Cheonma Wants to Live Quietly

chapter 36

The owner of the white petal brothel was calm and collected.

Taesan walked forward and sat in front of Mdm Rogue.

The doctor hurriedly followed Taesan’s lead and sat next to him.

“Don’t even think about coming up with an excuse along the lines that the brothel had nothing to do with this incident.”

Mdm Rogue shook her head in reply.

“Of course not. I too value my life.”

“Is that so? Then let me ask you a few questions.”


“Why are you so confident?”

Mdm rogue laughed. It was laughter mixed with a hint of wickedness.

“You asked for my body. So I assumed that meant you wouldn’t kill me.”

“I may not kill you. But what if I can make you beg to be killed?”

Mdm Rogue’s smile did not disappear even after Taesan replied menacingly.

Either she had someone who she could rely on or she couldn’t read the situation. If it wasn’t that then she must enjoy pain.

“Fine, that’s not all that important. Next question.”

Mdm Rogue looked amused as she looked at Taesan. Her reaction showed that she was definitely not an ordinary person.

“I asked those guys who attacked us today but they wouldn’t give me an answer. Who’s backing you guys up.”

“Cheon Geum Ryeon.”

Mdm Rogue replied without a minute of hesitation.

Taesan shook his head to her reply.

“No, that I already know. What I want to know is who’s backing Cheon Geum Ryeon.”

Taesan’s eyes flashed.

“I feel like you might know?”

“I don’t know the exact name myself. But I do know the person who frequents Cheon Geum Ryeon.”

Taesan gestured by moving his chin and encouraging her to continue.

“It’s Bong Moo Ok.”

“Bong Moo Ok?”

It was the first time Taesan had heard such a name so he looked towards the doctor.

Assuming he would know since he has been around a lot.

As expected, at the mention of Bong Moo Ok the doctor asked using his title name.

“The dark moon sword?”

“That’s correct.”

Taesan asked.

“Is he famous?”

The doctor looked at Taesan in disbelief.

“Of course he is famous. He single-handedly killed the blood sworn evil prince.

Honestly, he didn’t know who the blood sworn pack were and who this blood sworn evil prince was.

“If it’s another blood sworn pack isn’t it just some kind of a bandit? I’m guessing the bloody evil prince is the head of the bandit. So he got famous for wiping out a pack of bandits?”

“What do you mean just a bandit. The blood group were the strongest of the 100 professionals of that time. And the blood group were not just any pack of bandits.”

“Is that so?”

Taesan was still not interested.

No matter what, a bandit was just a bandit. Adding on about the 100 professionals was probably his way of indirectly telling him that he was far from becoming one of the 100 professionals.

There was no way Cheonma could possibly be interested in someone like him. The same goes for the one that killed him.

But the doctor was not done with his explanation.

“But from what I know, the dark moon sword is already dead.”

Taesan finally showed interest in the word dead.

“Dead? Are you sure?”

“Well, I didn’t see it with my two eyes….but there were several people who witnessed his death.”

“They witnessed his death?”

Taesan turned back to look at Mdm Rogue.

“He’s dead?”

“No. I am certain that he is Bong Moo Ok the dark moon sword.”

“Do you swear upon your soul?”

“I swear.”

Taesan nodded. If she was that confident it was probably the right guy.

“Did the dead guy resurrect himself?”

Taesan asked and looked to the doctor.

“Well…maybe he made it look like he was dying. But the one that killed him was the bloody evil prince’s own brother, Manchu from the red lightning pack. “

“Then that red lightning Manchu guy must have been from his weirdly named pack.”

The doctor tilted his head questioningly.

“But…something is fishy. The red lightning pack are stronger than the blood sworn pack but their differences are not that much.”

“What if there’s another possibility?”

“Another possibility you say…..”

“A zombie.”

The doctor scoffed.

“No way, it’s not easy to make a zombie you know? And for it to move to and fro to Cheon Geum Ryeon it must be able to move not like one, only a real live zombie would be able to do that. Which is….”

The doctor came to a stop and did not finish the rest of his sentence.

What he was about to say didn’t make any sense.

“Things are becoming a hassle.”

Initially, he thought that things would be resolved once he settled the Jong clan and Cheon Geum Ryeon.

But those guys were merely pawns of the game.

Everything would be resolved once he finished off those moving the pawns, but he did not know who they were yet.

If things continued on like this, wiping out Cheon Geum Ryeon would not solve the problem.

Because then, the hidden players will not stand back and watch after their plans are ruined.

“No. From the looks of it, they seem very cautious…maybe they will hide away completely after this.”

Taesan mumbled to himself before he looked at Mdm Rogue.

“Well then, don’t you think it’s about time you repay your sins?”

No matter how hard she tried it was difficult to stay indifferent.

Mdm Rogue looked slightly nervous.

“From today you are a spy.”


“From today onwards, gather all the information on the organization supporting Cheon Geum Ryeon to the best of your abilities and deliver it to me.”

Mdm Rogue was unable to reply.

Taesan was not bothered to hear a reply and continued speaking.

“I don’t need information I can gather outside. Those can be done by my subordinates. You bring the information from the inside.”

Taesan finished his sentence and stared at Mdm Rogue.

Mdm Rogue replied calmly.

“There is a limit to my information.”

She paused and collected her thoughts before continuing.

“I won’t be able to find out critical information. Since they never reveal themselves.”

Taesan smirked.

“What are you talking about? You’re hired by Cheon Geum Ryeon, right? You’re not on their side are you?”

“What do you mean….”

“You found out that the dark moon sword is the one behind Cheon Geum Ryeon on your own, right? Those at Cheon Geum Ryeon aren’t aware that you know this, do they?”

Mdm Rogue looked flabbergasted.

“I’m sure you’ve consistently gathered information on your own ever since you were hired by Cheon Geum Ryeon. Right?”

“I don’t understand why you are saying all this.”

Taesan nodded his head.

“You’re a good actor. As expected of a Haomoon.”

The doctor’s eyes became round at the mention of Haomoon.

“This lady, she is from Haomoon?”

Taesan did not answer and looked at Mdm Rogue as though to pressure her.

Mdm Rogue shook her head in defeat at his insistent and confident eyes.

She was going to resist a little longer but she saw a hint of violence in his eyes and gave up on the idea.”

It seemed like it would do her no good to come up with an excuse now.’”

“How did you figure it out?”

“Cotton ball.”

Mdm Rogue looked even more confused at Taesan’s reply.

“I didn’t use a cotton ball. What do you mean by that?”

He found out his identity with an object she didn’t even use, how weird was that.

Taesan frowned.

“And why do I have to explain? You just need to repay your sins. Bring me all the information you’ve gathered so far and continue to provide them.”

Mdm Rogue realized her position and closed her mouth.

She had been out of line as her identity had been found out.

She looked questioningly at Taesan.

She left no remaining trails of evidence to indicate that she was Haomoon. So how had he found out?

‘Unless he knew me to begin with….’

If that was the case why hadn’t he known when he first came to visit? He did not pretend not to know then. If he was acting then, it meant he was better than she was.

Mdm Rogue noticed the change in Taesan’s gaze and pushed away her thought.

“I understand. I will gather as much as I can.”

“Good. I will trust that you will.”

Taesan replied before getting up from his seat.

His business at the white flower inn was done for the day.

As he was about to leave, the doctor looked at Taesan questioningly.

“My prince, shouldn’t we place her with a taboo or a curse in case she breaks her promise?”

Taesan smirked.

“Run if you can.”

“What? What if she really runs away?”

“Then that’s the last of her luck.”


The doctor looked at Taesan, unable to understand a word he had said

“Because I know where the book of Amyeongbo is.”

Mdm rogues eyes became wide at Taesan’s words.

“You know where the book of Amyeongbo is? Is it with you?”

Taesan glanced back at Mdm Rogue.

“Like I said before, why should I tell you?”

Taesan started to walk away.

Hurriedly Mdm Rogue shouted after him.

“My prince, I will do my best and deliver your order! My people are in every industry that Cheon Geum Ryeon has recently opened. I will not let you down!”

“Alright, I will look forward to it. Oh, and clean up the ones I beat up today.”

Taesan waved his hand and left the room.

Mdm Rogue stared blankly at his back and muttered.

“ Amyeongbo…Do I need to report this to the higher-ups?”

Her expression was mixed with confusion and worry.

The book of Amyeongbo recorded the secret skills from Haomoon. But now it was lost.

The previous head of Haomoon and the elders of Haomoon had disappeared without sharing its knowledge.

Technically the Amyeongbo was not entirely lost.

There was a replicated version that was less detailed as compared to the original book.

The replicated Amyeongbo was what the lower-ranked Haomoon follower used to learn.

The Amyeongbo was not just any book of secret skills.

It contained all information about Haomoon.

The Amyeongbo was a form of identity for Haomoon. Depending on the difficulty level of the Amyeongbo you studied, your rank was determined differently in Haomoon.

The most difficult and complex Amyeongbo had disappeared so Haomoon’s reputation was at stake.

Haomoon was slowly falling from the top.

Hence the vulnerability at the mention of it.

“I’ll save it, for now, it’s not too late to report after confirming it to be true.”


After leaving Mdm Rogue’s room and coming to the floor below Taesan nodded at the sight of the clean corridor.

“You cleaned up fast.”

Gyeongwan and Yoo were standing in front of the room Taesan was previously in.

“Don’t just stand there, let’s go.”

The two trailed Taesan.

Gyeongwan’s face was expressionless. But it was hard to tell if it was because of the poison or if he had reverted to his usual self.

There was only one person who could distinguish the difference.

“It seems like the effect of the poison wore off. Not surprising, since you moved around so vigorously. Do you need to go and urinate yet?”

Gyeongwan shook his head.

“I’m good.”

“Alright then.”

The doctor walked ahead, and Gyeongwan looked at his back for a moment and hesitated.

Then he decided to approach him and ask.

“What exactly is the side effect?”

The doctor laughed.

“Why ask when you already know?”

“I don’t fully understand it. I don’t know why I did what I did, maybe the side effect isn’t wearing off.”

At the mention of the side effect, Yoo listened in with a curious look.

The only one uninterested was Taesan.

Taesan walked on leisurely at the same speed, the same expression, just like any other day.

“Well, it’s nothing much. It just reveals the things you’ve always bottled up inside.”

“Things I…bottled up?”

“Yes. How should I put it, it enhances your desires? It reveals what you normally hide away. It’s so effective it can even unveil the desires of an old experienced monk.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Gyeongwan could not believe it. The amount of rage and urge to kill that he experienced just now was immense.

And here he was, saying those were my hidden desires?

“All humans possess various feelings and desires. It is bound to grow if you leave it bottled up inside. And what you experienced was that being unleashed. Next time I’m guessing it won’t be to this extent?”

He had unleashed it fully so the next time the side effect will have less influence.

Today the doctor was actually rather impressed. He had used a strong poison but Gyeongwan did not cross any boundaries.

In the end, he had suppressed his desires until the end.

Gyeongwan’s eyes calmed down and he fell into deep thought. He was confused about how to figure out his complicated thoughts.

The doctor left Gyeongwan to his thoughts and walked towards Taesan.

And Yoo quietly shadowed the doctor.

The doctor was surprised to find Yoo by his side.


Yoo placed a finger to her lips to signal him to keep quiet.

The doctor rolled his eyes to glance at Taesan walking ahead and at Gyeongwan who was trailing behind.

Yoo whispered to the doctor.

“The poison from before, can you give some to me?”

The doctor looked at her alarmed by her request.

Her expressionless face worried him even more.

And the doctor felt rather scared.

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