb cut or being broken somewhere, we can fix it, but we can’t revive the dead.”

“You don’t think he would go to that extent do you?”

“I mean, we don’t know what he will do. Just in case! And it’s better because if we treat it quickly, we can erase the wounds that appear on the surface. No?”

“Hmm… that is true… … .”

Chun Chu Shin-ui smiled.

“Have you made up your mind to be loyal to our lord?”

“I am someone who keeps my promises well in the first place. I will keep the promise I made once to the end.”

“Ahha, so you were loyal in the first place? You are a great person. I didn’t know. Kyaah, that’s why our lord is taking care of you so much. I envy that. Hahahahaha.”

Il Chim Gui frowned and walked quickly.

Chun chu shin-ui hurriedly followed him and yapped his mouth constantly.

Il Chim Gui incessantly wondered whether or not to sew his mouth together as they walked.

* * *

“Hoh. I didn’t know there was a place like this near the hostel.”

Byeoktaesan looked around.

It was a small forest that appeared when you go around the Geumwol hostel, and there was a rather spacious vacant lot in the center.

It was a place surrounded by trees like a folding screen, so it was quite charming.

Since the sun has not yet set, there was light everywhere, but that was also quite worth seeing.

“What do you think? Isn’t it pretty nice? It was pretty hard finding a place like this. Doesn’t it look like a really good place to beat people?”

In fact, Seomunjaehak didn’t find this place, he just came knowing that there was a forest behind the hostel.

He didn’t know there was such a large vacant lot.

Gu Yang-Su and Chu Young-Hak looked at Seomunjaehak with amazement.

“When did you find a place like this?”

“We had no idea.”

After hearing the admiration of the two, he thought he was really good at pretending.

“Well, I am pretty good.”

Seomunjaehak looked at the warriors of the family while saying so.

“Go outside and make sure no one is allowed into the forest.”


As the Seomun household warriors rushed out, Gu Yang-su and Chu Young-hak each gave the same orders to their warriors of the family.

They each had brought seven warriors.

At that point, there will be no problem in stopping anyone coming into the forest for the time being.

“Now, we are ready to talk. How about you? Have you prepared your heart?”

“Prepared my heart?”

“It will hurt quite a bit. Since it’s quite quiet here, no one will ever hear you scream a little… There is quite a bit of time left before the sun goes down… The pain will be quite long.”

Seomunjaehak smiled and looked at Byeoktaesan.

Gu Yang-su and Chu Young-hak prepared to stop him from running away by surrounding Byeoktaesan at a distance.

Of course, they were confident that he couldn’t run away even if they didn’t do that, but they thought it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious.

“What, I thought you wanted to talk but now you want to fight?”

Byeoktaesan looked at Seomunjaehak with interested eyes.

No, it wasn’t interesting, it was anticipation.

How can he not anticipate? He finally got a chance to use what he has learned from Il Chim Gui on these guys.

Wouldn’t this be considered practical training?

“Ah, conversation. I almost forgot. I was feeling too good. Yes, let’s talk.”

Seomunjaehak said while rolling his eyes.

“How long on earth are you going to put the burden on Lady Yeon?

“Putting burden?”

“Yeah. From what I found out, it seems like Gold Wall merchants pretty much kicked you out, how dare you desire Lady Yeon.

Byeoktaesan looked at Seomunjaehak with interested eyes.

“You said I desired Yeon ha rin?”

“If not, then why aren’t you canceling the engagement? You have to let her go so she will hurry and find a good marriage partner don’t you think? Like me, for example.”

“So that’s all you want to say?”

Byeoktaesan asked, looking at the other two people around him this time, Gu Yangsu and Chu Younghak.

Sparks seemed to pour out of the eyes of the two.

He felt the will from them saying that they won’t let him go nicely today.

“Who are the women you brought? You have lady Yeon, but dare to bring other women?”

Byeoktaesan laughed when he heard that. Are they really those who honestly pour out their desires?

“They are my servants?”

“Servants? Nonsense! You say you use such women as servants?”

Byeoktaesan shook his hand as if he didn’t want to hear more.

“Now, I don’t have time, so let’s finish this quickly. That way, I have more time to enjoy. I’m really looking forward to it, so do it well.”

Even before Byeoktaesan’s words were over, Seomunjaehak rushed at him.

Seo Jeon-hak tried to grasp Byeoktaesan’s shoulder with his hand bent like a rake.

Byeoktaesan lightly reached out with his hand and pulled while slightly grasping the sleeves of Seomunjaehak.


Seomunjaehak quickly flew toward Gu Yang su.

Goo Yang-su was amazed and raised his hand to take Seomunjaehak lightly.

Meanwhile, Byeoktaesan appeared behind Chu Younghak.


Byeoktaesan, who lightly tapped on the back of Younghak Chu’s neck, moved directly to the place where Seomunjaehak and Gu Yangsu was.

The two were deliberately brought together in order to make the movement as simple as possible.

Byeoktaesan dug right between Seomunjaehak and Gu Yangsu.

The two were shocked and stretched out their arms, but didn’t even get close to grabbing Byeoktaesan’s collar.

Byeoktaesan lightly punched with his fist back and forth.


Gu Yang-su and Seomunjaehak’s eyes rolled around and dropped to the ground.

Byeoktaesan hummed and gathered the three people together.

* * *

Seomunjaehak’s mind returned faintly.

‘What? What happened?’

Gradually his memory returned.

‘I was beaten? By a nobody like Byeoktaesan?’

Seomunjaehak was on his face now. Seeing that he couldn’t move his whole body, it seemed that his pressure point was suppressed.

“Huh? You woke up? I was about to start, just wait a bit.”

He tried to shout what he was doing, but he couldn’t. Even his voice pressure point must have been suppressed.

Suddenly, fear set in.

And then, Chu Young-hak’s scream was stuck in his ear.


Seomunjaehak shook his whole body. It was a terrifying scream.

It wasn’t loud, but he was sure how great the pain would be.

The warriors guarding the outside must come quickly. But what were these guys doing?

The fact that he gave orders not to let anyone in was not important now.

The horrors that approached every moment took over the mind of Seomunjaehak.

Chu Young-hak screamed constantly. How much did he have to torture to be satisfied?

“Tsk, that’s weird.”

Byeoktaesan’s calm words were heard. Of course, he couldn’t see it but to think that was his response making someone react like that, he didn’t know what kind of person he was.


Then he heard Gu Yang-su’s scream.

Seomun jaehak was so afraid that he almost peed himself. But he endured to the end.

The scream that seemed never to end, ended.

And he felt Byeoktaesan approaching him.

He wanted to scream not to please, but he couldn’t.

Suddenly, terrible pain came.


It was as if someone was pounding the whole body. No, it wasn’t that alone.

It seemed that all kinds of pain that a person can give to a person were gathering together.

And then he lost consciousness.

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