Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 44

“Lady Yeon, I think you’ve met someone you know. Can we ask for an introduction? Somehow… I think they are people we should be close to.”

Seomun Jae Hak was very unhappy, but he said it without expressing it.

Now, as well as Seomun jae hak, Gu Yang su, and Chu Young hak were looking at Byeoktaesan and the group one by one.

The warriors of their families lined up behind them.

Although it was considerable prestige, it did not affect anyone in Byeoktaesan’s group.

Yeon Ha-rin became slightly anxious.

If they had decided to attack them, getting Byeoktaesan seemed like it would be easy work.

The Seomun household, Gu Yang household, and the Chu household were all very powerful families.

While contemplating how Yeon Ha-rin would answer for a moment, Seomun Jae-hak looked straight at Byeoktaesan.

“Are you the person named Byeoktaesan, the former fiancé of Lady Yeon?”

Byeoktaesan tilted his head at the question of Seomunjaehak.


Byeoktaesan asked, looking at Yeon ha rin.

“Did we ever call off our engagement?”

Yeon Ha-rin shook her head fiercely in amazement.

“Of course not!”

Byeoktaesan actually did want to call off the engagement. But Yeon Ha-rin refused to the end and endured.

When she met Byeoktaesan at the Yeon household last time, he wouldn’t know how much she expected.

Byeoktaesan’s health has improved remarkably. So, there was hope that maybe it could be cured.

But why would she call off the engagement? Things were getting better than before.

Byeoktaesan nodded and looked at Seomunjaehak.

“So she says?”

Seomunjaehak’s eyebrows wriggled. He became very uncomfortable. But he couldn’t show it.

But then, the women behind Byeoktaesan suddenly caught his eye.

They were Danyoung, Chaewol, and Soso.

Seomunjaehak’s eyes widened. They were such beautiful women. Except for Soso, of course.

Although it was clearly inferior to Yeon-Ha-Rin, they were proudly shining their own beauty even with Yeon-Ha-Rin.

He has experienced countless times how great that is.

Because most beauties lost their light when they go anywhere near Yeon ha rin.

In fact, Seomunjaehak wasn’t the only one reacting that way. Gu Yang-su, Chu Young-hak, and their guards all had similar expressions behind him.

“Anyway, we met by chance, but you are still my fiancé. So what do you think about staying at our hostel with us?”

At Byeoktaesan’s words, Yeon Ha-rin nodded without hesitation.

Even if he told her not to come, she would have begged, but he invited her so politely, so why wouldn’t she go?

“You are going straight to your accommodations right?”

Yeon Ha-rin asked as she stuck next to Byeoktaesan.

She couldn’t even dare to hold hands or cross their arms, but it was good enough to stand side by side like this.

Byeoktaesan glanced at Yeonha-rin.

Then Yeon Ha-rin raised her head and looked at Byeoktaesan with her twinkling eyes.

“What? Is there something on my face?”

“I was just curious.”


He glanced at the three men who were looking back and forth from the place where Byeoktaesan was a little far away.

“Aren’t their families pretty famous?”

“Why is the family important?”

Byeoktaesan didn’t say any more, but turned his head back and looked ahead. Then he moved slowly.

“Let’s go.”

At the word of Byeoktaesan, the group started moving together.

‘Why is this kid trying so hard for me?’

A sudden curiosity sparked in Byeoktaesan.

In the past, he didn’t care because he wasn’t very interested, but it was a question that naturally developed as he started getting interested.

If he thought about it, there wasn’t really anything between them other than being engaged with each other at a young age.

‘Did something happen when they were young?’

For now, he couldn’t think of anything other than that possibility.

Anyway, he told himself he can find out about that later, slowly. If he got more curious, he can just ask directly.

For now, he chose to do what he felt like doing.

When Byeoktaesan began to move with Yeon ha-rin, Seomunjaehak and other people stared at the sight.

“What are you going to do?”

Seomunjaehak laughed at Gu Yang su’s question.

“What do you mean what am I going to do? We should get a hostel too.”

Then Chu Young Hak said in a slightly urgent voice.

“So what are we doing standing here? We should follow quickly.”

Shouldn’t they have the same accommodation? Or at least find a lodging nearby.

“Let us plan slowly as we go.”

The first person to move was Seomunjaehak. He did not hide his unpleasant expression.

‘So she was capable of making that kind of expression huh?’

As soon as Yeon Ha-rin met Byeoktaesan, so she showed a smile that she had never shown before.

It was really annoying. Yet, on the other hand, his heart trembled. It was such a beautiful smile.

The other two were also not very different from Seomunjaehak.

They stepped slowly and looked ahead.

He saw Yeon Ha-rin and Byeoktaesan first. That irritated them.

Then Dan-young and Chae-wol caught his eyes.

“Somehow… I feel like I found a treasure.”

Gu Yang-su and Chu Young-hak nodded at Seomunjaehak’s word muttered under his breath.

* * *

Yeon Ha-rin stood in front of the hostel and opened her eyes wide.

She didn’t know there would be such a great hostel in Jingzhou.

She had never seen this kind of hostel even in Wuhan.

“I didn’t know there would be a hostel of this caliber here. There aren’t hostels like this even in Wuhan.”

There was a signboard called Geumwol hostel, and even the letters on the signboard were very elegant.

Probably not written by ordinary people.

“Looking at the name, it looks like a hostel who has a relationship with the Geumwol merchants.”

It was understandable to some extent if it was a hostel owned by the Geumwol merchants.

“This is the place the Geumwol merchants care about a lot in Jingzhou.”

Chun Chu Shin-ui said as if he was proud of his insight.

As the gaze was focused, he continued the explanation with a slightly arrogant expression.

“The Geumwol merchants are said to be the closest to being the best merchants in the world, so they are very peculiar. They even have three different martial arts guilds serving them.”

Everyone couldn’t hide their interested expressions.

They never knew merchants would have martial arts guilds serving them. They all thought just how much money do they have that they are capable of things like this?

Everyone knew that Geumwol was great, but they haven’t heard of anything like this before.

“Anyway, one of them is here in Jingzhou. This hostel is also operated by that guild as well.”

Yeon Ha-rin looked at Chun chu shin-ui with admiration.

“You really know a lot.”

“Ahem. Because there are so many things that I’ve learned and heard of while traveling. Doctors are normally like that. They have to run to wherever the patient is. Communicating with the patient is essential as well. Of course, I have been in Jingzhou several times as well. Since I started talking about it, when I came to Jingzhou a while ago… … .”

At the moment when the words of Chun Chu Shin-ui began in earnest, Byeok Tae-san raised his hand, breaking the gap.

Chun chu shin-ui’s mouth shut in one light gesture.

“Okay, let’s stop with the explanation here and head on in. Still, it’s large, so I don’t think we have to worry about not having a room.”

When Byeoktaesan and his party entered the Geumwol hostel, Seomunjaehak and the group arrived.

“Huh. Geumwol Hostel? I guess being rich he doesn’t hesitate with his spending?”

Geumwol Hostel was famous for being expensive.

In fact, it was the first time Seomun jaehak has seen it in person.

At the same time, Seomun jaehak didn’t live only in the family, but he traveled around a bit, so he knew about Geumwol hostel, but the other two didn’t know anything at all.

“It looks like a hostel built by the Geumwol merchants.”

“Exactly. It must be very expensive because it was made by those who are greedy for money. We’ll barely be able to get a room even if we give ten times the amount of other hostels.

“Huh. That much?”

“Anyway, let’s go.”

They went into the hostel.

From the outside, the appearance was great, but the inside was so overwhelming it left you feeling depressed.

Especially, if you were a discerning person, even more so.

No matter how small the decorations were used inside, nothing was clumsy.

The place literally showed exactly how much money was used to build it.

Anyways, isn’t that why it’s so expensive?

The staff at the hostel who received customers were also unusual. Wherever they found them, beautiful women who seemed to be good enough to be a courtesan, dressed up, and welcomed the guests politely.

Seomun jae-hak said confidently.

“I’m with those who just entered, and I want to get a room in the same place.”

Then the employee answered with a calm expression.

“They stay in the annex building. If you are a part of their group, shall I contact them? The size of the annex of our Geumwol hostel is quite large, so even including the people here it will not be inconvenient.

The mind of Seomun jaehak became complicated.

He didn’t want to make a call and ask to stay with them. Because this was a pride issue.

“It’s fine. We will also stay in the annex building. Please guide us to the annex located as close as possible.

The employee politely bowed.

“I will serve you. For your information, the accommodation fee is thirty gold per day.”

Seomun jaehak stopped in his tracks.

He had a shocked expression on his face.

“Thirty gold?”

Seomun jaehak turned his head and looked at Gu Yang-su and Chu Young-hak.

The two looked away.

To think it was thirty gold. Isn’t that much more than ten times the amount of other hostels?

Other decent hostels, renting an annex building for a day did not exceed two gold pieces.

The staff who read the expression of Seomun jaehak smiled as gently as possible and added an explanation.

Apparently, she faced this situation often.

“The annex building is also divided into three stages. The more you go inside, the quieter it is and the defense is stronger. The annex building closest to the other party would be thirty gold, but if you choose a place a little further away, ten gold is enough.”

That was still a lot of gold.

He didn’t know why he had to pay ten gold to sleep one night.

If he spent two days here, it would be twenty gold.

“You said they went to the third annex building?”

Seomun jae hak clenched his teeth. It was very costly but it wasn’t something he couldn’t afford.

“They went further than that. Because there was someone special… We ask for your understanding that we cannot offer a room because there is only one room of that caliber in our hostel.”

“More… further?”

“Yes. It is priced at sixty gold pieces a day and is not offered unless you are very special.”

The words “very special” and “sixty gold pieces” popped into his ears.

“Huh! What the hell are they?”

The staff politely waited for Seomun jaehak’s decision.

“Wait, did you say it was someone special?”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“Are you saying you call anyone special here?”

“Of course not. There are standards set internally.”

“Then tell me who was so special in the party that just entered.”

“They asked for confidentiality.”

Seomun jaehak laughed.

“Well, I guess it’s a place anyone can enter if you paid enough. Do you know who we are?”

The employee looked around as if passing by the group for a moment. And she answered politely.

“It seems to be the people who came from the Seomun household, Gu Yang household, and the Chu household.”

Seomun jaehak’s eyes widened slightly.

“You are pretty good. You are right. We are directly related to those three families. Now, are there any objections when we say that we are more special guests than those who have just entered?”

“I am sorry.”

Seomun jaehak’s eyebrows wriggled again at the employee’s answer. He really didn’t like it.

“By sorry, are you ignoring us? Or are you implying the people who went inside are more special than us?”

For the first time, the employee’s expression changed as if she didn’t know what to say.

It wasn’t the first time she had a crappy guest, but there weren’t many cases that couldn’t be resolved by her.

“First put a message inside. That you will change their room. We should use the room in that annex. Or maybe are you saying we aren’t qualified?”

“You fully meet the qualifications. However… … .”

Honestly, the qualifications weren’t exactly fully met. It was barely meeting the minimum if she looked at it carefully, but depending on the situation, it was possible to provide the innermost annex building. Still, this time wasn’t that case.

“But, what? Think carefully before you speak. If you don’t want to suffer a rough treatment later on.”

A momentum as sharp as a knife began to arise from Seomun jaehak.

Such momentum could not be handled by a single employee.

Her face turned white.

Then, someone walked out from the inside.

“I am that special person. So stop behaving like that and talk to me if you need to talk to someone.”

Seomun jaehak’s head turned quickly. His expression became strange.

It was the same with Gu Yang-su and Chu Young-hak, who were behind him.

Seomun jaehak said as if growling.

“You… Do you think you can handle us?”

After hearing him, Byeoktaesan smiled.

“How about you, do you think you can handle me?”

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